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Return to Karazhan (7.1.5)
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Version: 0.92
by: Tuhljin [More]

NPCs have a lot more to say than you might think.

Greeting text is often skipped in favor of getting immediately to a quest, the vendor interface, the flight map, etc. And getting to those things quickly is great! But this means you sometimes miss out on some interesting dialog. So why not have the best of both worlds?

Gossipmonger grabs the text you would have seen and puts it alongside whatever it is WoW thinks you're in such a rush to get to. If you really are in a rush, then you've lost no time as what you want is there, as normal but if you're interested in reading some flavorful, often humorous dialog, now that is there for you, too.

The screenshots show just a small sampling of what you're missing out on by skipping NPCs' greetings. (Besides, those NPCs have feelings, too! Maybe. Okay, not really.)

Another feature is more focused on convenience: "Quest Jumping" lets you click the dialog options shown in the "gossip bubble" frame we add to navigate directly between different quests (and other dialog options to a degree) without having to close the frame, talk to the NPC again, and find that option.

Finally, Gossipmonger includes a filter system for advanced users who know a bit of Lua, letting them create custom filters to use instead of or in addition to the standard behavior. Custom filters can do many things. For example: automatically selecting a specific dialog option when talking to a certain NPC; automatically selecting quests that you are ready to hand in; checking if you're holding a key down (e.g. Shift) while talking to a guard who gives directions and, if so, asking the guard where the inn is; or even preventing the gossip bubble from showing in certain circumstances (so dialog that you find only clutters things doesn't get in the way).

- Added support for class order hall upgrade NPCs. Includes fix for error message upon talking to one.
- Adjust position of Gossip Bubble when the reagent tab of the bank is shown. (Prevent it from going behind the bank window.)
- Added support for localization.

- Fix the show gossip button on quest frame making the gossip bubble appear in the incorrect position.
- Fix gossip bubble failing to disappear if quest-jumping resulted in a popup requesting the player to confirm a gossip choice.
- Addon compatibility: Added special filter that exists only when WorldFlightMap (addon) is loaded and is always enabled in that case. It prevents the Gossip Bubble from showing when the flight map is requested since that prevented WorldFlightMap's functionality.

- We're back! Updated for WoW patch 7.0.x and 7.1.
- New "Accuracy" filter: Prevents the Gossip Bubble from being shown for certain greetings that are deemed inaccurate or misleading.
- New "Mundane" filter: Prevents the Gossip Bubble from being shown for certain especially common stock greetings. (Currently just the standard flight master line of "Where would you like to fly to?" with the reply "Show me where I can fly.")
- Added support for two central panels that normally prevent other panels, including the Gossip Bubble, from being shown. When the NPC opens those panels, the bubble will appear above the panel instead of to the side. These panels are the new style flight map (used in Broken Isles) and the follower selection panel (shown by garrison inn/tavern NPC after you choose an ability to counter or a trait).
- Improved the options panel. Made the layout more intuitive and tooltips more informative.
- Added an option to only send the chat message informing of a skipped greeting if the Gossip Bubble failed to appear.
- Added support for auctioneers, work order NPCs, follower recruiters, garrison crafters, and spirit healers.
- A localized string can now be used for each NPC type (vendor, taxi, etc.) for use with the chat log option.
- SCT output support removed (for now?).
- Support for addon Wholly: Moves Wholly's quest ID frame that it adds to the quest dialog window so it doesn't get in the way of the button Gossipmonger adds.

- Added an option to change whether the Gossip Bubble will reappear after using the quest-jumping feature to select another quest.
- Quest-jumping now works with NPCs that use the Quest Greeting method instead of the more typical Gossip Frame. (This method appears in most ways the same as the more typical method so players may not have noticed a difference except that quest-jumping didn't work with some NPCs.)
- Fixed an issue where the Gossip Bubble didn't behave properly after quest-jumping when using certain settings.
- Fixed an issue where filters were not ignored properly when declining a quest.
- Fixed an issue where the Gossip Bubble would sometimes disappear when quest rewards are shown.

- Updated to work with WoW 3.1.

- Quest-jumping feature added! When enabled, a Gossip Bubble window appears when you are talking to an NPC about a quest if another dialog option was offered by the NPC, allowing one-click "jumping" from the quest displayed to the other option.
- The Gossipmonger Filter system has been implemented! This allows those familiar with Lua to create their own custom "filter" functions to automate the selection of gossip options and quests. See Filters.lua for instructions (API) and examples.
- The color of NPC names in the Gossip Bubble is now based on the NPC's reaction to you (friendly, neutral, etc.).
- The Gossip Bubble frame no longer captures mouse wheel activity unless the text and options displayed are enough to warrant scrolling.

- Updated for WoW 3.0.

- The contents of the Interface Options panel are now not created until they are needed.

- The Gossip Bubble's "Goodbye" button now closes the Arena Battles window if it is open, as was intended.

- Fixed an issue where innkeepers couldn't properly trigger the Gossip Bubble.
- The gossip icon now appears next to SCT messages triggered by Gossipmonger.

- Increased width of gossip text area slightly to avoid cutting off edges of letters when talking to some NPCs.

- Initial public beta release.
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Unread 02-14-12, 04:48 PM  
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Re: I really like this, but it does not play well with others...

Originally Posted by Barleduq
I keep getting an error about it trying to reference something that doesn't exist. Is the author around? I don't know if it's worth posting the error message.
I'm around, and I'm willing to look into getting the addon up-to-date, but I'll admit that my motivation to do so is lower than it could due to the basic concept of Gossipmonger (showing hidden dialog due to autoselection stuff) not being as "useful" as it used to be, what with all the NPC dialog in the game created in the past, what, four years, having been designed with that autoselection stuff in mind. The assumption that you're using autoselection even goes to the point where some dialog shown is actually "wrong": I don't remember any specifics off hand, but I've seen things like filler text that it'd make no sense for the NPC to say, or text about how you can't shop at this NPC yet even though you actually can (maybe the text is like "The village is burning! I can't sell you anything while I have to battle this fire!" but the shop option is actually there; see, Blizzard counted on you only seeing the text when the option wasn't available, and it's only available after you complete the quest to put out the fires).

Anyway, again, I'd be willing to look into it, but it's not a big priority and if it'd take a lot of work, it becomes even less of a priority. Sorry.. But hey, if you've got error messages to report, by all means, open a ticket. Tickets help me not forget reported issues. Thanks!
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Unread 11-04-16, 02:11 AM  
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So, seven years later... about time for an update, I think.

Despite what I said in my last comment (over two years ago), I continue to find new, interesting details in gossip text, and not just from "old" NPCs. But what I said about Blizzard counting on you not seeing some dialog remains true. The latest version includes an optional filter to hide some of the more common gossip that just doesn't make sense when/where it would otherwise appear. There's also a filter to hide mundane, stock greetings that don't add much and perhaps just get in the way.

And of course, there's still the custom filter option -- which I doubt anyone has ever used, to be honest. Still, I would like to expand upon it (probably make it use saved variables for your code, a la Weakauras, rather than making you edit a Lua file).

I'm also considering an "Ignore" feature to let you mark gossip you don't want to see any more.
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