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Power Auras Classic  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 4.23
by: Smacker, jimwebb9, Member_4, Meorawr

Mists of Pandaria Notice

The official 5.0 release will be ready in a couple of weeks time for general testing. Until then an unofficial patch is available here.

Sinsthar (base & original concept) - Garstiger (continued) - Dridtz (continued) - Smacker & Meorawr (continued)

Designed to give visual or audible cues to the user in response to in-game events, such as gaining buffs or debuffs. Types of cues range from simple texture displays to stack counters, timers to timer bars, and are fully user-configurable. Can be animated or have sounds attached as well.

How to Use
Tutorials will be written and linked here soon, stay tuned!

Reporting Issues
Go to the CurseForge site and Submit a Ticket. Please do not suggest features via the ticket system, and instead use our UserVoice forum.

If you do submit a ticket, we will reply if more information is requested. If no additional information is given in response, we will mark the ticket as Invalid. Feature suggestions are immediately marked invalid.

Feature Requests
There is a UserVoice forum for adding and discussing new features. Submit all feature requests here, but please do not duplicate requests. Duplicates will be exterminated. Painfully.

Looking for Help!
We're always looking for a helping hand. You don't need to be an expert coder to help us out, we've plenty of things that need people to oversee. Of course, knowing code has some benefits - ever wanted to get a feature implemented? Maybe fix a pesky bug that we said we'd fix two months ago? Now's your chance!

  • Full addon development / lua apprenticeship offered
  • Fix that pesky bug
  • Get that feature you always wanted working
  • Feel the satisfaction of giving something back
  • See your name in lights in the release notes!
  • Give a little or as much time as you can afford

Contact me here via a PM or email me sammackrill[AT]gmail.com.

Version 4.23

TOC bump to 4.3.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue with linked auras where multiple auras in the chain are disabled. Probably.
Fixed a large amount of debuff ID types.
Fixed divide by zero issue with PowerAurasRole.lua, and any other possible issues with Health/Power type auras.
Fixed a possible issue with the stances dropdown not filling correctly.

Version 4.22

Added Invert Timer support to Totems. That's right Shamans, I love you.
Limited Strata support has been patched in, there's no configuration element for this (it's unsupported). To change the strata either export an aura, modify the export string (add "strata:LOW;" to the end, replacing LOW with the desired strata) and reimport, or modify your saved variables.
Aura #182 was missing. This has been rectified.

Fixed a bug with chat output when a sound file was loaded and played but the API said otherwise.
Aura glow defaults to off.
Updated tooltip for Pet Stance type.

Removed some unused files.

Version 4.21

This release is 4.2 compatible.

Added Pet Stance activation type, which will activate if your pet is in Aggressive/Assist/Defensive/Passive mode.

Removed 4.1 compatibility code.
Minor changes to Blizzard options UI, to compensate for the ridiculously large amount of weight it put on.
Pulse animation (while not in Old Animations mode) has had some minor changes done to it, it is now similar to the Blizzard one in terms of scale and smooths a little bit differently. These changes have effectively fixed the animation to prevent animations flickering.

Bug Fixes:
Buffs and debuffs are now properly checked on the whole group.
Happiness auras are gone. Really now. If you had them, they'll be fixed, I PROMISE.
Aura exports should fail less.

Version 4.20

This version has the codename "Yo dawg I heard you like updates".

Bug Fixes:
Blizzard bumped the client version number in their most recent fast patch which triggered some 4.2 PTR compatibility code to activate, this in turn may have inadvertently broken Spell Alert auras. Hence the fix.

Version 4.19

Bug Fixes:

Holy Power should be working again, sorry guys. We didn't pick this up in the testing since there were no changes to the UI.

Version 4.18


Higher quality versions of Blizzard's spell overlay textures have been included, as well as some new ones.


Multiple default settings have been modified, including but not limited to Locked/Unlocked Auras, Not Resting and Allow Inspections.
The Pulse animation has had some improvements done to it behind the scenes. It's still broken as a result of the API changes.
Text Auras have had their animations forcefully disabled until Blizzard fixes the animation bugs.

Bug Fixes:

Players using Spell Cooldown auras for pet abilities should once again find that their auras do not need the friendly target condition to be met.
Spell Cooldown auras should no longer freak out if the spell is referenced as an ID number, but no longer exists.

Known Issues:


CurseForge Tickets: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/powerauras-classic/tickets/
Plate of Cookies: http://tinyurl.com/5ux4yhr

Version 4.17

This release is compatible with the 4.1 patch, it is not backwards compatible with the 4.0 client.

There are known issues with this release dealing with animations, these appear to be due to bugs within the animation API itself and the only known workaround is to switch on Old Animations.

ADDED: A new option is available which will adjust the behaviour of the export system, if you were experiencing a bug where your aura exports were empty then you should enable this as a workaround.
ADDED: Unit Match activation type. This is still a beta quality activation type and may not always perform as expected, please report any bugs through the ticket system on Curse.
ADDED: Couple more debuff ID's.
CHANGE: Action usable macro fix has been reverted, caused more issues than it solved.
REMOVED: Animation FPS slider, as Blizzard has dropped support for this.

Version 4.16a

FIX: Stacks work again, sorry guys!

Version 4.16

ADDED: Lots of class and engineering debuff ID's have been added, credit goes to Vaugn2 for assisting us greatly with this.
ADDED: Ability to track Buff Type.
ADDED: Stacks can now be displayed in their original sizing format - check the "Wider Digits" box to do so.
CHANGE: Export dialog will now display a reason for transfer failure.
CHANGE: Export dialog also now shows a timer, and correctly updates even if the dialog is closed.
FIX: Spell Alert now functions properly with procs such as Lava Surge!
FIX: Now works with the 4.1 PTR (there is an issue with animations on the PTR, use the Old Animations to bypass this).
FIX: Auras should now initialize correctly and hopefully will not require a reload to work properly.
FIX: Rare import bug regarding stacks has been corrected.

Version 4.14
FIX: Nil error on selecting custom texture checkbox.
FIX: Stacks now scale properly.
CHANGE: Stacks can now show absolutely any number of stacks - no limitation.

Version 4.13
FIX: nil error
UPDATE: Russian translations (thanks Владимир Средних)
FEATURE: Ingame aura sharing, use the export buttons and choose the player to send your aura/set to
FEATURE: Block incoming auras setting in ESC>>Interface>Addons>>PAC
CHANGE: Stacks can not show up-to 999
FIX: All sounds should now use the Master channel

Version 4.12
FIX: nil error
FIX: Asian localisation issue
CHANGE: Druids' Magic Mushroom now treated as a totem

Version 4.11
FIX: PathToAuras issue
FIX: Localisation issue
CHANGE: Sounds now play on master channel
FIX: Reset position button now works

Version 4.10
FEATURE: Global settings for custom sounds and aura textures
FEATURE: Move auras with the mouse (+ cursor keys when pointer over aura), added lock button
CHANGE: OwnSpell renamed Spellcooldown
FIX: Spell-id matching when not in spell-book
FEATURE: Add global paths
FIX: Erroneous matching when similar names
FIX: Timer invert issue
FIX: Old style imports now work again

Version 4.9
Fix: initialisation bug - PAC would sometimes seem like it wasn't working at all on first load

Version 4.8
FIX: Timer invert Below / Hide above was broken
FIX: Timer invert Below / Hide above was not being exported

Version 4.7
FIX: Delete/Move bug (oops sorry)
FIX: Stacks not hiding properly when in a multi-aura chain
CHANGE: Removed druid form restriction on combo points

Version 4.6
FIX: Pet happiness (see wiki)
FIX: Slot Aura crash
UPDATE: Russian locale - thanks to Jakov
UPDATE: Chinese locale (zhTW) - thanks to 吳宗欽
CHANGE: Optimizations for speed
FIX: Text aura updating
FIX: Purgeable Spells
FIX: %INT substitution in text auras
UPDATE: GTFO - Friendly fire

Version 4.5
FEATURE: Can now track pet spell cool-downs via SpellCooldown aura
FEATURE: Spell alerts on instant spell can set the duration on the animation tab
FIX: Transparency on some auras
CHANGE: Mana and Health now have better default icons
FIX: Global sliders too long
FEATURE: Self PvP flag can now show timer
FIX: Do not show instant spells as interruptable

Version 4.4
FIX: Crash with badly formatted multi-ids

Version 4.3
FIX: False positive matches when using SpellIds and MySpellCooldowns
FIX: Sometimes linked auras would get missed if inactive
FIX: Purgeable spells logic rewritten
FIX: Stealable spells logic rewritten
FIX: GCD spell ids updated

Version 4.2
FIX: False positive matches when using SpellIds
FIX: Mana update issue
FEATURE: 8 missing Blizzard Power Aura textures added

Version 4.1
FIX: Druid spammage - sorry dudes!

Version 4.0
FIX: Import bug for tri-state booleans
CHANGE: +/- buttons added to size slider
CHANGE: Timer invert slider increased to 600s
FIX: Eclipse now works (separate checks for Lunar and Solar)
FIX: Druid detection when < level 10
FEATURE: Blizzard Power Aura textures added (145-177)


Version 3.0.0W
Fix: Import bug when default value = false

Version 3.0.0V
Fix: Improved Text aura logic to try and fix not showing on login

Version 3.0.0U
Fix: Custom ending sound UI strange behaviour
CHANGE: Sound files converted to ogg files (wavs do not work in Cata)
Fix: Rogue Combo crash
CHANGE: Export format changed significantly (but still recognises old format) - now much smaller
FEATURE: Pet Happiness can now be tracked via Energy/rage/Power aura (Cata)

Version 3.0.0T
FEATURE: Max texture slider setting added
FEATURE: Ability to count in seconds from 99s instead of 60s
FIX: Holy Power and Warlock Shard detection
FIX: Rogue combo points on switching target
CHANGE: Improved edit box behaviour (should now save on loss of focus)
FIX: Custom texture with SpellId
FIX: Crash when Multi-Id not a string
CHANGE: Locale refresh

Version 3.0.0S
FIX: Warlock Metamorphosis bug (thanks Viperb0y!)
UPDATE & FIX: German locale (thanks Viperb0y!)
FIX: Import/Export (for Cata)
FEATURE: Can now optionally specify power type in Rage/Energy?Power aura
FEATURE: Happiness/Focus/Holy power tracking added (for Cata)
FIX: Drop-downs (for Cata)
FIX:Timer/Stack location/size rounding errors

Version 3.0.0R
FIX: Vanishing timers on redisplay
CHANGE: removed more global this refs (for Cata)
CHANGE: Added UNIT_POWER event support (for Cata)
FIX: Nil error when spellId not found

Version 3.0.0Q
FIX: Nil error with named totems
CHANGE: removed global this refs (for Cata)

Version 3.0.0P
FIX: Issue with multiple totems
FIX: Shaman GCD spell had wrong ID
CHANGE: Events only registered when required
FIX: Missing ActionBar check
CHANGE: Fixes for Cataclysm beta (should no longer hang on start)
CHANGE: UI background Textures changed to standard

Version 3.0.0N
FIX: Nil error when named unit missing
FIX: Named unit missing event update
FIX: Timer option nil error
FIX: Set ShowOnAuraHide properly when setting Timer to Time since activation
CHANGE: Stack check can now go up to 9999 (was 100)
FIX: Buff switching bug
FIX: Named Item textures
FIX: Named Item stack checking
FIX: Named Item matching with hyphens

Version 3.0.0M
FIX: Nil error changing sounds
FIX: DK Runes should show correct cool-down time
FIX: Timer should show properly on new auras
FIX: Animation flicker
FEATURE: Item carried check
CHANGE: Added rescale message
FIX: Aura Import paste size increased

Version 3.0.0L
FIX: Stat checking on targets
FIX: Timer and Stack strange x,y values
CHANGE: Timer and stacks max size increased
CHANGE: Lots more slider + - buttons added

Version 3.0.0K
FEATURE: New aura - Named Item Ready
FEATURE: New Aura - Equipment Slot Ready
FEATURE: New aura - Tracking type selected
FEATURE: 5 new aura textures from Dennis K.
FEATURE: Added graphical equipment slot selector
FIX: Fixed Buff/Debuff bug (picking-up target buffs/debuffs when should only be from group)
CHANGE: Localisations updated
CHANGE: Resize for new options
FEATURE: Role checking added
FEATURE: Text substitution added
FEATURE: Auto rescale for timers and stacks
CHANGE: Spell Alert logic brought in-line with other auras
FEATURE: Cast on me option added to Spell Alert
FEATURE: Play any standard WoW sound file
FEATURE: Added Plus/Minus buttons for stepping through auras
FEATURE: Selectable text color for timers and stacks
FEATURE: Role specifice flags (e.g. Tank /Healer etc)
FEATURE: Improve DK rune logic (can now exclude death runes)
FEATURE: Timers and stacks can now be fixed relative to the parent aura
FIX: Fixes to instance logic
FIX: Bug fixes for runes
FIX: ChatFrame fix
FIX: Rune timer fix
FIX: Spin animation fix
FIX: Auras new hide properly when interface hidden via ALT-Z
FIX: Increased size of export string
FIX: End sound should only play once

Version 3.0.0J
FIX: Removed debug output
FIX: Rune timer bug

Version 3.0.0I
FIX: Lots of bug fixes
FEATURE: New Pet aura
FEATURE: New Runes aura
FEATURE: New Totems aura
FEATURE: Play sound on aura ending
CHANGE: Russian Locale

Version 3.0.0H
FIX: Dump was broken
FIX: Export Global set was broken

Version 3.0.0G
FEATURE: New Aura Textures from SuicidalKatt and Yosemite (thanks guys!)
FEATURE: New Sounds
FEATURE: New Aura type static
FEATURE: New timer option to show time aura shown
FEATURE: New main animations - rotate
FIX: Import/Export fixes

Version 3.0.0F
FEATURE: New aura type with full integration with the GTFO addon
FEATURE: New PvP flag setting
FEATURE: New Instance detection (Battleground, Arena, 5/10/25 Man Normal/Heroic)

Version 3.0.0E
FIX: Improved ActionUsable respose when in GCD
FIX: My Spell Cooldown should hide properly on loosing combat

Version 3.0.0D
FIX: Exact Name + multiple matches
FIX: Allow Friendly Target on Debuffs
CHANGE: Single Aura debug flag

Version 3.0.0C
FIX: AddonLoader support removed, for now
CHANGE: Supplied sound now shown on dropdown
FEATURE: Mage sounds added (from MageAlert)
FEATURE: /powa showbuffs & /powa showdebuffs commands added to help find SpellIds (works on target or player)
CHANGE: Chinese localisations updated

Version 3.0.0B
FIX: Nil errors
CHANGE: Animation sliders extended for better control
FEATURE: Wings texture added

Version 3.0.0A
FIX: Party/PvP not working (IsUnitPlayer issue)
CHANGE: Removed profiling code

Version 3.0.0
CHANGE: Release version
CHANGE: toc updated for Patch 3.3
CHANGE: German localisations updated
CHANGE: Spanish localisation files added (just shell needs filling)
CHANGE: Chinese localisations updated
FIX: Improved efficiency in large raids
FEATURE: Shift-Click on the page name will now toggle enable/diable all on page
FIX: ActionReady was not being scanned when disabled
CHANGE: GlobalCooldown now detected automatically
FEATURE: ActionReady now has option to ignore Usable and only show based on cool-down
CHANGE: ActionReady now recognises macros on the action-bar by name
FEATURE: MySpell now has option to ignore Usable and only show based on cool-down
FEATURE: SpellAlert can now track player spells
CHANGE: Lots more translation options added (for CTRL-click messages)
CHANGE: Stance base state now detectable and selectable in the drop-down (e.g. Druid Caster Form)
CHANGE: AoE aura can now check for boss only spells to reduce spam
CHANGE: AoE aura now forces an animation duration afterwhich it always disappears
FEATURE: Old Animation flag added
CHANGE: Tool-tip edit box max characters increased
CHANGE: Move to Blizzard animation system
FEATURE: New FPS slider to control animation quality
FEATURE: New rotation animations
FEATURE: Option to animate Timer on refresh
FEATURE: Option to animate Stacks on Refresh
CHANGE: Many chages to improve efficiency (CPU & memory)
CHANGE: Multiple buffs/debuffs e.g. x/y/z Timer/Stacks data will come from the first match left to right
CHANGE: Korean translations updated
CHANGE: Updated Russian locale
CHANGE: Improved resolution on moving timers
FEATURE: Can hide/show aura based on set time
CHANGE: Max aura size increased
FEATURE: InParty flag added
FEATURE: Timer rounding up/down flag added to Interface/Addons/Power Auras Classic
FEATURE: Purgeable Buff check on enemies
FEATURE: Stealable Buff check on enemies
FEATURE: Interruptable check added to SpellAlert
FEATURE: Import/Export Page Sets
FEATURE: Is alive flag added
FEATURE: Tri-State logic added to options
FEATURE: New Timer and Stacks Fonts
CHANGE: Removed start-up message spam (except first time version changes)
FEATURE: Added hi-res textures
FEATURE: Added Reset position & Show button to Interface/Addons/Power Auras Classic
CHANGE: Allowed auras to be scaled smaller
CHANGE: global options moved to Blizz Interface/Addons
FEATURE: CPU throttles added
FEATURE: Stacks display
FEATURE: 8 new auras from JD
FEATURE: New begin animation: Bounce
FEATURE: Secondary animations now unlimited number
CHANGE: Timer rewrite
FEATURE: information on why aura won't show (CTRL-click)
FEATURE: Range of stacks use 3-5
FEATURE: new spell cooldown aura
FEATURE: leading zero flag
FEATURE: transparent flag
CHANGE: Combo multi now 1/2/5 not 123 (should auto-update)
FEATURE: New DebuffTypes (silence, stun etc)
FEATURE: Resting Flag
FEATURE: in Vehicle Flag
FEATURE: Spec selectors added to all auras

Version 2.6.0 (WotLK)
- Feature: WoW 3.1 compatibility update.
- Feature: Deathknight Presences added to Stance Auras.
- Feature: Whitespace added to export strings to facilitate forum posting.
- Feature: Better granularity for Mana/Health/Rage/Energy/Power threshold (step 5 -> 2).
- Feature: Mounted option changed to toggle (checked: only when mounted, unchecked: only when dismounted)
- Feature: Texture glow option affects timer.
- Bugfix: Mana/Rage/Energy/RunicPower Party & Raid triggers.
- Bugfix: Mana/Rage/Energy/RunicPower Unit triggers.
- Bugfix: PvP Trigger.
- Bugfix: "Casted" -> "Cast" typo.
Version 2.5.9a
- Bugfix: 'Show hundredths', 'Show 2 timers' timers options errors.
Version 2.5.9
- Feature: Option to only test buffs/debuffs cast by the player.
- Feature: Unlimited timers. (1 per aura instead of 5 total)
- Feature: Dynamic texture update when multiple names and 'own texture' checked.
- Feature: Import and export Aura-strings for sharing Auras with other users.
(Multiple aura conditions and timer position export/import not supported at the moment)
- Feature: 'Any' toggle for party and raid buff checks.
(unchecked = all must be buffed, checked = at least one)
- Bugfix: Action Usable aura when action linked to stance.
- Bugfix: Make "Activate Power Auras" checkbox actually do something
and shutdown processing when unchecked.
Version 2.5.8b
- WoW 3.0.2 update
- Feature: Aggro warning from focus.
(requires a modified LibBanzai-2.0 that is included in the addon Libs folder,
hoping that the change needed will be part of the original library soon)
- Bugfix: Invert Threshold gui bug.
Version 2.5.7a
- Feature: Shadow option for textauras.
- Feature: Ability to setup auras with combination of triggers.
- Feature: Spell Casting activation trigger added (target and focus).
- Bugfix: combination triggers with "show when not active" checked.
- Bugfix: Font Select button not visible on first editor open.
- Bugfix: Various internal logic errors/optimizations.
Version 2.5.6b
- Bugfix: Begin Animation "replaying" when check/refresh auras.
Version 2.5.6a
- Bugfix: Offhand temporary enchant detection/stacks
- Feature: Separate weapon buff auras can be defined per temporary enchant
and optionally filtered by slot (mainhand or offhand)
Version 2.5.6
- Feature: Text Aura Option added (thanks to Garstiger for initial code)
- Feature: Option to invert default threshold behavior added.
- Feature: Pet health/mana activation enabled (enter "pet" in UnitName editbox)
- Bugfix: Manual.html pictures (submitted by Garstiger)
- Bugfix: Aura Type checkboxes
- Bugfix: UnitName nil error
- Bugfix: Threshold activation when Rage/Energy/Power is zero.
Version 2.5.5c
- Bugfix: Fix gui bug 'Not in Combat' checkbox initial state.
Version 2.5.5b
- Bugfix: Health/Mana threshold for party/raid units (line 1297 error)
Version 2.5.5a
- Bugfix: Custom duration timer for target buffs/debuffs (wasn't reseting on target change)
- Bugfix: Now hiding player auras when dead/ghost.
Version 2.5.5
- Feature: Stance options for Druid and Rogue(stealth) added
- Bugfix: Stance detection is now dynamic so lower levels that don't have all forms/stances yet are supported.
- Feature: Custom timer enabled for action usable. It overrides the calculated timers if used.
- Feature: Rage/Energy trigger implemented with upper thresholds.
Version 2.5.4a
- Bugfix: Buff and Debuff timers revisited
(non-player cast buffs, player debuff fixes)
Version 2.5.4
- Bugfix: Buff and Debuff timers.
- Feature: Custom textures can now accept SpellName or SpellID as valid input.
Version 2.5.3
- Feature: Updated zh-CN localization by <Doomiris>.
- Bugfix: Buff and Debuff stacks.
- Bugfix: Mana-threshold auras when shifting to bear/cat.
- Feature: New custom sounds.
Version 2.5.2
- Feature: 30 more wow textures added to available choices
- Feature: PvP flag added to triggers
- Feature: Aggro status added to triggers
- Feature: Option to use ability/spell texture instead of predetermined choice where available.
- Various mostly cosmetic bugfixes (label colors, missing tooltip elements etc)
Version 2.5.1
- Feature: 2.4 compatibility re-code
- Feature: New default textures can be added easily by dropping sequentially
named Auraxx.tga files in the AddOn folder and restarting the game.
- Bugfix: Stance / Form detection
- Bugfix: Aura detection
- Bugfix: Mounted detection (detect flying added)
- Bugfix: Action Usable (workaround coded for the absence of events at cooldown finish)
Works out of the box for all Action Buttons.
If you want to track trinkets / other inventory items with "On Use:" property,
they must be dragged to an action bar somewhere (doesn't have to be visible).
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2.6.0 (30000)
03-10-09 11:21 AM
2.5.9b (30000)
01-13-09 04:02 AM
2.5.9a (30000)
11-07-08 07:40 PM

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Unread 11-08-08, 06:45 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Since I couldn't figure this out decided to make a post. I am trying to get a text yelling SLAM! letting me know when my bloodsurge procs. This is a talent called bloodsurge that when I get a critical bloodthirst, my next slam is instant cast. The buff that shows up when this happens says slam!.
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Unread 11-08-08, 06:31 AM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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Re: Re: Various answers

Originally posted by Kazie
I did, and it simply just won't show my textures.
Only thing that comes to mind in that case is that the file format is wrong or the dimensions of the files you're trying to use are not in powers of 2.
Texture files need to be 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512 and so on.

The files pre-included in the custom directory are all 128x128 for example.
If you can't get those to show as well I have no clue.

Any other users have problems with the pre-built custom auras?
Last edited by Dridzt : 11-08-08 at 06:32 AM.
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Unread 11-08-08, 06:03 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Various answers

Originally posted by Dridzt
@Kazie: You need to type the name of the file exact including the extension as found in the PowerAuras\Custom subfolder.
For example Flamme.tga and press Enter.
I haven't had any problem with custom auras.
I did, and it simply just won't show my textures.
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Unread 11-08-08, 02:54 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thanks for your help :-)
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Unread 11-07-08, 08:13 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Activation by: "Buff"
show when not active: checked.
Animation duration: 30''.
This worked great, I honestly should of thought of it myself.

PowerAuras-2.5.9\PowerAuras.lua:4175: Usage: UnitBuff("unit", [index] or ["name", "rank"][, "filter"])
PowerAuras-2.5.9\PowerAuras.lua:4175: in function `Powa_UpdateTimer'
PowerAuras-2.5.9\PowerAuras.lua:3587: in function `Powa_OnUpdate'
<string>:"*:OnUpdate":1: in function <[string "*:OnUpdate"]:1>
Not sure..

Noticed something else too, when I use, "Use Own Texture". The 2nd animation seems to not match the icon. it uses the texture # instead. So I see the spell icon and the textue together.

I can provide a screenshot if you prefer.
Last edited by IceShadow : 11-07-08 at 08:24 PM.
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Unread 11-07-08, 07:20 PM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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Originally posted by IceShadow
PowerAuras-2.5.9\PowerOptions.lua:2755: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
<string>:"*:OnClick":1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>
Happens when I click to turn off hundreth timer option. I was also hoping you might consider increasing the animation duration but didn't see you had done so. Not that you are required, just letting you know how much I would appreciate such a change.

It would be used for stuff like monitoring how long a hidden timer effect has until it will proc again. Ex: Eclipse talent for druids. (45 seconds)

Thanks for the bug report, will upload a fix for it shortly.

Edit: Regarging Eclipse.
Check if this setup would do what you want:
Activation by: "Buff"
show when not active: checked.
Animation duration: 30''.
As the cooldown starts after the Eclipse effect (15'') ends, the 30 seconds should be enough.
I'll consider bumping it up to 60'' though.
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Various answers

@Kazie: You need to type the name of the file exact including the extension as found in the PowerAuras\Custom subfolder.
For example Flamme.tga and press Enter.
I haven't had any problem with custom auras.

@Waag: Make sure your unpacking program is set to preserve folder structure.
The guide you mentioned refers to a very old version of Power Auras.
If you upgraded from that you should delete your old folder before exctracting Power Auras Classic to your AddOns.
To delete an aura you need to press CTRL + the delete button (as the tooltip says)
It's a safety measure so you can't delete your Aura by accidental missclick.

@IceShadow: What things? Auras normally stay up for as long as the conditions which they check are met.
There is no time limit normally.
The duration slider is there so you can limit the duration arbitrarily.
If you want the aura to stay up longer just put the duration slider to "None" and let the condition checking handle it.

@Drakh: (a),(d) Action usable works with actions that are present on the one of the 120 actionbuttons available from Blizzard.
The action to check doesn't have to be on a visible actionbar (it can be one of the paged/extra bars)
but they have to be on a default bar 'somewhere'.
(b) Not going to be added sorry.
(c) version 2.5.9 does update the aura texture dynamically under some conditions.
There can be no perfect solution for texture updates.
Take for example an aura with a "shout" trigger and "own texture" checked.
version 2.5.9 will show the last activated shout texture (battle or commanding)
Same with multiple debuffs separated by "/". version 2.5.9 will change aura according to what is applied if "own texture" is checked.
You should use separate auras if you want a separate graphic for each buff/debuff.
(e) combination checks with "not logic" are supported through the "not active" checkbox.
Browse the last couple pages of comments, there's a detailed post when I put that in.

@Poco: No idea why it would do that... give me the exact settings you've used and the item name and I'll give it some thought.
Unfortunately I don't have a rogue at that level (or the weapon) to check myself.

@Boedicia: version 2.5.9 gives users the ability to export their Auras as a string and post it at a forum
so that another user can Import it to his own Power Auras.
Maybe some users will start sharing settings that way.

@Kanekillu: First check that the debuff name is correct and the aura behaves as you want by using the "enemy target" checkbox.
When you're sure that the polymorph aura shows/hides properly for your target, modify it by unchecking "enemy target" and checking "forus" leaving the rest of the options as you had them.
I tried it with other debuffs on focus and they work as expected.

@Bondenjostein: re auto-shot: no.

@Veev: version 2.5.9 has a checkbox to loosen checking to "any" when partymember or raidmember is checked for buffs.
The default state (unchecked) has the addon function like it did before:
All party members must have the buff or all raid members must have the buff for the aura to appear.
When the addon was originally designed the idea for those 2 checkboxes was to check blessings and such.
Checking "any" in version 2.5.9 will make it so that the check is successful when at least one party member or raid member has the buff.
Should work for things like Vigilance and Focus Magic that are single target buffs.

@Charybdis: latest version has an extra checkbox you can tick to have the addon check for buffs/debuff you have casted yourself only.
Note: There's currently a bug with the Blizzard API so this functionality is not 100% reliable.
I can do nothing about it on my end, it will work as it should when the bug is fixed.
(Blizzard API returns 'IsMine' true for any and all buffs on the player regardless if they were casted by him or not).

@All: Triggers that can cover a category of things (for example target properties or buff type for spell stealing / dispel)
have a good chance to be added in subsequent versions.

Triggers that are too specific and would only apply to 1 thing will not be added.
(for example 'autoshot', 'pet dead' or any other too specialized thing that were mentioned in the comments)
I don't intend to bloat the addon beyond recognition or deviate too far from the initial concept.
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PowerAuras-2.5.9\PowerOptions.lua:2755: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
<string>:"*:OnClick":1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>
Happens when I click to turn off hundreth timer option. I was also hoping you might consider increasing the animation duration but didn't see you had done so. Not that you are required, just letting you know how much I would appreciate such a change.

It would be used for stuff like monitoring how long a hidden timer effect has until it will proc again. Ex: Eclipse talent for druids. (45 seconds)

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Hey, i seem to fail on all custom textures/auras..

I have made several before, but this is simply not working..

I think there's a bug with the custom aura stuff, since it will not even load the default custom auras when you type them into the field.
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Unread 11-06-08, 03:55 PM  
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Hey, I just downloaded this addon. And I don't really understand why my Silence thing I made is not working. ( I followed Evertra's guide ) And all the pictures are dark question marks? Does that mean they are off? And why cant i delete them?`

Please help me out

Thx in advance
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Could you please increase the animation duration up to 1 minute? I have things I'd like to do but some I want to last for 45 seconds.
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Originally posted by Drakh

I got some problems am maybe someone could help (perhaps it is possible to add as a new feature) :

a) Item equipped ? I got an aura that shows up when my pvp trinket is rdy to use. But I don't want it to show up if it's not equipped. (I bound it on a macro and used this as "action usable". But if the trinket ist not equipped, it still shows the aura because the macro got no CD.)

b) Dead / Not Dead
i.e. Pet is dead -> Show Aura XY.
or/and perhaps there is a "no pet" option ?

c) Use own Texture Update
I use an aura to show up which Curse is on my target. So I entered several Curses. The Texture this aura uses is "Debuffs own Texture". But it doesn't update . It uses the first Curse I used after I created the aura and no matter what curse I cast (it still uses the "old" texture). Is there a possibility to let it update the texture on each new cast ? Got the same problem with action usable and/or macros in there.

d)Pet abilities
I got also an Aura that shows me if certain pet abilities are rdy. But I do not want them to be shown if the "wrong" pet is out . Atm my "Devour Magic" Aura still shows up even if I got no pet at all or imp out i.e.

e) Combine checks
Is there an option to use a "not-logic" ? Don't show Aura A if Aura B is up ?
Pet got 50% or below : Show Aura A
Pet got 25% or below : Show Aura B and don't show Aura A anymore.

Thoughts ?

But this addon ist fantastic so far !! Thanks for it !

Can nobody help me here a little bit ?
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Rogue Poisons

Experiencing a strange bug with rogue poisons. Hoping someone can help me figure this out

I want to have icons appear when I'm using "PVP" poisons, a purple one for mind numbing and a green one for crippling. I have the mind numbing off-hand indicator set up as "off/Mind Numbing Poison", and the crippling one as "off/Crippling Poison"; both use the Weapon Enchant setting, with Exact Name and Ignore Upper Case enabled, and Stacks "=0".

This works fine with my Malchazeen in my OH, but when I put mind numbing on my Merciless Gladiator's Shiv, both the Crippling and Mind Numbing activate. Any ideas what's going on? O.o
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Hey, i have a request. Could you possibly make default auras etc for each class? For people who don't know what they are doing with auras and all that.

I used to have a set up that i downloaded just from a UI. and i built some stuff on that. But do you know what i mean?

Just like Lunarsphere has default profiles for each class :P

Because for people like me who like the look of this add-on, but haven't a clue of what to do here, i think it would really help and give us a brief idea of how it works etc :P
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Polymorph Sheep Aura


Not sure why this isn't working, could you please help?

I focus target polymorph sheep. Then I move onto killing other enemies. So I would like an aura to pop up when my focused sheep breaks.

So here's my set up: Buff (or Debuff) Polymorph, Ignore case, Show when not active, Only when in combat, Test focus target only.

Seems like this should check my focus to see if it has the polymorph buff, if it doesn't pop aura. But it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

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