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Updated: 04-03-08 03:40 AM
Updated:04-03-08 03:40 AM


Version: 2.0.2b
by: Saeris [More]


This embeddable addon is a library that allows for timed delays. It is intended for use by developers to increase efficiency by sharing a single time-delaying architecture.

Addon Type Information

Addon type: Library
Libraries used:

See the readme file in this addon's folder, or my author portal, for an explanation of the addon type system used.


If you found a bug in this addon, want to provide feedback, want to help translate it, or even just want to ask a question, please contact me using one of these methods:

Email address: [email protected]
ICQ number: 119161819
AIM screenname: SaerisSanoora
Penny Arcade forums name: Saeris

If you use any other method, it might take me significantly longer to see your message and reply.

If you wish to support my efforts, you can donate via PayPal by clicking this button:

History of Changes

See the readme file in this addon's folder, or my author portal, for an explanation of the versioning system used.

2.0.2 (Mar 5, 2008):

  • Miscellaneous code style updates.

2.0.1 (Feb 25, 2008):
  • Fixed a bug where, if a handler's :Start() method was called twice with no call to :Stop() in between, the handler's countdown would reset.

2.0.0 (Jan 16, 2008):
  • Now works in a fully object-oriented manner, creating its own DelayHandler class.

1.1.0 (Dec 2, 2007):
  • Added SetHandlerFrequency().

1.0.0 (Nov 13, 2007):
  • Initial release.

See the readme file in this addon's folder for earlier changes.

Developer Notes

See readme file included in the directory.

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