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Version: 3.0.01
by: Everglow [More]

What the addon does:

  • Automatically enables itself when you are the Loot Master of a raid
  • Automatically disables itself when:
    • you leave the raid
    • someone else becomes Loot Master
    • the loot method is changed to something other than Master Looter
  • notifies you when you become Loot Master and shows current loot threshold
  • notifies you when you stop being Loot Master
  • saves:
    • your toon's name
      • for each instance you distribute loot in it will save:
        • the instance or zone name
        • for each loot item of threshold level or higher looted in that instance (except Badges of Justice) it will save:
          • the item name
          • WoWHead link
          • in-game item link
          • what dropped it ("container" if not a MOB)
          • who got it
  • when an item is awarded to a character, a popup will ask if it is intended for disenchanting/vendoring. If you respond "Yes", the item will not be recorded.
Slash commands:
/mll - display current status
/mll report - display a list of recorded loot
/mll reset - resets the loot record
/mll getlist <name> - copies <name>'s loot record to your own list
/mll sendlist <name> - sends your loot record to <name>
- <name> can accept or cancel the transfer.
How to use the addon:
  • put it in your Addons folder (like any other addon)
  • WoW doesn't write any user info to disk until you Logout, Exit Game, or reload your UI, so if your computer crashes after data has been recorded but not written to disk, it will be lost. You can type /console reloadui in chat or hit ALT-F4 to save the info you have so far.
  • if you need to get the data from a loot master (ie. to post it on a website, etc.) either type /mll getlist <name> while you are both in game, or have the person send you their SavedVariables/LewtMasterLogger.lua file via email, etc.
  • when finished raiding, you can send your data to your record-keeper by typing /mll sendlist <name> when you are both in-game.
  • to clear the data either delete the file after sending it/ posting it, etc, or type /mll reset in-game
Important: as of version 2.04.03, the database structure has been changed. if you are upgrading from a previous version please remove your old data in any of the numerous possible ways (delete the file, move the file, rename the file, type /mll reset in game, etc...)

Known issues:
The report function is limited to about 30 items, since I am using a simple popup dialog to display it. I have not had time to code a full fledged scrollable frame to display the info, but will do so in a future version.

votes and feedback are appreciated

-WotLK update
-ignores Emblems of Heroism and Valor
- added ability to send data TO someone, with an accept/deny option on the part of the receiver.
- added ability to share data record
- can be retrieved FROM someone else... not sent TO someone.
- added report feature to list loot record

- Added notification of loot threshold changes
- added [item] to DE dialog and made button text more explicit

- initial release
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Unread 01-21-09, 02:33 PM  
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Re: Data Loss

Originally posted by Everglow
I believe that the data that hasn't already been written to disk will actually still be saved if your internet connection drops, but will only be lost if WoW or your computer crashes
Could you please update this mod for WotLK? I would love to be able to stop clicking ok every time someone loots a badge.
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Unread 06-25-08, 07:12 PM  
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Data Loss

I believe that the data that hasn't already been written to disk will actually still be saved if your internet connection drops, but will only be lost if WoW or your computer crashes
Everglow - Sisters of Elune/US
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