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Its' G15 Binder  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Itsnoteasy [More]

Its' G15 Binder is an AddOn designed to improve integration between the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard and WoW. It provides simple G-key binding: just point at a button in-game and hit the G key to bind it. You can also display which keyboard mode is active via a border around the active action buttons, or set the mode to control which action bar page is active.

Please note: this AddOn does not create or manage action bars or buttons. There are a plethora of other AddOns out there that do a far better job than I could ever hope to. This AddOn will work with your existing action button set up, be it the default Blizzard bars, or heavily customised Trinity bars. Heck, you could probably bind G18 to the 'Post Auction' button if you really felt like it...

Documentation can be viewed online.

If you want some buttons in the shape of your G keys, give G15 Buttons a try. Please note that I did not write G15 Buttons, nor have I used it; it was merely mentioned by a user.

  • Updated TOC for 2.4. Yes, it took forever, but I didn't want to push an "upload count bump" release! :D
  • Added background blending options for mode borders. Try out Blizzard Low Health with ADD blending; is spiffiriffic!
  • Changed a few odd behaviours when the buttons you've bound to don't exist.
  • Moved source over to WoWI's SVN service.

  • Added "key overlays" which display the name of the G key bound to an action button inside the button.
  • Changed the binding mode buttons into a drop-down list, so that you can tell which mode is currently active.
  • Made icon a little more readable at small sizes, and reduced it to 32x32.
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A Murloc Raider

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Near Excellent

Would just like to thank you for this. I've played with a few G15 addons, and this has got to be hands down the easiest to use. My only 'complaints' would be:
A) the 'Turn Off Binding' button, used to stop binding actions to G15 buttons, doesn't change state - it's unclear from the Config window whether the addon is in Binding Mode or not.
B) No display of what keys are currently bound, and to what they're actually bound. I can, however, find this out by looking at the SavedVariables - inconvenient but not impossible to find out the info.

I'd give this a 4/5 rating. It'd be nice to see something exactly like this is WotLK. We can but hope
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