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Version: 5.7
by: Sinzar [More]

Ouch is a mod to help review the recent damage and/or healing taken by a player, group member, or raid member. It's designed to be opened and reviewed after the fact to help determine why a player has died, or is taking too much damage, etc. It's like a personal combat log for each person you set it to, up to a max of 8. This is a very handy tool for raid leaders, or healing coordinators in a raid to troubleshoot tank deaths!

While not open, the window collapses to a very small button on screen. You can also use a minimap button. Click it to show/hide the main window, or type /ouch.

The first tab of the main window is always set to yourself. You can add other players to monitor by selecting another tab and entering their name in the box. You can then configure per tab to show damage, healing, or debuffs.

You may also set the mod to filter out specific heals, such as spammy small heals like Healing Stream Totem. Click the ? in the top right of the main window for additional slash commands.

Any questions or feature suggestions please feel free to leave a comment!

Version 5.7 | 2012 November 27
- TOC Update for patch 5.1

Version 5.6 | 2012 August 28
- Minor bugfix with auto setting party

Version 5.5 | 2012 August 28
- Updated for patch 5.0.4

Version 5.4 | 2012 June 30
- Updated to be compatible with Mists of Pandaria Beta client.

Version 5.3 | 2011 December 1
- Updated for patch 4.3
- Fixed an error relating to fully absorbed attacks

Version 5.2 | 2011 June 28
- Updated for patch 4.2.

Version 5.1 | 2011 April 26
- Updated for patch 4.1.
- Debuffs will now display if they stack higher or lower on a tracked unit.

Version 5.0 | 2010 October 30
- Exact Timestamp option removed, to the second is precise enough.
- Added option to hide the miniwindow.
- Added option to use a minimap button.
- Fixed a bug with settings being saved incorrectly. Some settings may be reset (once) with this update.

Version 4.2 | 2010 October 20
- Fixed name formatting for cross-server players using Auto Set Party.

Version 4.1 | 2010 October 13
- Updated code a bit further for patch 4.0
- Set default max tabs to 5
- Button added to set first 5 tabs to the names of your party members. Only works in a party and if max tabs is 5 or above.
- Checkbox added to automatically set first 5 tabs to party members as they join or leave.
- Tab names now display a max length of 10 characters (longer names still work, they are just clipped on display).
- Reset button renamed to Clear. Same function, but more accurate name. Tooltip also added.
- Default settings for damage, heals, and debuffs are now set to active instead of disabled.
- Tab name changes now are also displayed in the tabs main window.

Version 4.0 | 2010 October 12
- Updated for patch 4.0

Version 3.4 | 2009 December 08
- ToC updated for patch 3.3

Version 3.3 | 2009 August 07
- Updated for patch 3.2

Version 3.2 | 2009 May 22
- Now shows vehicle info in the player tab if the player is currently in a vehicle.
- Added a Debuffs option. If enabled, debuffs gained or lost by the tabs' unit will be listed.

Version 3.1 | 2009 April 09
- Updated for patch 3.1
- Spell names in the window may now be clicked to open the spells tooltip.
- Will now properly update itself should you re-name a character.

Version 3.0 | 2008 October 14
- Updated for patch 3.0

Version 2.6 | 2008 October 7
- Now lists the amount absorbed when a shield fully absorbs an attack.
- Overkill damage now shows.
- Estimate Current Health option removed for now until I can make it always accurate.

Version 2.5 | 2008 August 28
- Update to be compatible with Wrath of the Lich King.
- Damage types that have multiple schools (FrostFire Bolt, etc) now work correctly.

Version 2.4 | 2008 July 19
- Mod released to public.
- Fixes for patch 2.4

Version 2.3 | 2008 May 26
- Performance improvements.

Version 2.2 | 2008 April 10
- Overheal 1.1 change reverted. Because of potential latency with multiple events happening at the same time, the estimated healing and overheal reading is not guaranteed to be exact, so now heals will always show their full amount, with estimated overheal after the line (if enabled).

Version 2.1 | 2008 April 06
- Changing the MAXTABS will no longer reset settings for tabs not affected.
- Fixed a bug with Reset button not always clearing hidden tabs.
- Max messages per tab lowered to 250, from 600. This should still be way more than needed.

Version 2.0 | 2008 April 05
- Mod renamed from Sinz_Ouch to just Ouch.
- A lot of code cleanup with this version.
- Your saved settings will be reset with this update due to heavy changes in the code.
- Custom Parry and Shield Block code was disabled in the "basic" version of this mod.

Version 1.4 | 2008 April 04
- Heal Filtering now works correctly for all heals instead of only heals from your class.
- There is now an option to not show the estimated current health after a line.
- Mod no longer uses your focus. Instead, all tabs except Player tab are "Custom".
- You can now set how many tabs the mod has, up to a max of 8. You can't change this setting in game, instead open the mod's lua file and change the number on the 2nd line from this: "local MAXTABS = 4" to however many tabs you want. By default, it uses 4 tabs.

Version 1.3 | 2008 April 03
- Healing filter added. To ignore a specific type of heal, use "/ouch ignore HealName" where HealName is the exact name of the heal to be ignored.

Version 1.2 | 2008 April 03
- Data is now displayed in a ScrollingMessageFrame instead of a huge EditBox.

Version 1.1 | 2008 April 02
- Current Health is now white, instead of same color as the line it's attached to.
- Custom unit is now saved between sessions.
- A few buttons now have tooltips explaining their function.
- Overheal was re-worked. Heals now show real healing, then overheal. If you are at 800/1000 and recieve a heal for 500, it now displays in the following format: "source's spellname heals unit for 200. (300 Overheal)" instead of "source's spellname heals unit for 500 (300 Overheal)." Remember that Overheal will only display on units in your raid/party, or self.
- A few layout changes in preparation for some other options coming soon.

Version 1.0 | 2008 April 02
- Initial Release
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Unread 01-20-09, 07:25 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Like it. Has replaced that rather bulky (and buggy) Eavesdrop addon for me.

The only thing that kept bugging me was that there is no way to actually lock the frame in place, as I use clickcasting with modifier keys I would sometimes accidently pick up the OuchMiniWindow frame.

Request: Adding lockability, please? :>

I already added it to my downloaded version, but as always, meddling with someone elses code makes it butt-ugly to read
I think many others would like that option as well.
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Unread 07-19-08, 01:47 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Hmm that's an interesting idea, but as you said, really is beyond the scope of what the mod is supposed to do
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Unread 07-19-08, 07:19 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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This is very close to what I'd need to get rid of my ingame meters.
Do you think there's a chance you could, instead of having X tabs, just save all deaths of the recent Y hours, but only Z lines per death?

Like, it copies the recent 20 lines pertaining to that player into a separate box, and saves that? And later I can look them up?

I guess this is out of the scope of the addon? ^_^
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