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Version: 2.4.0-0.1
by: Cilraaz [More]

ShoutBar is an adaptation of CRiSPyToWN's AspectBar for Paladins. It creates a bar consisting of each of the available Shouts for the Warrior. Credit for the vast majority of code goes to CRiSPyToWN.

Change Log:
v2.4.0-0.1 (TOC 20400)
-- Updated TOC
-- Initial Release

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A Kobold Labourer

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Shoutbar - I love it, but could you add...

Zero comments on this bar? I love it, and have been using it for years.

I have only 2 quick suggestions for a possible update to this already great mod.

1: This is a minor thing, but when you type /shoutbar help and it tells you to type /shoutbar setup. You do that, and it then tells you to type /shoutbar config.

Why have all of these steps? Couldn't /shoutbar help access the config window? or at least just point you into typing /shoutbar config outright instead of telling you to first to do the setup stage?

2: This is a real idea for an upgrade, over the silly menu thing. Could you make it so that this addon works with key bindings? As it stands, I have to physically click it to make it work. I have a WoW mouse and would love to keybind Commanding Shout & Demo Shout to the mouse, but that's an impossibility. Would you be able to make it so that we can bind a key to each (or at least any) button?

Thanks for a great addon that never has issues, outside of remembering to enable out of date addons.
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