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Talk Safely!

Version: 1.0
by: VagrantEsha [More]

Talk Safely - Protecting your texty-bits!

New functionality introduced as of 20/05/08!

What does this do, then?

Talk Safely is designed to be a database of what might otherwise be bits of forgotten text, it has the ability to save and restore text under certain conditions.


Here's the basic run-down...

  • In combat, it closes the edit box and stores any text it has.
  • It can remember any text tagged with <TS>, where it came from or where it's going doesn't matter.
  • It has a friendly GUI from which you can specifically delete and/or restore text entries.
  • Text strings can be added easily to the database at any time via the GUI. (New)
  • The latest text entry stored can be restored quickly from the edit box (/tsr) or a key-binding.
  • The text is restored right into the edit box for you, ready and waiting.
  • There's an option to warn friends when you're about to say something but can't. (New)
  • You can customise that message, and have it output to say, party, raid, or guild. (New)
How do I use it?

- To access the menu...

/ts or /talksafely - from the edit box.

You can also access it by going into the escape-key menu, then Interface, then the Addons tab, then Talk Safely on the left.

- To store text...

As mentioned above, text is automatically stored when going into combat, but you can manually store text by typing <TS> at the end of it. For example: <TS>I wish to store this text.

- To restore text...

You can use either the menu, the keybinding, or you can type /tsr which restores the very latest entry. Note: The keybinding and /tsr restore only the very latest entry stored to the list, if you want to access something from a few entries back, you have to use the menu.

Why'd you make it?

Ever roleplayed or guild-/raid-chatted in a somewhat dangerous area? Often it goes something like this...

[Merrily typing...]
[Monster screeches.] Raaawk!
[Hits escape.] Crap!
[Monster dies.] Raaawk?!
...bugger, all that stuff I typed is gone. Gods damn it!

Of course, there're probably other uses too. But mainly it's just an extra comfort zone to make the game generally more friendly.

1.0: I feel this mod has reached a milestone, in that it's achieved a level of stability to the point where (despite my efforts to break it) I haven't seen any bugs in quite some time. This milestone also implies that I'm unable to think of any relevant features to add at this time without bloating out this mod, and there's nothing left to do that wouldn't be superfluous. Thus, this mod will likely be left untouched until a new feature is desired, or until a new Warcraft patch breaks it (if that happens). As of now, this mod should be considered stable.

revision200508b: This update started as a correction to a misnomer in one of the headers, which read 'Save/Restore' instead of 'Delete/Restore'. But after correcting that, I thought to myself; 'Why shouldn't there be a save option? Someone might like it and it'd be a nice addition, since this mod is mostly of the comfort food sort anyway.' So I added just that, and I cleaned up the header text while I was at it, it reads better now.

revision200508: I started by sprucing up the menu (which now looks quite a bit more nice) and ended up adding a few more options I thought TalkSafely could use. Check the features list in the description to see what's new.

revision190508: Initial release.
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