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Updated: 06-23-08 01:40 AM
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Updated:06-23-08 01:40 AM


Version: SpellingScript
by: VagrantEsha [More]

When good spelling simply isn't enough, there's grammar!

This encompasses the script capability of it's parent-mod, Spelling. So if you want to be able to use Spelling with scripts, you're going to need this. Really, it's just a plugin, but considering that it invites people to actively make changes to the lua code, it's probably best to section it off into its own entity. That way, people can donwload a new copy of Spelling without having to worry about overwriting their scripts. Hooray!

Plus, I really wanted an excuse to name something Grammar.

...can you blame me?

No updates, sorry! I just changed the version, as the previous version number was truncated from SpellingScript-1 to SpellingScript-. And since there likely won't be any future versions of this, I've just left it at SpellingScript for now.
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