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Updated: 07-19-08 02:06 AM
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Updated:07-19-08 02:06 AM


Version: stable
by: cncfanatics [More]

FlexBar2 is an addon that gives you control over each individual "action button". Not as many addons do, with an individual "action bar". You can place them anywhere you wish on your screen. You will have a fine tuned control of the look, size and placement of each button you create. Each button can also be grouped together with other buttons like an action bar. While FlexBar does not have pages as the default action bar does, the buttons can remap according to your stance/shapeshift/shadowform/stealth.

This is a (semi-)stable release of, there are no more known bugs in it. And should be ready for daily use. More info and tutorials on

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how the hell do you use this addon?!!!
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