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SquidMod  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.1
by: ganders [More]

NOTE: I am NOT the original author of this mod. This addon was written a looong time ago (pre-BC) by SAM. All I did was update the TOC and clean up the code a bit.

Original description is as follows:

The most useless UI-mod in history. Since it doesn't enhance functionality really. It just makes WoW prettier. Type /squid for a list of commands.

Sick of that stupid griffon on the sides of the main menu bar? Wouldn't you rather have a cool looking octopus or murloc in it's place instead? Well, look no further cause the SquidMod is here!

Screenshots and allways uptodate info available at http://www.asymmetric-art.com/SquidMod/

Please also check out my other UI-enhancement: SAM_Icons at http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2145

Instructions Unarchive the zip and place the SquidMod folder in your AddOns folder. Type /squid for a (very short) list of commands. /squid toggle will toggle the available end cap graphics.

Version 2.1:
- Fixed slash command

Version 2.0:
- Fixed the SV in the ToC to match the Lua (meaning it will work now)

Version 1.2:
- Further code enhancements

Version 1.1:
- Fixed issue where the end caps wouldn't re-show after hiding them
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Sorry, ganders, I found a couple of bugs in this one as well, for ya. It seems that /squid unhide and /squid toggle are not registered slash commands with the addon (though they are listed in the readme). Trying to use them only pulls up the list of available slash commands for SquidMod. As such, it is not possible to unhide the endcaps one you hide them with /squid hide.
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Yeah. Nice to see all those textures again.
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Unread 04-08-08, 12:32 AM  
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Wonderful that this one has come to life again! *remembers the old times...*
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