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Version: 2.3
by: Footrot [More]

Ghost: Pulse 3 Beta 7 is now available here. GP2 will be retired once GP3 enters 'release' mode.

2.3: 2008-12-31
- Removed the mana potions/gems alerts since you can only use one per fight.
- Fixed the Warlock Lifetap problem - it works now (stupid talent trees changing!) :P
- Added the image for Death Knights for Player Deaths/Resurrections.

2.2.1: 2008-10-30
- Adjusted the Lifetap alert to account for the changes to the formula for calculating the HP/Mana for Lifetap in 3.0.
- Added a new alert option to show/hide certain alerts while in battlegrounds.

2.2: 2008-10-14
- Initial support for WotLK/Patch 3.0 (Echoes of Doom)
- Removed Overpower/Riposte support. These are features that I just don't use, and hence were buggy and nasty. An API will be introduced to allow third-parties to add these alerts in if the demand exists for them.

2.01.76032: 2008-06-05
- Added party/raid chat announcement options for warnings and alerts.

2.01.75790: 2008-06-02
- Added Riposte (Rogue) and Overpower (Warrior) alerts.
- All cooldowns now properly reset when entering an arena.
- Added alert environment option to control the display of stuff when you are dead.

2.01.74865: 2008-05-26
- Fixed a problem with the Ace options for an 'Early Warning Sound' option.
- Fixed a problem with CC effects not showing correctly.
- Updated all localizations.

2.01.74533: 2008-05-20
- Fixed 'activated' spells cooldown notifications (prowl, stealth etc now work again).
- Added sounds options for the early warnings, as well as 'specifics' for early warning sounds.
- Added options to use UIErrorsFrame, Blizzard FCT and MSBT for early warnings.
- Removed unneeded images in favour of the built-in textures for most classes for the PlayerDeath watcher.
- Fixed a problem with the pulse size and Chinese fonts.
- Fixed Mob Debuffs showing an early warning for spells that were still on cooldown.
- Fixed a problem with the Life Tap alert showing on-screen even if you're not a warlock.
- Added Korean translation thanks to 7destiny.
- Updated Chinese and German translations.

2.01.73961: 2008-05-15
- General code clean-up.
- Added CC Expiry alert, which only alerts when any CC effect fades for your target or focus. Different from the normal CC alert that shows and holds the pulse until the CC fades. You now have both options.
- Updated German localization thanks to Xamy.
- Updated Chinese localization thanks to Digmouse.

2.01.73588: 2008-05-13
- Added code to set the correct font for the pulse texts for Chinese.
- Added support for in-game sounds with a path in the 'sound\spells' folder (for example).
- Added the threat generator resist/miss alert type for target and focus.
- Fixed the texture path for Player Deaths.
- Localization required for the threat generator resist/miss alert type.

2.01.73439: 2008-05-11
- Adjusted the cooldowns watchers to reset when zoning into an arena instance. Will need confirmation that it worked, since I don't do arenas myself. :)
- Adjusted the customizable fields used with Spell Resists and Immunity. [Name] now refers to the mob/player who is immune/resisted the spell.
- Added the version and build number to the title of the Waterfall configuration window.
- Fixed yet another stuff-up with SavedVariables and initial (and secondary) log ins without visiting the configuration page. GP now correctly checks for, and creates if needed, defaults for all alerts.

2.01.73314: 2008-05-11
- Fixed a bug when starting without any saved variables at all.
- Fixed a problem with CC alerts not fading out on death of the CC'ed mob.
- Fixed cooldown-based alerts so they don't alert too long after they've become available.
- Fixed bag item cooldowns so they don't spam you when entering combat if they're set to 'In-Combat Only'.
- Fixed a problem when resetting the profile.
- Added Early Warning support to Mob Debuffs alerts.

2.01: 2008-05-07
- Added support the channeled spells to the 'Enemy Cast' alerts.
- Fixed 'spamming' problem when entering combat while things were on cooldown for alerts that are set to show only in combat.
- Added Chinese translations thanks to Digmouse.

2.00: 2008-05-05
- OMG - don't know where to start. I'll probably redo the change log from scratch.

1.31: 2008-04-22
- Fixed a problem with the mob-debuffs feature showing you expiry of debuffs cast by other players of the same class.

1.30: 2008-04-21
- Added the ability to override the sound to play for an alert on a per-frame basis.
- Added a new alert feature for player deaths and in-combat resurrection.
- Fixed a bug with the 'Full Alpha' setting for 'Texture' options.

1.29: 2008-04-20
- Added limited support for 'skinning'. Put a .tga file of your choice (say, borrowed from a cyCircled skin) into the 'textures' folder of GP and restart WoW. Use the 'Texture' configuration option. Reload your UI after you've set it up and see how it looks. Be warned - if your frames are set too large, the texture will start to look really bad - try to use as high a resolution texture as you can.

1.28: 2008-04-20
- Added code to create a simple default frame when using GP for the first time.

1.27: 2008-04-20
- Increased the maximum allowed value of 'Pulse Show Time' to 15 seconds.
- Fixed the bug with FFF and Mangle not showing their cooldowns, thanks to Lurosara.
- Made the code slightly quicker, resulting in slightly better CPU usage.
- Added a count in the text of the debuff pulses for stacking debuffs.
- Hopefully fixed the bags-to-bank transfer problem some people have reported - please let me know if it's still problematic.
- Shackle wasn't being detected as a crowd-control effect - this has been fixed. The localizations *may* need updating to reflect this on Chinese and German WoW clients.
- Chinese localizations now 100% up-to-date. Thanks again Digmouse.

1.26: 2008-04-19
- Reworked the frame configuration completely. You cancreate as many or as few frames as you want, and tell each frame what things it should alert you to. This makes GP much more flexible. Older settings for positions and sizes will not be converted - you will need to set up the visual side of GP again after this update.
- Added spell resist alerts, as requested by Digmouse.
- Added debuff expiry alerts (when debuffs fade from you, the player, you can be alerted).
- Added debuff stacking alerts. When a debuff is re-applied to you and is a stacking debuff, you will be alerted again for each application. This is untested.
- Added the names of the zones (for Mana Potions) to the localization - these need to be added to the German and Chinese translations.
- Chinese and German translations are more extensive, thanks to Digmouse and Xamy.
- Fixed a bug with the Mob-Debuffs feature where you would get pre-warnings (and repeated ones at that) about debuffs that are about to expire even though they are blacklisted.
- Fixed a bug with the text options and the font used on the pulses. Thanks goes to Isler for finding this.
- Recoded the frame handling. Tidy up, essentially.

1.25: 2008-04-15
- Completed the infrastructure required for translations.
- The majority of the localization to Chinese is done, thanks very much to Digmouse. Only the new stuff made available in 1.25 to go.

1.24: 2008-04-13
- More infrastructure added for localization.
- German and Chinese localization available for some of the small pieces I've actually made localize-able. :)
- Tidied up the resize sliders so that the text areas will scale in size as you adjust the pulse sizes. No more needing to reload the UI to have your resizing take effect properly.
- Added the option to switch your own spell cooldowns off, in case you're using GP for it's other features instead of for your own cooldowns.
- Tidied up the 'Locked' handling so that if you change what frames are shown while you are dragging stuff around, the frames will appear and disappear as required.
- The 'Mana Potions' options will no longer show unless you are level 55 or higher. This is because GP only supports high-level mana potions.

1.23: 2008-04-12
- Gave buffs/debuffs/mob-debuffs it's own blacklist. Anything buff/debuff/mob-debuff related that was on your normal blacklist will have to be added to the new blacklist for it to work as you expect.
- Re-arranged the configuration options again as things were starting to get messy with all the new features.
- Begun work on localization support. No other languages are supported yet, but the framework is being put in place.
- Changed the slash commands that open the GUI configuration to /gp AND /ghostpulse, and to use command-based changes with /cdp.
- Tidied up the sound code so that all sound entry areas of the configuration will now play the sound you've chosen, even if using Shared Media or custom sounds.

1.22: 2008-04-12
- Added the 'Sound Dictionary' feature. Type the name of a spell/ability/buff/debuff etc into the 'Add' text box under the 'Sound Dictionary' section, then expand the 'Sound Dictionary' list and choose the sound to play when an alert with that name is shown. Any alert WITHOUT an entry in the dictionary will play whatever sound is normally played. Feature doesn't work on bag item cooldowns or trinket cooldowns yet.

1.21: 2008-04-12
- Added 'Spell Cast' feature to provide a pulse when you successfully cast a spell. Can be switched off, text hidden and so on like everything else. Is switched off by default.
- Added options to both the 'Mob Debuffs' and 'Crowd Control' feature to specify if you want to show these things on your target, your focus, or both.

1.20: 2008-04-11
- Fixed a stupid stupid bug with the CC feature causing a nil reference.
- Implemented a better spellbook cache to fix the mob debuffs feature a bit. It now correctly witholds alerts about debuffs that you can't re-apply because of cooldowns.

1.19: 2008-04-11
- Removed the check to see if the spell/ability is ready to use from the 'Mob Debuffs' feature. The GCD was screwing around with it and causing the alert to fail to fire. The idea was to prevent alerting you to debuffs that you couldn't yet re-apply at the time. I'll find another way.

1.18: 2008:04-10
- Added the ability to add your own sounds to play for alerts. Drop .wav or .mp3 files into the 'Sounds' sub-folder of GP and type the name of the sound file itself (including the file extension) into the 'Sound' section of any feature and GP will use it. Remember to re-start WoW after adding new sounds into the folder. 'Use Shared Media' must be OFF for this to work.
- Fixed a bug in that the two new alert types (CC and Mob Debuffs) weren't able to use Shared Media. Now they can.
- Added a 'Bosses Only' option to the 'Mob Debuffs' feature.
- Tidied up a small memory problem with the mob debuffs feature.
- Cleaned up the handling of the new frames for the new features with respect to locking and positioning.

1.17: 2008-04-09
- Added a setting to the 'Buffs' section to allow you set the longest duration a buff must be in order to warrant an alert.
- Added a setting for the 'Cooldowns' section to allow you to set the shortest duration a cooldown must be in order to warrant an alert (so you can hide really short cooldowns).
- Added the Crowd Control alert feature. Not all CC effects have been tested. Please report any CC effects you think aren't being alerted.
- Added the Mob Debuffs alert feature. Consider this a beta-quality feature for now until I tidy some code up. It alerts you to your own debuffs when they fall off mobs you are fighting (as long as the spell is available to use aso). Many options to be provided in a future release, such as boss-only and better pre-warning (based on cast time of the spells/abilities that cause the debuff).

1.16: 2008-04-06
- Made a change to ensure that if you enter combat while moving the icons around, the 'Locked' option is forced on so you can play without the rubbish on the screen.
- Changed the icons for the movable pulses, just to make it look pretty.
- Massive performance optimisations made - should be a lot more system-friendly. There is probably a little bit more to come though.
- Added advanced options to control the frequency of some of the checks.
- Made the red tint on debuffs stronger to be more distinct.

1.15: 2008-04-05
- Removed the buggy sliders from the configuration options and added a 'Locked' feature that, when switched off, allows you to drag the icons around the screen. The 'Locked' setting doesn't save between sessions, so you're safe to logout with it switched off. GP is essentially disabled while 'Locked' is not switched on.
- Fixed a bug with 'Early Warning Time' setting not being paid proper attention to.

1.14: 2008-04-05
- Tidied up a bunch of code related to the options not working properly on some classes. The bug was fixed thanks to a contribution from 'Ganders' on WoWInterface. Many thanks.

1.13: 2008-04-04
- Fixed a bug where the pet spell cooldowns were still showing text ('Blah is ready') even with the cooldowns 'Show text' option switched off.
- Fixed a bug with 'early warnings' and pet spells/abilities.
- Added an option under 'Cooldowns' to switch pet cooldowns notification off.

1.12: 2008-04-04
- Tidied up some configuration options so they're in a more sensible place.
- Added preliminary support for 'pre-warning' on spell/ability and pet spell/ability cooldowns. Currently uses UIErrorsFrame or Blizzard's built-in Floating Combat Text but will add support the various scrolling combat text addons in a later release.
- Made the alpha level, show time and fade time of the pulses configurable.

1.11: 2008-04-02
- Added support for LibSharedMedia-2.0. If present, you can choose sounds registered with the library. Must switch 'Use Shared Media' option on first before this will work.
- Split the 'mana' pulses (Potions and Life Tap/Dark Pact) into their own frame, positionable and sizable different to the main cooldown frame.

1.10: 2008-04-01
- Fixed a strange bug with the way I was using Waterfall - didn't play well with other mods.

1.09: 2008-04-01
- Added waterfall configuration GUI for changing options. /gp

1.08: 2008-03-31
- Implemented the 'Same Frame' options in 'Buffs' that allows GP to share the frame with the cooldowns features, so GP behaves the way it did before the change in 1.07 - just in case anyone liked the old way better.
- Added a whitelist for buffs/debuffs. If the whitelist has anything in it, the blacklist is ignored for buffs/debuffs.

1.07: 2008-03-31
- Implemented a different frame set for buffs/debuffs. They now appear in their own frame, with configuration options to position it and size it independently of the cooldown frame. WARNING: If you position this so that it is in the same position as the cooldown frame, you may not be able to see everything you need to.

1.06: 2008-03-30
- More code clean-ups. Nothing fancy.
- Blacklist now works on trinkets and bag items.

1.05: 2008-03-22
- Added the option to show mana potion/gem alerts only when you or your group is in a boss fight.
- Added potion support for the Cenarion Mana Salve.
- Added support for the existing pre-2.4 Alchemist's Stone and the 2.4 Alchemist Stone variations.

1.04: 2008-03-20
- Reworked some code to tidy up the globals. They were a bit messy, but not too bad. Probably still a few to go.
- Removed the parts of Ace2 that GP wasn't using and removed Rock altogether. You'll now need a different addon if you want GUI configuration.
- Changed the blacklist feature to allow partial matches. If an entry on the blacklist appears in any part of the name of a spell or ability, you will not get an alert.
- Started restructuring the frame code to allow different frames (and hence positions and sizes) for different 'features', to be fully implemented at a later stage.
- Changed the options to only show features available to your class. So if you're not a warlock, you don't see the options for the warlock-specific features. Likewise, warriors and rogues won't see the mana potion feature.

1.03: 2008-03-19
- Added options for all features to show/hide the text-side of the notifications.
- Changed the warlock Life Tap/Dark Pact feature to work only in combat.

1.02: 2008-03-18
- Fixed druid/rogue stealth cooldown notification. Complete rewrite of spell/ability cooldown logic.

1.01: 2008-03-18
- Bug fix: Added ManaPotions.lua file to the archive.
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Unread 07-06-09, 03:02 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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There's only two things I've noticed in GP2 that I haven't liked so far, just curious if you can remember if they'll be working in GP3.

Currently Divine Protection and Divine Shield are pulsing as "cooldown finished" after 10 seconds even though the CD's are much longer. As well, I'm not sure what caused it, but on my room mate's GP2 the only frame that let's the text scale is his original frame, any new frames he creates cannot scale the text.

I'm also assuming GP3 is working for the dual specs? Lot's of people have had weird bugs with GP2 and dual specs. Is that why you implemented the profiles?
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Unread 07-06-09, 04:48 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Originally posted by Mica
There's only two things I've noticed in GP2 that I haven't liked so far, just curious if you can remember if they'll be working in GP3.

Currently Divine Protection and Divine Shield are pulsing as "cooldown finished" after 10 seconds even though the CD's are much longer. As well, I'm not sure what caused it, but on my room mate's GP2 the only frame that let's the text scale is his original frame, any new frames he creates cannot scale the text.

I'm also assuming GP3 is working for the dual specs? Lot's of people have had weird bugs with GP2 and dual specs. Is that why you implemented the profiles?
I can have a play with my housemate's Paladin to double check those cooldowns for you, before I make any statement about them. The intention is that they work properly, right from the start.

GP3's text scaling in frames is working across all frames. The default sizes I've chosen for things are quite large, and I've scaled my own settings back on multiple frames, so I know they work fine.

GP3's support for dual-specs is not related to the profiles support. Both GP2 and GP3 scan your spellbook and cache data when they first start up. The difference is that GP3 will also re-scan when you learn something new, and this happens when you change specs. GP3 will correctly provide alerts for spell cooldowns when you change pets and change specs - both thoroughly tested.

To give you a brief bit of useless information, my main is a feral druid now (used to be a warlock waaaaay back when GP was first released). I still test everything about GP3 with my druid, my warlock, my mage and my dodgy little level 34 priest.
Last edited by Footrot : 07-06-09 at 04:52 PM.
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Unread 01-14-10, 05:59 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I tried the GP:3 and got nothing. so i tried GP:2 and it worked.
worked great it helps me out with tricks of the trade. that is untill it took away Ice Hud from my screen.
Disabled Ghost pluse and it came back just letting you know of this issue.
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Unread 01-01-11, 07:37 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I don't know if this has been mentioned but it seems that GP doesn't differentiate between cooldowns of the same name. I assume this is an issue caused by an outdated lib but I'm grasping at straws here.

The reason I ask this is the Feral Druid skill "Feral Charge" has a different cooldown depending on whether you are in Bear Form (15 seconds / 14 glyphed) or Cat Form (30 seconds / 28 glyphed). GP is flashing the cooldown after the 15/14 second cooldown of Bear Form even if it's the Cat version of the skill being used.
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