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WoW UI Control

Version: (v0.1 beta)
by: Dreadlorde [More]

Also available here.

WoW UI Control is a free tool for Importing and Exporting UI's for World of Warcraft. This program is writen in C# and is "open source"(see below for code). It automates the process of importing and exporting UI's and is designed to be as user friendly as possible (trys to look up the information it requires so you dont have to)! It automaticly renames all folders needed so you dont have to worry about backing up your old UI when importing a new one as well.

Needed to run:
- Some elevated permissions are required by this program in order to move files to and from your WoW folder.
- Microsoft .NET framework 3.5

If you come across any bugs PLEASE report them here and a new version will be out ASAP.
If you have any trouble getting the exe to run, dont hesitate to ask.

Download Here: http://underworldexodus.com/forum/fi...scord-v0.1.exe

Source code can be found here: www.underworldexodus.com/forum/files/UIHelpers/Source

License (simplified):
Free to compile this program yourself, however the executable CANNOT be redistributed or sold. You may not use this code for commercial purposes without my prior concent. The end user is to be held legally accountable for anything that may result from the usage of this tool. There is no warrenty expressed or implied.

This requires the Microsft .NET Framework (3.5):

Speak another language? Please help translate this project! The more languages we can have this program in, the better!

Note: Scan all exes downloaded using a virus scanner of your choice. This program contains no keyloggers, viruses, adware, malware, or otherwise. If for any reason you suspect this program to contain malware of any kind do not hesitate to contace me or post about it here! This program is provided free of charge but may not be used for commercial purposes without contacting me.

Dreadlorde has my permission to redistribute this to WoWInterface.com. As long as the original links here are maintained and the source code must always be provided.

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Origional author of the tool here. If you want to have this script upload files to your website just write an upload form (I'll provide an example script in php as soon as I work out all the final kinks in my script) and post a link to it here. I'll check and make sure it works and include it in a future update of the tool.
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Unread 06-25-08, 05:53 PM  
Mmm... cookies!!!
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Looks very neat.

I'll be sure to try it out whenever I feel like changing my UI
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