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Simon Helper  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.2
by: Jumpee [More]

Assists playing the daily Ogri'La Relic's Emanation quests. Provides a moveable panel and four seperate moveable buttons. The buttons can each be placed next to the in-game Relic buttons or wherever you want them.

When ready to play type /simon and click the PLAY button, you only need to hit PLAY once, at the start. As the Relic buttons light up click the corresponding Simon buttons to record the sequence. When that ends the Simon button's icons will change to indicate it's your turn. Click the Simon button then right click the Relic button. At the end of that round the Simon button's icons will change back to indicate recording another round.

The Simon buttons will appear in the order in which they were clicked.
Each record and play phase has it's own set of icons to help distinguish which phase you are in.

To arrange the buttons, use the SETUP button to make the four buttons visible so they can be moved wherever you want. The colors of the SimonHelper buttons don't have to match the Relic button colors.

Use the RESTORE button to completely reset Simon.

/simon - to bring up the panel.
/simon help - for help.
/simon click - to turn on click sounds.
/simon noclick - to turn off click sounds.

NOTE: If you want the Simon button colors to match the Relic button colors, the Simon buttons have N, S, E, W above them.
North = Yellow
West = Green
East = Blue
South = Red

My thanks to Maldraak for the change suggestions.

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