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Version: 1.1
by: Notrachel [More]

A simple optional add-on for Grid that allows you to specify a custom abbreviation for players in your raid so that Grid uses this "friendly name" instead of the default n character abbreviation. For example if your raid has a a character caller "Skywalker" you can use this mod so he appears in Grid as "Luke" instead of "Skyw".

I made this mod for me as some abbreviations were annoying me as there was a very obvious abbreviation that everuyone used on vent and in /ra. I also wanted to rename people who had re-rolled with their main's name as everyone still called them that anyway. This proved surprisingly popular so I thought I would upload it here.

*** Important *** There is no UI for this mod since the information is typically setup once and then rarely changes. instead you have to go and edit the lua file directly.

Specifically, at the top of the file GridFriendlyNames.lua find the line ["Skywalker"] = "Luke", and make a new line like this for each person in your raid you want to rename. So if you want to add a friendly name of "JIM" for the player "Gandalf" you need to add a line ["Gandalf"] = "JIM",

Thank you Pastamancer on wowace.com for helping fix my orginal code.

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great idea but for some reason this doesnt work for me.
All i did was remove your names and add my own in and they all appear as they normally are.

Ill do some more testing tonight but what i did do was remove your own records,
add mine in, add myself to say ME (maybe this is causing issues?)

is it case sensative?
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