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Version: 0.1
by: neenee [More]

Hi everyone.

This is an addon based on AlphaMap, by Jeromy Walsh, when AlphaMap was still very.. lean. Basically this is a very old version of AlphaMap, from which Gatherer support has been stripped, leaving just the transparent click-through map.

I've been using it for quite a while now, but thought I'd share it seeing how AlphaMap has died and other addons such as Mapster are starting to appear, to fill in the void.

And yes, I am aware the Interface version in the TOC is old, but I won't update this just for that, as it works fine otherwise.

Furthermore, I won't update this at all, so bug-reports and feature-requests will go unanswered I fear.

And last but not least, I did not upload a screenshot, as this is just a transparent world-map, without the borders/close-button/etc. I think most people know of AlphaMap, so they'll know what this looks like.

Have a nice day and to those who might use this - enjoy

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