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Version: 1.0
by: VagrantEsha [More]

What does it do?

A friend of mine requested the ability to make custom emotes, she wanted to be able to build her own emotes, complete with sound. And she wanted other people with the mod to hear the sounds too.

And that's precisely what this mod does.

Well, after a fashion...

How do I use it?

Okay, after installing the mod, drop any sounds you wish to be using with your custom emotes in the mod's Media folder.

To create a custom emote, call up the UI by typing /mime or by going into the main menu, then Interface, then Addons, then Mime.

The UI instructions will cover most of what you need to know, and they'll tell you how to build a custom emote. Once you have your emote setup, type the slash-command you chose to use it. So if you setup 'ketchup' then you'd type '/ketchup' and that's that.

The only drawback of this is that only you hear the sounds of your emotes, that is... unless another person nearby has the mod installed, the sound required in their Media folder, and the same emote in their emotes database.

So all in all, this is probably not all that helpful to a lot of people, but it could be fun for parties/raids and such. Mostly the fun will be solo though I suspect.

Anyway, I'm putting this up here just in case anyone else could get any use out of it. I'll likely even use it myself, as the default emotes are fun. It's a laugh, innit?

1.0: I feel this mod has reached a milestone, in that it's achieved a level of stability to the point where (despite my efforts to break it) I haven't seen any bugs in quite some time. This milestone also implies that I'm unable to think of any relevant features to add at this time without bloating out this mod, and there's nothing left to do that wouldn't be superfluous. Thus, this mod will likely be left untouched until a new feature is desired, or until a new Warcraft patch breaks it (if that happens). As of now, this mod should be considered stable.

revision160508: Thanks to some heavy testing by guild members, I've tightened up areas that needed it in Mime. Emotes now match regardless of case, so when you and your friends are adding like emotes so that you can hear the other's souds, you won't have to write the emote in exactly the same case. If an improperly formatted emote is added now, it won't cause Mime to fall over and have a brain aneurysm. Instead, it'll simply toss the improperly formatted string, but not before having looked at it very crossly and having informed the player of its existance. Finally, you should no longer need a person targeted to hear their sounds when they did an emote (that was just weird, and definitely not working as intended).

revision140508d: I got the embeds fixed up proper now, I think. My other mods will follow, but later today.

revision140508c: I forgot to escape part the pattern on emote-checking, so people seeing the emotes (with the mod, and with the sound) wouldn't hear the sound, when they should. That's now fixed. Oh, and I've now made it impossible for new commands to override '/mime'. Y'know... just in case.

revision140508b: Threw in a check so that the mod doesn't error out if the emote is supposed to have a target/name but none are found. Not necessary, but nice to have it there.

revision140508: Initial release.
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