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Version: 1.0
by: VagrantEsha [More]

Eventful. Launch every event, for great debug!

This is LOGwut's bigger brother, it can basically debug every event in the game. To use it...

/evt event_name event_name event_name [...]

And to turn it off...


It doesn't register any events until you tell it to with the command, and once you've turned it off it unregisters all the events you've registered. Due to this, it's very resource efficient and you can leave it sitting in the background of your player characters doing nothing until you need it.

But if you need to know when event A fires, or how many arguments event A has and what's supplied to them, then Eventful can tell you in a very prettily formatted output.

This event output is based on the following system....

frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(...)
   event a, b, c, [...] = ...
The arguments are pulled from what's passed to the function, not the global arg1 and arg2 type variables, which seem to be deprecated.

1.0: I feel this mod has reached a milestone, in that it's achieved a level of stability to the point where (despite my efforts to break it) I haven't seen any bugs in quite some time. This milestone also implies that I'm unable to think of any relevant features to add at this time without bloating out this mod, and there's nothing left to do that wouldn't be superfluous. Thus, this mod will likely be left untouched until a new feature is desired, or until a new Warcraft patch breaks it (if that happens). As of now, this mod should be considered stable.

revision020608: Initial release.
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