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Version: 10.11.10
by: Aezay [More]

InfoPanel is a lightweight information panel that will place itself in the edge of the screen, it slightly resembles other addons such as Titan Panel or FuBar, but I've tried to keep it simple.
It supports plugins which each will add different kind of information to the bar for quick review during combat without having to bring up other kind of interface.

The slash command for this addon is "/ip".

Why Use InfoPanel?
With all the other major panel mods out there, you might wonder why even bother with this addon over the others which has more options and more plugins.
Well, this one was made with the thought of being lightweight in mind.
If you only have the use for a few plugins for your panel, such as one showing time, durability and your money. This addon is ideal, and it hardly takes any resources.

User Friendliness & Settings
As this is an early release, I have not put in much time to improve the user friendliness, I run WoW with action bar and unit frame mods,
so if you use the normal blizzard UI, there might be some problems with those frames overlapping InfoPanel.

Setting up InfoPanel is quite limited in this early release, but to adjust the order in which the plugins appear, you have to edit the "Plugins.xml" file and adjust the order of the plugins as you prefer to have them show.
If you wish to disable some of the plugins, simply just remove or comment out its entry in this file.

Included Plugins (16)
- Lists the current condition of your gear, both equipped and bagged gear.

- Keeps track of the amount of free bag space.

- This plugin will always show the amount of gold you have on you.

- Displays the frame rate, network latency and addon memory usage.

- Shows: Attack Speed - Crit Rate - Attack Power. It is active for all classes except mages, warlocks and priests.

- Shows: Haste - Crit Rate - Spell Power. The counterpart to the Attack Power plugin, not active for hunters, warriors, rogues and death knights.

- Shows: Damage reduction (from armor and warrior stances) - Total Avoidance (miss + dodge + parry)

- Shows the current player X and Y coordinates and different zone information.

- Displays various information related to experience. Only loads for players under level 70.

Combat Timer
- Records the duration of the last combat you were in.

- Simple timer to record and time any event you like.

- Shows basic honor details. Also shows the amount of honor gained during the current session, current zone and during the last zone.

Group Info
- Shows raid/party health and mana, as well as health and mana for all classes. In addition it will also show number of people afk, dead, out of range etc.

- Shows a brief summary of how many reputations you have at each level, friendly, honored etc. Also shows the total amount of rep you have gained for each faction during the current session.

- Displays the current movement speed relative to normal running speed. Mousing over the plugin in the panel will also show the speed for your target, pet and vehicle.

- This plugin is aligned to the right side of the panel and will show the current system time, not game time.

InfoPanel Changes | 2010 Nov 10
- Changed the TOC version to 40000 for the 4.0.1 pre Cataclysm patch.
- Did a few more fixes to the "ChatFrameEditBox" changes.
- Reputation: Now includes the faction headers which also has reputation. Such as Alliance Vanguard and Horde Expedition.
- Removed the Ammo and Shards plugins due to them no longer being needed.
- Money: Now tracks exactly how much gold you lost, and how much you gained, and of course the total gain or loss as always.
- XP: Added "Rested Percentage" and "Session Gain Percentage" numbers.
- XP: Fixed some issues that could result in it showing invalid numbers. They happened if you gained more than 100% xp in one go, or sometimes when you leveled, due to WoW sending two xp gain messages.
- Durability: Now colors the durability percentage in the tooltip based on how much damaged the item is.
- Group: Fixed raid lockout tooltip when holding down shift.
- The "Attack Power" plugin was renamed to "Melee".
- Melee: Removed armor penetration.
- Melee: Now includes the hit chance from the GetHitModifier() function as well.
- Spell: Now includes the hit chance from the GetSpellHitModifier() function as well.
- New plugin named "Defense" which will show damage reduction from armor (including warrior stances), and total avoidance (dodge + parry + miss).
- Honor: Now works again with the changes to honor and arena points being made a true currency.

InfoPanel Changes | 2010 Jun 27
- Fixed the "ChatFrameEditBox" issues.

InfoPanel Changes | 2010 Feb 27
- Changed the TOC version to 30300 for the 3.3 patch.
- Durability: Simplified and optimised the code of this, as it now uses the "UPDATE_INVENTORY_DURABILITY" event, instead of hundreds of other events to determine when durability changed.
- All plugins now uses an OnShowTooltip function instead of using an "OnEnter" script to show their tooltip, this means a little more code was moved into the core, which is good.
- New plugin named "AddonSpam" included (Disabled by default). It sums up all the addon message spam posted between addons on various channels. Makes it easy to see which addons and players spams these messages a lot.

InfoPanel Changes | 2009 Apr 02
- Bag: Cleaned up and simplyfied the code.
- Clock: Added a way to easily edit the code to change the format to a 12 hour clock. Just look for "show24HourClock" at the top of the Lua file and change it from true to false.
- SpellPower: Now includes the constant buffs "Heroism/Bloodlust" and "Wrath of Air Totem" into the shown haste. Does not include "Improved Moonkin Form" or "Retribution Aura" with the "Swift Retribution" talent, because they are talents and the people giving those auras might not have it.
- SpellPower: Will now always show whichever is highest, spellpower or healing.
- AttackPower: No longer shows a negative value if afflicted by a debuff that reduces AP.
- Group: Clicking this will now open up the raid info pane.
- Reputation: The reputation pane will open if clicked.
- Honor: Now opens up the PvP frame when clicked.
- Honor: Changed the icon into a proper button icon.
- Honor: Will now show the time left until Wintergrasp starts. Needs the 3.1 patch.
- Did some general code optimisation.
- Core: The border around each plugin's icon is now hidden.
- Core: The offsets between the plugin frames is now a little lower.
- Core: Plugins are now assigned a default OnEvent handler which will call "pluginFrame[event]".

InfoPanel Changes | 2009 Feb 20
- Fixed a bug in the function "FormatTime2" that formats some of the time strings.
- Less global namespace pollution.
- ShardCount: Made this a little more simple by using GetItemCount(6265) instead of scanning bags.
- XP: Added the amount of XP gained during the last combat, and how many percent that was. Nice to see how much XP each pull in an instance gives for example.
- XP: You can now link your experience info into the chat. In the format of "Current / Max (Percent)".
- XP: Fixed an issue that made the rested xp not update while in towns and inns.
- XP: Now tries to estimate and show the time until you will reach the next level.
- The tooltip no longer overlap the text when anchored to the top.
- Durabilty: Now shows the repair cost for all the different faction standings.
- Renamed the "Raid Info" plugin to "Group Info".
- Zone: Fixed the zone timer, it should now properly update when you change zone, and not only when you change instance.
- Ammo: Simplified the ammo count function, as a side effect, it will only count the ammo you have equipped, which is actually a good thing I think.
- New Plugin: "Reputation". This plugin will show how much rep you gain per session, it also shows how many factions you have at each standing. Hold down shift to get detailed info for each faction.
- New Plugin: "Speed". This plugin will show the speed that you moving, relative to normal running. The tip if you mouse over the plugin will show target, pet and vehicle speeds as well.
- New Plugin: "Spell". The counterpart to the Attack Power plugin, shows the haste, critrate and spellpower so its easy to keep track on in combat and bossfights with trinkets and buffs.

InfoPanel Changes | 2008 Oct 26
- Changed the TOC version to 30000 for the Wrath of the Lich King patch.
- AttackPower: Made the AP colorization for warriors work again.
- Honor: Now shows the time until your PvP flag runs out.
- Honor: Will now show the amount of honor gained in the current zone, and in the previous zone.
- Honor: The bar text will now show your total honor points, instead of how much honor you earned today.
- Zone: Will now show coordinates in instances which has them, instead of just assuming there are none available.
- Zone: Clicking this, will again open up the world map.
- Clock: Clicking on the clock will now open the in game calendar.

InfoPanel Changes | 2008 Jun 29
- Performance: You now have to hold down the shift key to get info about addon memory usage, but it will now show all your addons, instead of just the 6 highest memory hogs.
- XP: Will now show a neat splash text congratulating you on leveling :D
- XP: Now checks "MAX_PLAYER_LEVEL" instead of just 70, this is to make sure an update isn't required for the next expansion.
- AttackPower: It will now specifically request the stats at player login. This is to fix some problems with the plugin not showing any text at all at certain times after logging in.
- New plugin to monitor honor, the label will show the current honor gained so far today.

InfoPanel Changes | 2008 Mar 21
- Changed the TOC version to 20400 for the upcomming 2.4.0 patch.
- Several of the plugins can now output something into the chatframe edit box if you have it open and click on the plugin area on the InfoPanel.
- CombatTimer: Now shows when exactly the combat started and when the combat ended in the mouseover tooltip, as well as the time since you left combat last.
- Durability: The colorization of the lowest durability should now be colored properly.
- New plugin called "RaidInfo", this one will show raid health and mana, as well as health and mana for all classes. In addition it will also show number of people afk, dead, out of range etc. This one works in a party as well as raid.
- AttackPower: Now shows the maximum achieved AP during the current session.
- Performance: The 6 most memory using addons are now listed.
- Probably a lot of other small changes I forgot to log.

InfoPanel Changes | 2008 Jan 21
- Many of the plugins have had extra info added their tooltip.
- Added a new plugin named "Combat Timer", this times the duration you are in combat.
- Bag: The totals will no longer include free and used slots in ammo bags. Will update this further with the upcomming 2.4 API.
- ShardCounter: Should no longer count various necklaces which has the same icon as a Soul Shard.
- Durability: Optimized the code some. It should now also update better, such as when using the Spirit Healer to res, repairing your gear, or if you die from falling.
- Added new plugin "AttackPower", which shows: Attack Speed - Crit Rate - Attack Power. It is active for all classes except mages, warlocks and priests.
- Added some colors to several of the plugin's text to give a better indication of their value.
- Renamed the "Time" plugin to "Clock".
- Added new plugin called "Timer".
- InfoPanel is now properly a child of UIParent, this means it will hide with the rest of the interface when using Alt+Z.

InfoPanel Changes | 2008 Jan 15
- First Release
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Unread 04-02-08, 10:54 AM  
A Frostmaul Preserver
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I love this mod. Would you please consider an Honor tracker - a fast method of displaying the honor you have.

In addition - maybe it would be cool to display how many marks you have like so: AV:65, WSG: 33, etc. would be neat to have it sum up the bag + bank marks.

Just a thought - thanks for your consideration.

"I will crush and destroy and...ooo...shiny..."

Last edited by Flarin : 04-02-08 at 10:55 AM.
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Unread 03-23-08, 11:37 PM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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I am a little surprised, I query all the information as the player has fully logged in, all information should be ready then. But even if they are not, they should generate an event when they become ready, which this plugin would then see, thus updating the values again.
The only hunter I have which I can test it with, just have the quiver haste bonus and it does not happen there.
If you toggle the Hawk Aspect, it should correct itself, that is the only workaround I can think of now, sorry :/
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Unread 03-23-08, 03:47 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Bug with hunter attack speed

It seems there's a small bug with hunter attack speeds - my normal attack speed is 2.17 (-> 3.00 (bow base speed) / 1.2 (Serpent's Swiftness talent) / 1.15 (quiver haste bonus)), but Info Panel shows 2.5 after logging in. When doing a /reloadui, the plugin shows the correct speed of 2.17, but it's 2.5 again after completely logging in and out.
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Unread 03-22-08, 12:24 PM  

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Love it. Keep it like this please
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Unread 02-24-08, 08:12 AM  
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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I was wondering if you have a reputation tracker in the latest version
(the on you are using)

and will you be uploading the new one for 2.4?
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Unread 02-06-08, 03:31 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by Kahoona
Let me center the things and scale them please.
I would like this as well.
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Unread 02-02-08, 01:12 PM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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I have actually made many changes to this addon since the last release, or more precisely the different plugins, I have even added new ones.

The problem is just that I have not done anything to make this more user friendly, so it becomes possible to enable/disable or change the order of the plugins. Due to this, I've refrained from releasing another update.

But I have not forgotten about this yet, I'll get around to updating this soonish.
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Unread 01-21-08, 05:55 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I think a feature to let the user drag around the plugins to rearrange their positions would be excellent. Some sort of plugin disable/enable would be beneficial also, since they aren't seperate addons.
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Unread 01-21-08, 11:06 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I'm impressed, nice job man. The code is actually clean and comprehensible, unlike titan, and retains a small unbloated scope, unlike fubar
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Unread 01-15-08, 11:37 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr

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Let me center the things and scale them please.
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Unread 01-15-08, 08:03 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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It's good to see some other bar mod rather than Titan or Fu.
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