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Updated: 07-18-08 01:03 PM
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Version: 1.0
by: Gnarfoz [More]

FDLogger is a simple addon that tries to track when which hunter was FD'd.

As normally FD does not generate combat log entries at all, not even for the hunter in question, this is kind of tricky.

This addon makes use of IsUnitFeignDeath() and the UNIT_HEALTH event which fires when a hunter FD's, even though his health is not changing.

For each UNIT_HEALTH event for a given unit, UnitClass() (language independent) is checked. If it's a hunter, IsUnitFeignDeath() is checked.

If that returns true, an entry is made into the table "FDLog", containing a timestamp and the name of the player that was feigning death at that time.

The timestamp is a unix timestamp style timestamp with .123 decimal places added for millisecond precision (so it can be converted to a date format like the combat log's, for relatively obvious reasons or be imported into something like Excel).

FDLog is marked as a saved variable, so after you're done raiding and yelling at hunters who claim to have FD'd but still pulled aggro, you can get all the data you need from your SavedVariables folder.

Enjoy - I know I got it into a working state ;D (our hunters didn't. heh.)

- first public release, slightly bare bones, but it does the job ;)
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Unread 07-18-08, 05:34 PM  
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Sadly, that's not possible unless you're the hunter.

For that you'd have to monitor the UIErrorsFrame because the little red "resisted" is all there is, really :\
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Unread 07-18-08, 04:19 PM  
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Question: Does this also log FD resists?
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