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Version: 1.0b5
by: Zimran [More]

Notice: There will be no further development on this mod. I have discovered Chatter by Antiarc and it's the bee's knees. That's right...I said it...the BEE'S KNEES!

A conglomeration of chat modules mostly "borrowed" from other mods. I'm posting this to the beta category because I'm getting busy in real life and may not have time to work on this, finish it or support it. As far as I know it works pretty well but no guarantees.

zimChat hides the chat buttons, moves the edit box to the top, changes the font, adds scrolling*, shortens channel names, adds timestamps, makes a few channels "sticky", adds a /tt "tell target" command and adds URL copy

Any of the modules can be disabled by commenting them out in the zimChat.toc file.

* Shift+scroll = top/bottom and Ctrl+scroll = pageup/pagedown

This addon makes use of AddonLoader to dynamically load the addon and add the ability to disable/enable the mod in game via ACP.

Known Issues:
None - Please report issues here.

Most of the work was done by Funkydude via BasicChatMods, some came from SimpleChatMods by Ammo/Rabbit, some from oChat by haste and the rest from idChat by Industrial. Please let me know if my using your code is a problem or have it removed. There won't be any hard feelings on my part - just trying to come up with a complete yet relatively simple chat mod.

v1.0b5 - 11 April 2008
Cleaned a few things up and moved the default position of the chat frame to the left to compensate for the buttons being hidden. This should only happen if you have not placed your chat window manually - theoretically...I think...

v1.0b4 - 09 April 2008
Fixed my zip file...hopefully.

v1.0b3 - 08 April 2008
Enabled URLCopy module.

v1.0b2 - 05 April 2008
Cleaned up some of the modules including a complete simplification of the ShortTime module. Disabled URLCopy module in the toc until I have a chance to look through it - it works, I just want to understand how. Timestamps are enabled by default and can be disabled by editing the ShortTime.lua module.
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