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Updated: 04-29-08 09:19 AM
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Updated:04-29-08 09:19 AM


Version: 1.0.71425a
by: Zimran [More]

Notice: This mod has been discontinued and replaced by zimUtils.

A lightweight addon to automatically roll greed on all BoE greens when in a group. The mod has been pretty well tested with BoE greens, BoP greens (that one dude in the SM Cath) and BoP blues. It's a little harder to get BoE blues or better to drop on demand so it hasn't been tested with those but unless I really putzed the logic it should work as intended .

However! Since this is an addon that could potentially harm your in game reputation you assume all risk incurred by using the addon.

Known Issues:

I should mention an excellent mod that is available for those looking for more advanced roll automation. PassLoot allows you to set up custom rule sets including a simple rule to always greed on BoE greens. It's a fantastic piece of work from Odlaw.

v1.0.71425 - 28 April 2008
- Removed AddonLoader stuff.
- Changed versioning.
- Cleaned up some code.

v1.1 - 04 April 2008
Added AddonLoader compatibility.
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