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Updated: 04-16-09 08:34 AM
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Updated:04-16-09 08:34 AM


Version: 1.1.4
by: rdillman [More]

QuikQuote stores lines of text and displays them to a selected chat channel.

An editor lets you enter your text and select its channel. Once this is saved, you can send the text by selecting it from the small QQ main window's menu.

DoEmotes, such as \DANCE, work with QuikQuote. Using QuikQuote for your favorite quotes or emotes saves typing time and is more efficient than using macros.

The maximum length of the text is the same as for a normal chat window. Raid Warning and Guild have been added to the channels shown in the screen shot. And there are now 12 text entries.

Update to patch 2.4
Update to WotLK
Update to patch 3.1
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Unread 03-12-09, 09:50 PM  
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Agreed! I'd love to be able to get this button off the minimap and be able to use it fluidly with Titan Panel.
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Unread 02-25-09, 09:01 PM  
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ohhhh this would help so much... I don't suppose there's ldb broker support? (begs) lol it'd help so much (both since I have too many buttons now as it is...thank god for minimap button holders) but I also rely heavily on my little Titan, and this would make the process of it being quick... well quick for me ^^ looks great though, suprised as heck there's no replies Oo Must be just that dang good ^_^
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