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Version: 1.0
by: ganders [More]

The latest version can always be found on my googlecode SVN

NinjaPicker is designed to make advertising your lockpicking business much, much easier and fun. You can create different groups that you can switch whenever you'd like, then you create different messages in those groups. Then you simply use the slash command (/npick) and it well randomly select one of your messages and announce it over trade chat.

You can even auto-change your group depending on Zone. So for example, you could make an Orgrimmar group and have it auto-switch when you enter Orgrimmar, and you can include "on top of the Org bank" in your messages for that group!

You can also use %n and %l in the messages and they will be substituted by your character's name and lockpicking level.

NinjaPicker is still considered beta, as I just made it last night...

There is no slash command to bring up the config, you must go through the interface options.

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