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Version: 2.1.6
by: Saeris [More]

This addon provides a GUI for viewing and searching various links databases. It is the successor
to the GUI portion of Saeris's LootLink (but it has no connection to the other successors of that addon,
LinkBot and QuickChatlink). The addon has support for five link types: abilities, items, quests, talents,
and tradeskills. If you wish to remove support for a link type (for instance, if you never use it and want
to conserve memory or improve initial login time), simply delete or rename the folder corresponding to
that link type in the Sections subdirectory. Some link types additionally have subsections which add
more searching and sorting options to their parent section; these too can be disabled by deleting or
renaming the appropriate folder within the Sections/<link type>/Subsections/ subdirectory.

To toggle the results window, use either the provided key binding (under the LinksList header in
the Key Bindings menu), or click the ToggleButton (a small, draggable minimap-style button that
can be found near the center of the screen on first load), or just type the slash command ("/ll" or
"/linkslist") without any subcommand. The results frame and search frame are both draggable. All
links displayed in the results frame will respond to modified clicks like standard chatlinks -- a Ctrl-click
will attempt to dress up in the link, a Shift-click will insert the link into the chat frame edit box, and
an unmodified click will toggle the static tooltip.

Configuration options are available via the "/linkslist" or "/ll" slash commands, and currently include
the ability to toggle whether the ToggleButton is used (subcommand "togglebutton"), the ability
to toggle whether to autofocus the QuickSearch editbox whenever it becomes shown (subcommand
"autofocus"), and the ability to toggle whether the results frame acts as a Blizzard UI panel (moves as
other panels open and close) (subcommand "panel"). Use the "help" subcommand ("/ll help") to view
this list of subcommands in-game.

For support, contact, or license information, please view my author portal's main page.

2.1.6 (Mar 8, 2009):
- Updated to a newer version of TradeskillLinksDB3 library, which fixes an error that could occur after
a Runeforging link was parsed from a chat message and the "Recently Added Links" tooltip was

- Updated to a newer version of TalentLinksDB1 library, which fixes an issue wherein Lua patterns
with a $ anchor token would not return the right results.

- Updated to a newer version of ItemBasicInfoDB3 library, which reduces memory usage and improves
responsiveness when searching using the Basic Info subsection of the Items section.

2.1.5 (Feb 2, 2009):
- Now uses about 55KB less memory at load.

- Using the Tab function of QuickSearch no longer results in lag, which was caused by the changes
in 2.1.4.

- The Basic Info subsection of the Items section now uses a newer version of the ItemBasicInfoDB
library which uses fewer resources.

2.1.4 (Jan 16, 2009):
- Now uses newer versions of the links databases, which use fewer resources.

- No longer sorts the list of links when first populating it if it's already pre-sorted. This removes
the noticeable pause when first opening some of the larger sections.
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Unread 11-21-07, 12:27 PM  
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Ok, I've taken a look at this package, and what I immediately noticed as a deDE user:
Items/recipes don't get localized in the DB (unlike Lootlink's behavior). While this only affects items in terms of searchability, recipes aren't linkable at all. The reason for this is, when you link a recipe, the profession name has to be in your locale to be valid. Luckily, this doesn't instantly disconnect you anymore, yet takes away basically the main reason to switch from Lootlink
(Actually, with Maldivia's ProfessionLinks supporting most locales now, the only reason would be the linkbot for recipes )
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Unread 11-20-07, 05:19 PM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
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Looks great so far, thanks for sharing Saeris!

I do hope that there will eventually be support for randomly enchanted items

The different modules provide different functionality to the different addons that Saeris recently posted.

Main Addons: (they don't depend on each other)
LinksList - The main GUI for displaying a list of links
LinkBot - Automatically Responds to certain chat inquiries with links
QuickChatlink - Autocomplete links in your chatframe

Supporting Addons:
LinksList_ItemDB_Links - Adds support for display of Item links in the LinksList GUI
LinksList_TradeskillDB_Links - Adds support for display of Tradeskill Spell links in the LinksList GUI
LinkBot_ItemDB_Links - Gives LinkBot access to shared Item links
LinkBot_TradeskillDB_Links - Gives LinkBot access to shared Tradeskill Spell links
QuickChatlink_ItemDB_Links - Gives QuickChatlink access to shared Item links
QuickChatlink_TradeskillDB_Links - Gives QuickChatlink access to shared Tradeskill Spell links

Shared Database Addons:
ItemDB_Links - A premade database of Item links. Also records newly seen links.
TradeskillDB_Links - A premade database of Tradeskill Spell links. Also records newly seen links.

Basically, three of the features from Saeris' previous version of LootLink are provided in separate addons which share the same databases of item and/or Tradeskill Spell links.
Last edited by Siz : 11-20-07 at 05:38 PM.
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Unread 11-20-07, 02:27 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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I am a long time user of your fantastic version of Lootlink (since the first version was released ), and I was wondering: can we expect to see in this mod more of the features from the old Lootlink, such as stack size, sell value, item level, etc. in tooltips, and the awesome multi-function quick search in the future?

Also, I don't entirely understand the function of the item and tradeskill plugins. Do those add data to LinksList, or just allow data of that type to be displayed? I only ask this because I don't plan to use LinksList instead of Lootlink unless there is some sort of plugin database or option to import data from Lootlink (I don't really fancy losing my 50k items database ).

And, lastly, is the memory usage on this mod better than, worse than, or the same as the old Lootlink?

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Unread 11-20-07, 12:47 PM  
Jaim Sandar
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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For those of us who are not familiar with the original LootLink: I am not clear what exactly this does. Is it simply a general database of items that provides chat links of those items that can be accessed by other players via slash commands? And do I understand what function is added by plugins such as the TradeSkillDB_Links: it adds a database of items/services you have learned in your profession, along with similar access by other players?

In the case of the TradeSkill plugin, does it also provide material lists such as AddOns like EnchantBot or CraftBot?

Thank you.
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