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Version: r76491
by: Stewart [More]

AIBot is an under-development implementation of the ALICE chatterbot engine in lua. Not all AIML tags are currently implemented, although most common ones are. The addon will (sort-of) have a conversation with people who whisper you when its running.

Warning: This addon uses vast quantities of UI memory (~10mb at last count)

Original Brain.lua generator (php format) and AIML files are included in the Brain_Gen folder.

'/ai' or '/ai' profile will open the configuration options.

As far as i am aware this addon does not violate any of the WoW ToS, EULA or whatever, and my bot has managed to have a conversation with a couple of GMs every so often after i've been working on it and forget to turn it off and none had any complaints (A GM Switch was installed after that though).

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Hey, you should really update this, or send me a link where I can find the updated version.

I wanna try this out big time since it interests me to no end since I wanna be a computer programmer and such, though I am still working on getting my G.E.D so I can sign up the the college classes.
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