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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Roth UI (Diablo)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 50400.06
by: zork [More]

Hi there. This is my Diablo themed interface for World of Warcraft, called Roth UI. Enjoy.
Since more and more leaked downloads of my interface appear on the internet, please remember: There is only one official download of the Roth UI. And that is this one, on All other downloads available are leaked and are not officially supported by me.
Only this one is ZORKIFIED!
If you are a first time Roth UI user you may want to check the tutorial video from Tachi showing the installation process.
How To Install and Configure Roth UI
  1. Open your World of Warcraft folder.
  2. Backup your "Interface" folder. (Copy it somewhere save!)
  3. Now: Delete the "Interface" folder inside your World of Warcraft folder.
  4. Download Roth UI and save the ZIP-file to your Desktop.
  5. The ZIP-file includes a "Interface" and a "Fonts" folder. Copy both folders into your World of Warcraft folder.
  6. Start World of Warcraft. (If you had it open while copying, restart it now to load the textures.)
  7. Before logging in make sure all the addons are activated correctly.
  8. Login and have fun playing!

When patch 5.2 hit the live servers a new version of oUF_Diablo was applied. Large parts of oUF_Diablo got rewritten, that includes large parts of the config.lua containing the orb animation settings. Most of those settings can then be changed via ingame config. The config can be accessed via

/diablo config

If you need a tutorial video check out Cryptus Roth UI tutorial video for 5.2
Roth UI config tutorial on YouTube by Cryptus
Another tutorial by Julien for Roth UI 5.2 in French:
[Guide] Addon Roth UI (interface diablo pour wow)

  1. Do not use any auto updater for addons in this compilation, they can mess stuff up.
  2. If you don't like the scaling or something doesn't fit, hit the escape-key while in-game and go to the graphic settings. Now activate the UI-scaling checkbox and move the slider. Hit OK and see what you got. Move it until you like the settings.
    Same goes for the chat. If it doesn't fit just right-click the chat-tab. Unlock the chat and move it around until you feel comfortable.
  3. Only want to change the scale of the bottom bar panel and the actionbars? Read this FAQ
  4. How to change / disable the fluid orb animation system? Type in /diablo config
  5. How to move frames??? Read this FAQ
  6. Colors inverted?! Read this FAQ
  7. Want to edit the actionbars? Look at rActionBarStyler/config.lua and read the info page.
  8. Other questions? Try: Roth UI FAQ
  9. Want to edit unitframes? Look at oUF_Diablo/config.lua and read the info page.

With 4.009+ the fluid animations have returned to Roth UI. With version 50200.03 you can config all those animations ingame via: /diablo config. Have fun playing around with the settings. Video showing one of the 100+ animations:

Check out the Roth UI video playlist on YouTube.
If you want to share videos / screenshots using the interface please post them here: Roth UI post your screenshot thread

/diablo config--will toggle the config panel


/rabs lock --will lock all actionbars
/rabs unlock --will unlock all actionbars
/diablo lockart --will lock all art frames
/diablo unlockart --will unlock all art frames
/diablo lockbars --will lock all the toolbars (soulshards, castbars, combobar etc.)
/diablo unlockbars --will unlock all the toolbars (soulshards, castbars, combobar etc.)
/diablo lockunits --will lock all the unitframes
/diablo unlockunits --will unlock all the unitframes
/rbfs lock --will lock the player aura frames
/rbfs unlock --will unlock the player aura frames
/rmm lock --will lock the minimap cluster
/rmm unlock --will unlock the minimap cluster
/ris lock --will lock the data strings below the map
/ris unlock --will unlock the data strings below the map
/rthreat lock --will lock the threat table
/rthreat unlock --will unlock the threat table


/rabs reset--will reset all actionbars
/diablo resetart --will reset all art frames
/diablo resetbars --will reset all the toolbars (soulshards, castbars, combobar etc.)
/diablo resetunits --will reset all the unitframes
/rbfs reset --will reset the player aura frames
/rmm reset --will reset the minimap cluster
/ris reset --will reset the data strings below the map
Maybe you are just a fan of the orbs and don't want all the rest. Go check out rBottomBarStyler. It provides various Diablo themed background panels.
Post any errors or questions you are having in the comments.
If you are posting errors please always support your comment with a screenshot and in case the lua error you are getting.
  1. Butsu - loot window replacement
  2. ncImprovedMerchant - sells gray items automatically on vendor visit
  3. tullaCC - cooldown count
  4. oUF - unit framework
  5. oUF_Diablo - Diablo flavoured oUF layout
  6. rActionBarStyler - moves the action bars
  7. rActionButtonStyler - styles the action buttons
  8. rBuffFrameStyler - styles the player auras
  9. rChat - chat mod
  10. rNamePlates2 - simple nameplates
  11. rError - redirect errors to combat text
  12. rFilter3 - buff, debuff and cooldown filter
  13. rInfoStrings - some data strings
  14. rLib - library for rAddons
  15. rMinimap - Diablo flavoured minimap
  16. rRaidManager - Blizzard raid manager replacement
  17. rQuestWatchFrameMover - makes the questwatchframe dragable
  18. rThreat - simple threat table
  19. rTooltip - simple tooltip mod
  20. teksloot - loot roll replacement
  21. tullaRange - out of range/out of mana coloring for action buttons
  22. xanAutomail - get all the mail at once
  23. xCT - combat text enhancement
- Streamlined all class bar modules
- Fixed runebar onload display issue (runebar not show on first loadup)
- Added UnitAura and UnitTarget info to rTooltip
- Changed the TotalAbsorb module
- Added TotalAbsorb display to the player orb

- removed bTooltip addon
- added rTooltip addon
- added faction coloring to the nameplate healthbar
- slight tweak to the nameplate healthbar texture

- nameplate threat bloat fix

- some new animations
- one new filling texture
- some adjustments to the micro menu

- added optional galaxy rotation animation to the diablo config
- removed rDiabloPlates2
- added rNamePlates2

- updated for WoW patch 5.4
- added StoreMicroButton to the MicroMenu
- new Vehicle bar texture and layout

- updated toc files for patch 5.3
- fixed a lua error in rThreat
- added rRaidManager

- fixing the boss frame update issue

- removed all menu code from oUF_Diablo
- updated to oUF 1.6.4

- fixing a typo in tags.lua
- fixing a typo that prevented the powerorb from becoming movable

- Applied the PTR version of Roth UI
- Added oUF_Diablo config panel, rewrote ton of code in oUF_Diablo
- Bunch of bugfixes that appeared over time

- Fixing the rFilter3 bug when tracking spell values (UnitAura() got changed again...)

- updated TOC fles for patch 5.1
- fixed rDiabloPlates2
- removed OmniCC Basic
- added tullaCC

- removed Collie
- removed rEmote
- fixed rActionBarStyler possessbar vehicle change bug
- rFilter3 now supports tooltip values
- added debuff highlighting for monks
- fixing temporary chat windows

- rChat: Fixed petbattle chatframe detection
- rInfoStrings: added petbattle handler to hide icons in pet battle
- rInfoStrings: Fixed ExhaustionXP() = nil bug
- rFilter: added petbattle handler to hide icons in pet battle
- added ncImprovedMerchant
- remoded Junkster

- added Collie
- added teksLoot
- added Butsu
- added Junkster

- new bar for DK runes
- new bar for DRUID eclipse
- added rThreat
- added xanAutomail
- Added FACTION_BAR_COLORS to rDiabloPlates2

- new oUF version from Github (classicons)
- Added all the new class bars (combo, holypower, harmony, shadoworbs, burningember, soulshards, demonicfury, etc.)
- Fixed OverrideBar display
- Changed the RaidFrameManger display
- Removed VengeanceBar
- Added charspecific.lua to rFilter3
- Added drag frames to rMinimap for Durability and Seat Indicator
- Fixed oUF_DebuffHighlight
- Slightly adjusted the altPowerBar display

- Fixed oUF_Diablo raidframes
- Added oUF_AuraWatch to oUF_Diablo
- Fade out micromenu and bags completly by default
- Added visitor font for the tiny count on raidframe HOTs
- Added tullaRange
- Added a scale value to the tooltip

- initial release of the patch 5.0 compatible version

- fixed toastframe placement in rChat
- added visibility state drivers in rFilter3
- tweaked combo bar textures in oUF_Diablo
- fixed the positioning problem for party, raid and bossframes in oUF_Diablo
- removed tullaCC addon
- added OmniCC addon (better config options)
- Changed IhasNoScope, it never worked as I intended because I forgot one line of code. It will now display all errors that are not disabled in the config. Additionally the errors can be redirected to the combatText frame.

- added heal prediction (disabled by default)
- added config option to disable the raid frame chains
- new move functions you can now lock, unlock and reset all your frames ingame.
This contains: player auras, minimap, actionbar, unitframes, background art and special bars.

- Changed rFilter3 talent tree identification (check rFilter3 comments)
- Fixed ExtraActionButton taint
- Removed styling of ExtraActionButton from rActionBarStyler and moved it to the rActionButtonStyler
- Alot of tweaks to the rActionButtonStyler and rBuffFrameStyler code
- Enabled aurawatch example for the raidframes (druid example)
- Tweaked the boss power display in bossframes especially if they combine with an alternative power (onyxia charges, madness of deathwing charges etc.)
- Changed rFilter3 loop from onUpdate to animation
- rActionButtonStyler now supports Dominos and Bartender4
- If animations and classcoloring is enabled in oUF_Diablo the orb color will now switch upon entering a vehicle.
- Changed the way how raid groups in oUF_Diablo get sorted. They now match the default UI by using a group header for each raid group.
- Minimap LFG-icon now matches the other minimap icons
- rThreat can now be hidden in battleground/arena

- removed tainting raid frame container code
- changed the raid frame mangager code, you can now use the raidframe manager in combat while still maintaining the mouseover effect
- changed the oUF_Smooth modulation code
- new orb animations

- the extra action button should be working now
- tiny tweak to the unit highlights in oUF_Diablo

- fixed rActionButtonStyler taint
- new try on the extra action button

- fixes for rActionbarStyler (extractionbutton and mainmenubar)
- removed OmniCC
- added TullaCC

- update for WoW patch 4.3

- Tons of new textures
- New nameplates
- New raid frames
- Blizzard raidframe managed is now available, it will fade in once you hover the left side of you window in raids. (thx Alza!)
- Small tweaks to oUF_Diablo (to many to count)
- Switched hpcolors in the colorswitcher (so now bright colors in foreground by default)
- Updated to the latest oUF

- enabled the framesUserPlaced variable in oUF_Diablo by default

- updated to patch 4.2
- updated xCT to fanupdate from dandruff
- fixed rActionBarStyler issues with patch 4.2

- added optional class and powertype coloring for animations
- added animation alpha channel multiplier

- fixed the animation models position reseting bug
- added class specific animation table (you can define an animation setup per class now)

- new animation system for player orbs added

- bar1 and 2 of ractionbarstyler are userplaced by default in config
- updated all TOC files for 4.1

- WoW patch 4.1 fixes
- fixed nameplates (castbar was removed from healthbar frame regions)
- fixed PetHappiness
- added scale variable to rDiabloPlates (you can now scale the nameplates!)

- removed evl_CombatText
- added xCT (Use /xct for options while ingame)
- fixed castbar coloring for target unit
- added oUF_AuraWatch module
- added healing druid oUF_AuraWatch example for oUF_Diablo
- removed focus frame entries from the Blizzard menu
- added target debuff desaturation to oUF_Diablo config
- updated rFilter3 (now supports combat fading, unit exists tracking and supports multiple specs (without reloadui))

- WoW patch 4.06 fixes (CPU issues and LUA errors)
- slight tweaks to backdrop shadows in chat
- updated to oUF 1.5.8
- removed tooltip from aura icons in raid
- fixed orb value coloring (lol I didn't even notice that for a long time)
- fixed castbar issue of not hiding after unit:Hide() (requires wierd looking castbar scale values in config)
- added xanAutoMail mod
- added yQuestLevel mod

- move raid/party attributes to the config
- adjust tullaRange to not color the normalTexture and to priorize the range color first
- remove druid tree form condition from rActionBarStyler bar 1
- fix actionbar 1 mind control issue
- update to oUF 1.5.5
- fixed bug with overlaying temp enchant icons
- fix combo point display for fights that appear in a vehicle but still use class skills
- Make PlayerPowerAlt bar movable (sound bar in atramedes fight etc)
- add bossframes in Diablo style
- add a second row to raidframes to display name and health both at the same time
- add aura icon to raidfames (you can add a spellid to the raid aura spelllist to track it)
- edited evl_CombatText to play duke sounds again.
- added rThreat mod

- added config value to allow a gap between buffs and debuffs in rBuffFrameStyler
- added config value for colspacing TempEnchants in rBuffFrameStyler
- added skull+disconnect icons to raid
- more orb textures to choose from (try random!)
- added tapped coloring for target
- added minimapcluster to move frame (/diablo unlockart)
- fixed url copy editbox selection
- added alpha values for in combat and out of combat to config of oUF_Diablo soulshards and holypower

- multicastactionbar fix
- added QuestMyMap (better quest worldmap)

- fixed rActionButtonStyler bug
- totembar back in
- updated to myChat 1.4.5

- Removed totem bar again (because of huge tainting issues in combat, actionbar not usable etc.), thus you need to download an totembar mod if you need the bars
- added teksLoot
- added Butsu (loot window)
- added GetFast (fast mail button to get all mail at once)
- added sounds to the target frame

- fix the talent button done
- fixed 3D portrait display done
- fix the tainting for actionbuttons in some vehicle combat fights done
- fix nameplates done
- fix castbar latency display done
- add resting icon done
- add role icon done
- add pvp icon done
- add castbar not kickable icon done

- update to oUF 1.3.28 done
- add combat icon on orb done
- add a red to grey switch for nameplates done
- add a party on/off switch done
- add a only player debuffs on target on/off switch done
- add shaman totem bar done
- add a color table to the config to make the healthbar color selectable done
- add outer shadow to rFilter2 icons done
- add focus frame on/off switch done
- add pet frame on/of switch done
- added oUF_WeaponEnchant done
- removed rBuff done
- add player buffs/debuffs to oUF_D3Orbs done
- added customized role icons done
- changed style of new player buffs/debuffs to match the blizzard ones (fading and such) done
- removed idChat done
- added myChat done
- added tullaRange
- edited rActionButtonStyler to need less CPU usage

- the new LFD button is now visible in the micromenu
- updated to oUF 1.3.24
- nameplate fonts are smaller

- PATCH 3.3 rdy
- new nameplates (still evlNameplates, just different look)
- new tooltip (FreebTip)
- added xuButtonShadow
- new minimap animation

- added aggro coloring to group frames
- new aggro coloring function call in oUF_D3OrbsRaid
- fixed the "in combat" group/raid invite bug

- fixed the wrong default config, my fault

- added move function to oUF_D3Orbs and oUF_D3OrbsRaid
- you now need ALT+SHIFT+mouse to drag frames, this affects rActionBarStyler aswell

- updated to oUF 1.3.21
- fixed pet name display
- added color switcher to swap the healthbar/castbar colors
- added aggro indicator to raidframes
- removed crossdresser (I always get the message: "Cannot be done right now.", so I have to change manually anyway)

- new font (<3 Neal)
- health orb can be class colored (if you want the green glow just set the healtcolor variable in oUF_D3Orbs.lua config area to 2)
- some fixes/tweaks to the raidframes
- small gfx changes here and there
- removed aTotemBar - shamans just download a totembar of your liking (see faq)

- fixed a bug with maxmana = 0 in vehicles
- new "useduke" variable in evl_combattext.lua, default = 0
- added aTotemBar for our shamans
- updated to oUF 1.3.19

- wups...folders

- removed loltip because of fps issues
- readded stooltip

- corrected folder structure

- readded Crossdresser
- new textures for statusbar and orb filling
- removed the QuestDifficulty line

- added my new create_me_a_galaxy function to oUF_D3Orbs, it creates small rotating galaxies for the orbs
- removed the shaman totembar script. I cannot test it, so grab some script for it yourself.

- added shaman totembar to rActionBarStyler
- removed EquipSetUpdater and Crossdresser
- removed sTooltip
- added lolTip

- patch 3.2.0 fixes
- glow still not working :/

- rActionBarStyler default config
- added rColor dependencies and renamed "!rColors" to "rColors"
- folder "!rColors" is deprecated, you can remove it

- rewrote rActionButtonStyler

- reverted the rangecheck change for actionbuttons

- new orb filling textures
- better rare/elite indicator size
- moved the map a bit
- 1 year anniversary :>

- updated to oUF 1.3.16
- added vehicle combo points
- added classification indicator icons for boss, rare and elite
- added EquipSetUpdater and Crossdresser from tekkub
- removed sUmziehOmat

- added rEmote
- added more backdrop shadow textures
- fixed the raid vehicle manacoloring

- Updated to oUF 1.3.14
- Names now get a grey color for offline and dead users
- Healthbar blanks out for dead units
- Added oUF_AuraWatch for specific buff/debuff filters
- Added missing HP to party/pet/focus frames
- Added transparency to party members out of range
- Added indicators for druid hots for party, focus and raid units

- updated to oUF 1.3.13
- added frequentupdates for vehicles
- fixed orb power value display

- range_indicator fix
- vehicle powertype fix

- bugfixes mostly
- added unitframe vehicle functionality

- 3.1 fixes
- new oUF_D3Orbs layout
- some additional tweaks

- fixed a bug with the actionbar background texture not showing up correctly
- added a new oUF_D3Orbs config to change the orb fog density

- rActionBarStyler complete rewrite
- new Diablo 3 textures
- new manacolor "runic" for deathknights
- actionbars and part of the orbs are now movable ingame!
- changed Chatmod to idChat

- fixed focus target
- added automatic mana color detection
- moved stancebar above petbar

- added raid frames (oUF_D3OrbsRaid)
- option for druid mana class coloring
- new minimap animations

- renamed mod to rFrameRotater and added a much better config

- new mod for cool rotating textures around the minimap
- colorswitch now optional (switch fore and background health color)
- orbonly config now optional
- hide party in raid now optional
- the 3rd bar texture is now bound to multibarright and will only be displayed if multibarright is visible

- much better portrait border texture
- more "default" user friendly start setup ;>

- added focus target
- new button skin
- pvp icon skinned and positioned
- petbar and both right bars are on mouse over right now (optional, config in lua)
- orb gloss texture now above the animation

- the default settings for actionbars changed to 1x12 (instead of my 2x6)
- the default settings for the orbs changed to glow (green and blue)
- fixed the stancebar normaltexture bug

- focus castbar added
- new font for everything
- replaced msbt with evl_combattext
- replaced dominos+buttonfacade with rActionBarStyler and rActionButtonStyler

- added lynlocation and lynstats
- removed rbars2
- added dominos, buttonfacade, buttonfacade_rothar and redrange

- wotlk and deathknight bugfixes

- smooth health and power value fading
- minimap buttons
- portraits now clickable and onmouseover casting is possible

- exp bar (thx to JExp)
- health and power bar fading (thx to oUF_smoothupdate)
- raidframe in grid style (oUF_D3OrbsRaid)

- added msbt
- d3orbs now with party, focus and pet portrait

- fixed some issues
- ui is now fully scalable

- fixed zombie bug and scaling in oUF_D3Orbs

- oUF_D3Orbs layout modified
- Diablo 3 minimap of cool
- tiny changes here and there

- first real version of the oUF_D3Orbs mod, Diablo is back

- contains the latest changes and mods

- wotlk rdy
- got rid of some addons

- Orbs are now part of oUF_Orbs layout
- minimap texture that turns around every second
- cool new futuristic orb style

- setposition that will work in outlands, old world, sunwell, black temple

- fixed the animation glow (it depends on SPELL DETAIL GRAPHIC SETTINGS, DOH!)

- fixed some stuff and new orb textures

- fixed the ui-scale issue

- new animation technique with *.m2 files

- new target frame texture
- brand new 128-frame orb animation (omfg!)

- Diablo3Orbs now has settings (in Diablo3Orbs\core.lua)
- RaidClassColor and PowerTypeColor optional
- Diablo3Health now "onEnter" on the Life-Orb

- fixed Diablo3Orbs bugs

- Added more bar textures
- Cleansed the code of Diablo3Orbs.lua and made more comments so that you will have a much easier time to find stuff
- Diablo3Orb functions now on Player_Login

- Orbs show now life and mana in percent and values
- Life Orb is rightclickable for unitframe options


- slower update timer on orb animation

- orb animation is working, timer and color can be set in lua, check to get a feeling how it will look like

- new rUnits placement
- hide top frame of the actionbar texture

- included the forgotten texture
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Unread 07-18-10, 08:04 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Hope this helps allot.

@ wiseainu

Well that is not that complicated here i will show yo uwhat i did for my priest, so yo ushould know what to do with your shaman after this ;P .

First of all you need to Tell RothUI what spellsID's it should show (instead of just druid), and for what classes, this is done by altering the following:
    local spellIDs = { 
      48440, --reju
      48443, --regrowth
      48450, --lifebloom
      53249, --wildgrowth
    local spellIDs = nil
	if myclass == "DRUID" then
	  spellIDs = { 
        48440, --reju
        48443, --regrowth
        48450, --lifebloom
        53249, --wildgrowth
	elseif myclass == "PRIEST" then
	  spellIDs = { 
	    25222, --renew
	    25218, --pw:s
	    47515, --divine aegis
	    48113, --prayer of mending
As you can see you can just ad more classes and spells the same way.

after you have told Ouf what spells you would like, you need to tell it when to show what, that is done by altering the following, search for:

    if myclass == "DRUID" then
And alter it to:
    if (myclass == "DRUID" or myclass == "PRIEST") then
If you want to make more classes (like shaman and paladin) it should looke like this:

    if (myclass == "DRUID" or myclass == "PRIEST" or myclass == "PALADIN" or myclass == "SHAMAN") then
And ofc you gotta tell if what spell ID it should show.

You can find the spellID's by going to wowhead and find the spell and then it is the number right behind the URL like this: (should be earth shield).
Then the spellID is 49284.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the long post.

Ohh and it works for me, so pls dont blame me if it ruins the UI, so pls make a backup before altering to much in RothUI or you might need to reinstall it and start from scratch.
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Unread 07-18-10, 04:53 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Healing spells moniter

Hi, first i must say, i really love this UI.

It help me a lot when i use retore durid.

But when my love to healing character switch to priest and shaman.

I can't healing good as durid anymore.

When i use priest.

I can't moniter my Sheild, Renew and Prayer of Mending when i in party.

And I can't moniter my Sheild, Renew and Prayer of Mending and Weakened Soul when i in raid.

When i use shaman.

I can't moniter my Riptide, Earth Shield when i in party and raid.

Could you please add those spells into your UI, like durid spells. Please~
Last edited by wiseainu : 07-18-10 at 04:55 AM.
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Unread 07-16-10, 07:40 PM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
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Is there any way to get the AuraWatch on the party frames? Mucked around with the AuraWatch part of oUF_D3Orbs in hopes that it'd land me an easy way to track buffs on party members, but it only seems to work on the focus frame.

Also, when still on the AuraWatch, is there any way to make several buffs assume the same location? I noticed while editing around with it that the order in which they are listed in the script gives each specific buff their set position, as opposed to the icons stacking as they appear. Is there any way to, because of this, make several buffs of the same type take the same space (so that all paladin blessings or auras can appear in the same location, or all warrior shouts, or in general all buffs cast by the player that would overlap each other)? This would only really be useful, though, if it's possible to get the AuraWatch to the party frames.
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Unread 07-16-10, 05:42 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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@ zork Ich bekomm immer diese fehler Meldung und beim skalieren erscheint der der Diablo und Tyrael immer doppelt überlappen sich und verdecken die Hp- sowie Manaanzeige
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Unread 07-16-10, 01:41 AM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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No it's not because I have a castShieldfunction that replaces the textures. search the code for "shield"
| Simple is beautiful.
| Roth UI | Roth UI FAQ | GoogleCode | Zork | TDMOG

"I wonder what the non-pathetic people are doing tonight?" - Rajesh Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory)
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Unread 07-15-10, 08:44 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I should have mentioned, I hadn't actually altered the tga at all yet; it's a direct copy of cashshield.tga with a different name. That's why it was so odd to me that castshield works fine but the copy doesn't.
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Unread 07-15-10, 12:46 AM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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You may need to edit the alpha layer of your TGA file if you have not done that yet. And make sure you take a look at the shield function (I change the position of the casting icon if a shield is needed and such).
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Unread 07-14-10, 07:56 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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So I was trying to replace the art used by the cast bars so they would not be the same as the target frames, and found where the art is chosen here in the LUA:

local function d3o2_createCastbar(self,unit)
self.Castbar = CreateFrame("StatusBar", nil, UIParent)
self.Castbar.bg2 = self.Castbar:CreateTexture(nil, "BACKGROUND")
self.Castbar.bg2:SetPoint("CENTER",-3,0) = self.Castbar:CreateTexture(nil, "BORDER")
if color_switcher == 1 then

Now as you can see I replaced d3_targetframe.tga with a new art file I had created and placed inside rTextures called d3_castframe.tga (it's really just the castshield art with the shield removed), but in-game the art is blank as if it were a bad reference.
I checked several times over to make sure the name was right, and it is. I also tried setting it to d3_castshield.tga and it shows the castshield art properly.

Does anyone know what's going wrong with this?
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Yeah, you know what that is? Blizzard added class based talent procs on their own to the combattext without any option to disable it. (thats the green stuff)
If you find the option to disable it please let me know!

@Xully GOOD LUCK !!! >_<
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A Murloc Raider

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ive spent a good three hours trying to figure out this -.-, Ive been having two floats for some of my abilities that I added into combattext addon, overpower/execute are OK just showing one float which are in my combattext, but for Slam and other abilities in druid like Lunar eclipse and Sonar eclipse, when they proc I'm getting 2 floats, 1 which is from combattext a "crit" style which I like and want to keep, the other is a green float that scrolls up slowly. check the pic. and tell me if thats just me, or everyone is having this and noway to turn this off?

ive disabled every other addon and kept only evl_combattext, but still, it shows.

here a pic.

as you can see two floats of 1 slam, the underneath is "Crit" from combattext which I actually want to keep. the above is floating upwards. dunno whats causing this.
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Unread 07-14-10, 06:07 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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i love the addon its really cool, one thing that I would change if i could. ive tried but failed hard imo.

ive tried to actually change a thing in the nameplates to match my old nameplate of work. and its in the "Aggro" indicator in nameplates, I'm a tank. and for me to be able to hold aggro on all mobs, i like if the nameplate change color depending on my aggro status. for example if i'm tanking.

1. aggro on that mob "right now its yellow border, but i like whole nameplate to be yellow"
2. losing threat "im not sure whats its now, but i like it to be purple means im losing threat on that mob"
3. no aggro , or someone pulled "normal color of the nameplate as it appears now"

and if im a dps. same thing but other way around.

1. no aggro "normal color of nameplate"
2. watch out you might pull "turns to cyan for example all the color inside nameplate health"
3. you pulled aggro "changes to yellow/orange, nameplate"

ive tried to hack the evl_nameplates, and added this, please tell me if i'm wrong.

local ThreatUpdate = function(self, elapsed)
	self.elapsed = self.elapsed + elapsed
	if self.elapsed >= 0.2 then
		if self.oldglow:IsShown() then
			local _, green = self.oldglow:GetVertexColor()
			if(green > .7) then
				self.healthBar:SetStatusBarColor(1, 1, 0) -- medium threat (yellow)
				self.healthBar:SetStatusBarColor(0, 1, 0) -- tanking (red)
			self.healthBar:SetStatusBarColor(self.r, self.g, self.b)

		self.elapsed = 0
ive got this from another addon that does what i actually want. hope it make sense to you, as I just copy pasted it from there. and i'm not a coder so I failed by putting these lines in evl_nameplates lua and didnt work
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A Pyroguard Emberseer
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Re: Idea!!

I don't answered that because this is personal preference and if I can move the icons somewhere you can do that aswell because there is already a function to support you on doing so.


[1] parented frame
[2] Layer in which the texture should be displayed
[3] size of the texture
[4] frame which the texture is anchored to (for positioning)
[5] anchor point 1
[6] anchor point 2
[7] position x
[8] position y

Find out the frame that contains the orbgloss. I'm pretty sure it is not yet handed to the self object. So you cannot hand over "self.glossframe" yet. So find the glossframe and make sth like: "self.hpgloss = glossframe" (the one for health)
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A Defias Bandit

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Question Idea!!

Hey there Roth and thanks for making a UI that was great better (have no idea how you did but you managed some how )

I replyed a while agao but it seems you missed it (was kinda short, my bad)

The idea im refreing to is:

Would it be possible to move the pvp/in combat/resting icons inside the health orb, and show on top of health?

I know how to move the icons, but if i move them inside they seem to disapeer since the health have more priorty than the icons.
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Unread 07-13-10, 10:25 AM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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new omnicc

I hacked the OmniCC I'm using to make some changes possible.

- Spiral only on actionbuttons (can be turned of in cfg area)
- different color for the cooldown
- moved the cooldown on buff icons to the bottom

Effect: The spiral does not block any important buff information.

Complete code to replace in basic.lua
  OmniCC Basic
    A featureless, pure version of OmniCC.
    This version should work on absolutely everything, but Ive removed pretty much all of the options

--hide cooldown spiral true/false
local hide_cooldown_spiral = true

local TEXT_FONT = STANDARD_TEXT_FONT --what font to use
local FONT_SIZE = 24 --the base font size to use at a scale of 1
local MIN_SCALE = 0.5 --the minimum scale we want to show cooldown counts at, anything below this will be hidden
local MIN_DURATION = 3 --the minimum duration to show cooldown text for
--color for other cooldowns
local R, G, B = 1, 0.8, 0
--color for actionbuttons
local R2, G2, B2 = 0.75, 0.75, 0.75
--omg speed
local format = string.format
local floor = math.floor
local min = math.min

local function GetFormattedTime(s)
  if s >= 86400 then
    return format("%dd", floor(s/86400 + 0.5)), s % 86400
  elseif s >= 3600 then
    return format("%dh", floor(s/3600 + 0.5)), s % 3600
  elseif s >= 60 then
    return format("%dm", floor(s/60 + 0.5)), s % 60
  return format("%d", floor(s + 0.5)), s - floor(s)

local function Timer_OnUpdate(self, elapsed)
  if self.text:IsShown() then
    if self.nextUpdate > 0 then
      self.nextUpdate = self.nextUpdate - elapsed
      if (self:GetEffectiveScale()/UIParent:GetEffectiveScale()) < MIN_SCALE then
        self.nextUpdate = 1
        local remain = self.duration - (GetTime() - self.start)
        if floor(remain + 0.5) > 0 then
          local time, nextUpdate = GetFormattedTime(remain)
          self.nextUpdate = nextUpdate

local function Timer_Create(self)
  local scale = min(self:GetParent():GetWidth() / 40, 1)
  if scale < MIN_SCALE then
    self.noOCC = true
    local text = self:CreateFontString(nil, "OVERLAY")
    text:SetFont(TEXT_FONT, FONT_SIZE * scale, "OUTLINE")
    local parent = self:GetParent()
    if parent.action then
      --position the timer if the button is of type actionbutton
      text:SetPoint("CENTER", 0, 0)
      --use different color
      text:SetTextColor(R2, G2, B2)
      --other cooldowns
      text:SetPoint("BOTTOM", 0, -2)
      text:SetTextColor(R, G, B)
    if hide_cooldown_spiral and not parent.action then
      --make the spiral unvisible
      self:HookScript("OnHide", function() text:Hide() end)
      self:HookScript("OnShow", function() text:Show() end)  
    self.text = text
    self:SetScript("OnUpdate", Timer_OnUpdate)
    return text

local function Timer_Start(self, start, duration)
  self.start = start
  self.duration = duration
  self.nextUpdate = 0

  local text = self.text or (not self.noOCC and Timer_Create(self))
  if text then

local methods = getmetatable(ActionButton1Cooldown).__index
hooksecurefunc(methods, "SetCooldown", function(self, start, duration)
  if start > 0 and duration > MIN_DURATION then
    Timer_Start(self, start, duration)
    local text = self.text
    if text then
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Unread 07-12-10, 03:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Party+Tooltip Bug?

When I move on the Picture of a Group-Member his Name is shown white at the Tooltip... When I mouseover the "character" himself its shown in his class color.

I'm on the Picture of Deekayone at the Group-Frame, look at the Tooltip :/
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