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ZoneDefense  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.85
by: Tuhljin [More]

ZoneDefense (ZD) is a highly-customizable addon which improves WorldDefense and LocalDefense alarms. At your option, it can:

  • Add relevant zone information to alarms (so you know where that obscure subzone that is under attack is!),
  • Use hyperlinks in alarms to easily open the world map to the proper zone and ping the location of an alarm,
  • Suppress superfluous messages (handling alarm spam),
  • Custom-color alarm text,
  • Highlight the faction involved ("the Horde" or "the Alliance"),
  • Add timestamps,
  • Shorten WorldDefense and LocalDefense messages in a variety of ways,
  • Customize alarms' text format (as just one example, you might use "Under attack: <Place>" instead of "<Place> is under attack!"),
  • Display alarms while in any instance (or optionally, only battlegrounds),
  • Display ZD messages in any chat frame(s) of your choice,
  • And more!

Quick Reference

Slash commands:
  • /zd - Basic settings.
  • /zd help - Additional commands (such as ping location scanning - see "SCAN FOR ALL PING LOCATIONS" in readme.txt).
  • /zd adv - Advanced settings.

Change which chat frames ZoneDefense messages appear in:
  1. Right-click on the desired frame's tab and select "Settings" (under the heading "Filters").
  2. Select the "Other" category.
  3. Check (or uncheck) the "ZoneDefense Alarms/Chat" option on the bottom of the list on the right-hand side.

What's New?

Here are just a few highlights from recent updates. See the change log for more.
  • Options to handle Grizzly Hills PvP quest (0.80) and Wintergrasp (0.82) alarm spam separately from other alarms.
  • Updated for WoW 3.0. (0.70)
  • Share alarms with other ZD users, letting alarms others share be seen by you while you are in an instance (display disabled by default). (0.54)

Use with Intel

Intel is a sister addon to Intel. It is available for download here. Neither is required for the other to operate, but they do complement each other in a number of ways:
  • When ZoneDefense looks for a place to ping on the world map, it checks with Intel to see if one of its icons would work best.
  • When ZoneDefense receives shared alarms while you are in an instance, it forwards them to Intel. This allows Intel to continue to update world objective information when it normally would be unable to do so. (ZD does not have to be set to display shared alarms to forward them to Intel; it need only be set to share them.)
  • When Intel outputs a "pseudo-alarm," such as when a Wyvern Camp is captured or lost (an event not reported by LocalDefense/WorldDefense and thus not normally output to the chat log), it can have ZoneDefense format the message in the manner of a LocalDefense alarm, as customized by the player.
  • When an "under attack" alarm is triggered for a Wintergrasp subzone, the ZoneDP system that ZoneDefense includes (a part of Zone Log) allows Intel to recognize the subzone and thus consider Wintergrasp to have been attacked.

  • Functions with English, German, and French clients.
  • Collects zone/subzone information as you play. Includes extensive pre-collected data in English and German.
  • Interface options text currently in English only.
If you wish to help localize the addon, please contact me.

Read the included readme.txt file for more information.

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The change log lists changes of particular note to users, not every change made.

- Updated for WoW 4.0.1.
- The command to scan for all ping locations ("/zd p ALL") now disables the display of quest objectives on the world map and sets the map to full screen; this state is locked in until the scan is complete or paused. This combats possible inconsistencies with the scan and prevents a crash to the desktop that could otherwise occur when logged into some characters.
- Backdrop of the "pending alarms" tooltip darkened for better contrast against chat log text.

- Updated for WoW 3.3.
- Updated subzone data.

- Updated for WoW 3.2.
- Updated subzone data.

- Updated for WoW 3.1.
- Updated subzone data.
- Added new options to handle Wintergrasp alarms, allowing them to be handled in a manner separate from other alarms. (Added to the "World PvP Objectives" panel.)

- Added a necessary library.

- Added new options to handle alarms from Grizzly Hills PvP quest subzones, allowing them to be handled in a
manner separate from other alarms. (Added to the "World PvP Objectives" panel.)
- Converted interface options to use the TjOptions library, making panel contents create-on-demand (among other
- The Color Clipboard system is now used, replacing the buttons used for copying one specific color option to
another specific color option. This system lets you copy colors from any option that uses the standard Color
Picker (including those created by Blizzard) to another using a "copy/paste" approach that is accessable while
the color selection window is open.
- Alarm Sharing: Fixed an issue where player lists weren't always properly filtered from the chat log.

- Added an option to display a tooltip containing the number of pending alarms for a location (if any) when the cursor
is over a ZD hyperlink.
- New zone abbreviations added for Northrend (e.g. "Crystalsong" for "Crystalsong Forest").
- Updated subzone data.
- Rewrote much of Zone Log and the ZoneDP library for improved efficiency.

- Fixed an issue where the display of ZD Alarms/Chat in a chat frame could not be disabled.

- In WoW 3.0, clicking channel labels (e.g. "[1. General]") lets you quickly open chat to that channel or see who is
in it. The channel labels at the start of ZD messages now operate the same way, tied to the LocalDefense channel if
you are in it.
- Updated subzone and ping location data.

- Library updates to properly handle Eastern Plaguelands changes in WoW 3.0.

- Updated for WoW 3.0.

- Fixed an error involving the "Handle LocalDefense..." checkbox in ZD's LocalDefense options tab.

- When ZD opens the world map in order to ping a location, the standard ping at the player's position that occurs
when the world map opens is now hidden to prevent the distraction or confusion it may cause.
- Resolved a compatibility issue with the addon Cartographer that prevented some pings from being seen.

- Changed handling of hyperlinks to allow Intel icons that share the same name (e.g. the various Wyvern Camps)
to be handled properly.

- Function added to allow other addons to easily generate ZD-formatted pseudo-alarms. (The addon Intel, version
0.33 or later, uses this capability.)
- Alarm Sharing: Fixed an issue with the TjChanShare library. It now properly handles the moderator symbol ("@")
in channel member listings.
- Fixed an issue where subzones with names that end with a space were not handled properly. (The existence of
such oddly named subzones is an issue with WoW itself.)
- Minor update to ping location data.
- Code cleanup and some preparation for WoW 3.0 (Wrath of the Lich King) in the base ZoneDefense code as well as
in these libraries: Astronomer, TjChanShare, Zone Log, and ZoneDP.

- Interface options panel order updated for WoW 2.4.3.
- Minor improvements to ZD's interface options GUI.
- Added an option to only display shared alarms while in a battleground.
- Fixed an issue where users of the alarm sharing global channel feature would see a "No player named..." message
upon log in if another player who was in that channel went offline.
- Updated subzone and ping location data.
- Alarms received through the alarm-sharing system while you are in an instance are now forwarded to Intel
(another addon by Tuhljin) so it may continue to update World PvP data, whether or not you choose to have these
alarms display in the chat log.

- When you enter another zone, pending LocalDefense alarms (held off due to spam handling) from the previous zone
are "flushed" from the stack, displayed immediately to prevent ZD and players from thinking the alarm belongs
to the new zone.
- An alarm-sharing system has been added. ZD can now display alarms while you are in an instance if another ZD
user sees the alarm and shares it with you using this system. See options in the "Alarm Sharing" panel.
- Slash command '/zd shared' added to list players sharing alarms with you.
- Advanced option added to change text used in place of "channel name" when displaying shared alarms.

- Slash command '/zd p <subzone>' added. Enter a subzone to attempt to open the map to that location and ping it.
- ZD now remembers ping locations so that if you are using a character that otherwise wouldn't be able to see a
subzone's location on the world map, the proper location may still be pinged. See the "World Map Ping" section
in readme.txt.
- Some special ping location data is now included with ZD which adds some otherwise unobtainable coordinates. The
data may also in rare cases be used to override normally-available coordinates to make them more precise.
- Fixed an issue where certain world PvP objective alarms would display the associated zone even when that option
was disabled.
- Test alarms no longer contribute to the saved list of unknown alarms introduced in 0.51.

- Fixed a (harmless but annoying) loading error in Astronomer library.

- Added an option to turn place and zone names in ZD alarms into clickable hyperlinks (enabled by default).
Clicking a hyperlink can open an appropriate zone map and ping the location that is under attack, among other
things. See the tooltip of the new checkbox (in General panel) for usage.
- Fixed an issue where the spam-handler often mishandled LocalDefense alarms, preventing them from displaying.
- Added advanced option to disable displaying a chat message when the addon is loaded.
- When ZD tries to add the zone to a WorldDefense message but it is not found in ZD's database (even if it is
found using Zone Log/ZoneDP), the subzone is placed in a saved variable table for future reference. Upon
loading, ZD purges this table of subzones that are now found in its database.
- ZD now automatically gathers all zone names (but not subzone names) at startup, no matter which language the
client is using or whether content patches add new zones.
- Minor update to subzone information.

- ZD-handled WorldDefense and LocalDefense messages can now be output to the chat frames of your choice. These
settings are saved per character.
- ZD now uses Zone Log to gather subzones' zone names as the player encounters them to supplement its own
pre-generated subzone data. ZD's zone data is also shared with any other addons that use ZoneDP.
- Fixed an issue where using "/zd reset" and then opening the interface options and hitting cancel would cause
older settings to be improperly restored. Settings will still be restored if you use "/zd reset" while the
options window is already open and then hit cancel; this is intended behavior.

- Added option (in General panel) to abbreviate certain zone names when ZD adds them to alarms (that is, when a
subzone's zone is added to the text). For example, "Honor Hold (Hellfire Peninsula) is under attack!" becomes
"Honor Hold (Hellfire) is under attack!" when enabled.
- Added new custom color option for LocalDefense chat text sent by players.
- LocalDefense panel's options made more compact and readable.

- Added advanced option to change the alarm text format. (For example, you could use "Under attack: %s" instead
of "%s is under attack!")
- Fixed an issue with identifying subzones in non-English clients.
- The "Overlook" message fix introduced in v0.43 on rare occasion didn't block duplicate messages. This has
been corrected.
- Fixed an issue where advanced options were reset by the Interface Options window's Cancel button.
- Minor update to subzone information.

- Added a fix for the non-ZD-caused WoW bug where the message "The Overlook has been taken by the [Faction]!"
message is sometimes displayed twice.
- A lot of localization groundwork has been completed for the German client. Not all text has been translated
yet, but a large database of subzone information is in place.
- Some basic localization for French clients has been done so ZD will react to their defense channels, but no
translations (including subzone data) beyond that are included at this time.
- Added more (English) subzone information.

- Fixed an issue where ZD would make the default defense channels visible after mid-session loading screens.
- Fixed some issues where the default LocalDefense channel's visiblity would be improperly altered.
- Added options to determine whether to display the channel name in defense message prefaces.
- Added advanced options to change the text displayed when WorldDefense or LocalDefense are abbreviated.
- Added advanced option to change the separator between channel number and channel name (default ". ").

- ZoneDefense will now automatically change the visibility of the WorldDefense and LocalDefense channels in
the main chat window/tab based on your settings. This happens when the addon loads, one of these channels
is joined, settings are reset, or a relevant setting is changed.
- Slash command '/zd adv' added to list commands used for advanced configuration options.
- ZD will automatically make WorldDefense and LocalDefense visible in the main chat window/tab upon logout
to ensure that if you log in without loading ZD next time, those channels will not be improperly hidden
from your log. (When ZD is loaded, it will hide them again as appropriate.) This functionality can be
disabled using the new advanced configuration commands.
- Fixed an issue where '/zd z here' would sometimes search for an empty string (such as when in certain
instances). It will now search for your current zone when the subzone is blank.
- Minor updates to subzone information.

- TOC updated for WoW 2.4.
- ZoneDefense options are now set using the Addons tab in WoW's Interface Options which was introduced in 2.4.
'/zd' will still take you straight to these options. What was formerly organized into tabs is now organized
into panels ("General," "LocalDefense," and "World PvP Objectives"), and each panel's options can now be
set to their defaults individually (without affecting other panels' options) through the new interface.
- Slash command '/zd reset' added to reset all of ZD's options at once.
- Slash command '/zd z <subzone>' added. Enter a subzone and ZoneDefense will tell you which zone it is in
according to ZD's data. Use 'here' as the subzone to use your current subzone.
- Slash command '/zd help' added to list other slash commands.
- Saved variables from earlier versions are not compatible with version 0.40. ZD will automatically set its
options to the default when these older saved variable files are encountered.

- Corrected an issue where ZD could not reset to default settings more than once per session.
- Test messages (triggered by Test button or using one of the debug channels) now more fully mimic non-test
messages sent through the WorldDefense and LocalDefense channels except that they are now preceded by
"[Test]" in the chat log.
- Made a small addition to the subzone information.

- Fixed an issue where the config GUI displayed improperly at some resolutions.
- Extended spam timer option to allow up to 60 seconds between identical alarms.
- Spam handler now delays initial alarms for a new place for 1 second. This allows it to better handle the
multiple-"initial"-alarms-at-once situation that often occurs.
- Added option to abbreviate WorldDefense as "WD" in alarm prefaces.
- Added option to abbreviate LocalDefense as "LD" in alarm prefaces.
- Added option to abbreviate LocalDefense as "LD" in chat prefaces.
- Added options to determine whether to display channel number with LocalDefense messages.
- Split "Apply time stamp settings" in the LocalDefense tab into two options, one for alarms, one for chat.
- Messages triggered by pressing the Test button while on the LocalDefense tab altered to include
World PvP objective messages.
- Added more subzone and world PvP objective information.

- Initial public beta release.
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Well, you don't have to be in the WorldDefense channel when using ZD. You can just join the LocalDefense channel and only that will be handled. Or do you want to be in the WD channel and have it display unfiltered by ZD?
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Unread 10-24-10, 07:05 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Update please.
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Unread 11-02-10, 02:22 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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4.0.* Update?

IS there an update coming? Really do like this addon and the spam from WD is getting absurd.
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Unread 11-03-10, 07:09 PM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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An update is planned. I can't provide an "ETA" at this time, unfortunately. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it this weekend.
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Originally posted by Tuhljin
An update is planned. I can't provide an "ETA" at this time, unfortunately. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it this weekend.
I just filed tickets for ZoneDefense and Intel on CurseForge with patches for rudimentary 4.0.1 support, btw...save ya some work They include fixes to Chronos that I've already sent to AnduinLothar.
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I've uploaded an alpha build for those that are interested. It works for the most part. Just be careful about using "/zd p ALL" since that can cause a crash to the desktop. Other than that, please report any errors you find using the ticket system.

Edit: The full release version is now up so don't bother with the alpha version any more.
Last edited by Tuhljin : 11-12-10 at 05:49 PM.
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Unread 11-12-10, 04:36 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Great to hear.
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Unread 11-24-13, 12:27 AM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller

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Tuhljin, after checking out your user profile on this site (in a non-stalker-ish type of way), I see you're still semi-active, but it looks like this amazing add-on has been neglected for quite some time. I'm running into a few small issues with Zone Defense and was wondering if maybe you could bring this add-on back up-to-date? I've been using it for years, but it's slowly falling more and more out-of-date.

I started a thread a few days ago on the WoW Macro & UI forum requesting the assistance of others because I thought you had abandoned this project, so all the issues I'm experiencing are maybe better explained in the already existing thread.


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