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Version: 2.2
by: Lolzen [More]

Once i experienced Lua for the first time, i've ever since dreamed about making my very own tooltip.
Someday i really did it, and i've learned much trough this addon. It has grown very much since the release back then.

What can lolTip do?
lolTip features following Stuff:

  • Unitnames colors in class/reactioncolor
  • Level displayed in difficultycolor
  • Own Guild Coloring
  • Show GuildRank, GuildRankName next to the Guild
  • Target on the topright if exists
  • RaidIcon
  • Anchor changeable to follow the mouse
  • Hides Playertitles in Tooltip
  • Nicer Style if PvP is activated on mouseoverunit
  • ItemQualitycolored tooltipborders
  • Healthbar inside the Tooltip
  • Modifiable HealthBar-values in different Styles
    -percentage (37%)
    -numeral (3489/5000)
    -shortened (42.3k)
    -diff (-29399)
    -They also can be mixed up like diff and shortened (-37.4k)
  • de/activateable modules
    -disable fading, and hide tooltip instant instead
    -Dont popup Actionbartooltips inFight
    -Buffdisplay under the Tooltip
  • Easy changeable colors
  • Support for ManyItemTooltips (Skinning)
  • Support for Class Colors (Custom Class Colors)

Modules Q&A
Q:So what are this modules, and why are they there anyway?
A:The modules are tiny additions to the Tooltip not everyone might wants to have activated. So they are deactivatable.
Q:I want module xy.
A:You can a) Request it, or b) make it you own and send it to me per PM, and i'll add it in the next Release. Personally i prefer b, because i want to focus on the main Addon, not the modules, but also want to give the users the chance to habe a customable, yet not bloated Addon.

To modify the border and StatusBartexture, you'll have to replace the blp's. (Also tga's possible)

The configuration will be done through lua only.
You may open tip.lua and at the very top you'll find the configuration
Also there is a little config in lolTip\modules\buffs.lua
There you can modify the maxumum auras displayed, the size of them, the x & y offsets and add filters (no worry, a small text from WoWWiki should describe it fairly easy)

Thanks to
Aezay, Cargor & Seerah
You! for Reporting bugs, and suggestions

Hope you enjoy lolTip as much as i do,

*Fixed status display (afk, dnd, offline)
*Updated API change
*TOC bump

*Fixed a second error popping up when not having Class Color installed
*Fixed error when hovering over a guildless player or playerpet when having guilranks activated

*Fixed Error popping up if NOT having Phanx's Class Color Addon installed

*Updated Descriptionpage
*Small codetweaks due changes
*Added Support for Phanx's Class Color
*Added Percentage display for the HealthBar
*Added diff display for the HealthBar
*Added option to shorten the HealthBarar-values
*Added module: buffs
*Changed the Color of the 'Dead'-text to dark-orange

*Added: Option for showing GuildRank/GuildRankName right next to the guild
*Added: Anchors and offsets for MouseOverAnchor to config
*Fixed: guildcoloring didn't worked
*Fixed: If a target is shown on tooltip and the target isn't selected anymore, it will now correct hide it (eg. target yourself by clicking on your playerframe, and hit esc)
*Fixed: Problems with other Addons modifiing the Tooltip resultin in an overlapping HealthBar
*Fixed: (talentsmodule) If the data from talents is gathered the Tooltip doesn't "bump" anymore.
*Small codetweaks

*Out of Beta! The Addon seems stable enough to make it a regular release.
*Optimized code a bit
*With the optimized code a bug is fixed where the Tooltip on Special Bosses as Thrall is not messed up anymore
*Optimized code in Talentmodule a bit as well
*Changed: If no Talents are on units 10+ then it says "Talents: None" instead of "Talents: No Talents"
*Fixed: (talentsmodule) If unit is far far away and no talents can be gathered the Standard-PvP-line is hidden
*Added: (PvP) will be colored in the Reactioncolor if not customPvPcolors is activated (so you can still color it in your colorchoice, if you want)
*Added: RaidIcon on a unit that has a RaidIcon set.

2.0 (Beta3)
*Fixed talentsmodule overwriting lvl, race line if in guild but not pvp activated
*Fixed [YOU]-tag colored incorrect sometimes
*Added If talentsmodule isn't activated the standard PvPline is now hidden

2.0 (Beta2)
*Fixed bug that messed up Standart UnitFrames and spew out errors
*Fixed "-1Boss" is now correct shown as "?? Boss"
*Possible bugfix: use alternative color when reactioncolor can not be gathered (for UnitNames)

2.0 (Beta)
*Complete Rewrite
*Changed Targetlineappearence
*Made healthBar slightely thinner
*Changed display if unit has PvP activated
*made talents, instanthiding and actionbartips hiding in combat, modules de/acticatable in the config

*TOC bump
*Added Option: Disable fading (instant hide)
*Fixed: ItemRefTooltip & ShoppingTooltip 1, 2 & 3 using old background
*Added ManyItemTooltips Support
*Removed fix for DokingStation, as it is fixed by DockingStation itself
*Fixed Backdrop_Color not working, added to table

*Changed the way the space for the HealthBar is Added. I hope this prevents lolTip interfering with other Addons adding lines.
*fixed Tooltip not fading out correct some times.
*fixed SBMove = false - this was messed up in at least 1.5
*fixed weird border on doodads when MouseoverAnchor activated
*Added Border and Guild colors to config, so you don't need to scroll down anymore
*Added Option: Hide ActionBar-tooltips when in Combat
*Fixed Not showing Tooltips on DockingStation with MouseoverAnchor activated (thanks Cargor ;) )

*Fixed the Error randomly popping up about UnitLevel is nil
*Changed default look a bit
*Changed MouseoverAnchor, so you can offscale the Tooltip (Got this from ui.phcnet.de ;) )
*optimised Description for config
*no more "lvl -1". It is now shown correct as "??"
*Updated inbuilt TipTacTalentscode by Aezay
*little code Tweaks here and there

*Added an option to shorten high numbers (eg 12000 -> 12k), Thanks cs-cam
*Fixed self value not working (stupid me, messing around and forgetting the changes)
*A few little changes, not mentionable

*TOC bump
*Removed my own config, only standart Config remained
*cleared unnessecary 2.4 codebits

*Added Lua Config with comments
*Added Option for Realmnames when crossrealm
*Added Seera's Quality Border
*made PvPline hiding optional
*Fixed reactionColors in Wrath
*Changed TexturePaths
*probably fixed the error with ureaction
*Temporary usable on both, live and Beta

*Changed formating a bit
*fixed a little thing with HealthBar
*fixed bug with target from mouseoverplayer behind HealthBar (finaly!")
*Just fixed a small BrainAFK error

*Unit-Health should be fixed really now
*Updated how targetline works
*Updated PreviewPic

*Now hides Playertitles by default (Thanks Shantalya)
*should fix a error with unithealth (Thanks Moon Witch)
*PvP-line now complete hidden!

*Code cleaned (thanks Cargor)
*Bug should be fixed REALLY now =)
*Fixed forgotten locals

*Hopeful fixed targetline issue some people had. (Thanks Aezay)
*Splitted code into tinier bits, for a nicer editing.

1.2 (actually i did skip a number, my fault)
*Added ReactionColor to tartetline when targettarget is an NPC.
*Added GuildColoring if own Guild is shown.

*Thanks Kyron & Snago: Fixes a bug with targetline
*Added Scale (default 1)
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Unread 05-02-11, 11:28 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Any one still here? I so love this addon...

After looking at Tiptac's code I managed to solve the problem of displaying talents info instead of title, just change the first part of the talents module as:
local function GatherTalents(inspect)
	local group = GetActiveTalentGroup(inspect)
	for i = 1, 3 do
		local _, _, _, _, pointsSpent = GetTalentTabInfo(i,inspect,nil,group);
		points[i] = pointsSpent
		if (i == 1) or (points[i] > points[val]) then
			val = i
	local _, tabName = GetTalentTabInfo(val,inspect,nil,group);
	if (points[val] == 0) then
		val = "None"
		val = tabName.." ("..points[1].."/"..points[2].."/"..points[3]..")"
	for i = 2, GameTooltip:NumLines() do
		if (getLine(i):GetText() or ""):find("^"..TALENTS_PREFIX) then
but here's still the problem of serious FPS drop after several hour. maybe I'll read the code thoroughly some time later to deal with it...
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Unread 04-12-12, 08:20 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Well, for those who still use this.

1. Turn off the talent module before anyone works out how the cache should work. From my experience, this is the only thing that causes the fps lag.
2. Search for 'GetDifficultyColor' in tip.lua, substitute it with 'GetQuestDifficultyColor'. This should get rid of most LUA errors.
3. If you are having problem with GS on PVP players (the GS and the HP bar is on the same line and covers each other), comment this part:
if not lolTipModules["Talents"] and UnitIsPlayer(unit) and UnitIsPVP(unit) then
for i=2, numLines do
if getLine(i):GetText():find(PVP_ENABLED) then
Because GS (GSlite) uses 'addline' to display, and loltip hides the default PVP tag, making one line missing.
Last edited by cbcddzhsq : 04-12-12 at 08:21 AM.
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Unread 11-09-12, 02:48 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
Lolzen's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Uploads: 11

For those still interested in this, i'm sorry to tell you i have started to write a successor a long time ago, which never got uploaded here, because of a nasty bug.
That bug occours after some while inGame and is caused by something from the targetline, i still don't know what it is, but if i ever fix it, it'll get uploaded for everyone interested - if i'll finish this, very casual player right now, because the lack of time.

So, here's the link, klick on the zip button to download: https://github.com/Lolzen/ProTip

I encourage you to fork, modify and do pull requests for feature requests for example, as my time is very limited.

Sorry to kept you all waiting..
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