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Combat Clock

Version: 5.0
by: Icecoldcoke [More]

Please post suggestions, bug reports, etc. under the comments section on this page. Thank you!

Version 5.0 - Updated for 5.4, bug fixes.

Note: The default is for Combat Clock to be enabled, report all fights longer than 0 seconds, and to continue to display the stopwatch even after combat ends. To change some of these options, use the commands listed on the bottom of the page or type /cc to have the commands listed in game.


Have you ever thought "Wow! That fight took forever" then you go to tell your friends about your foreverly long fight but you just can't remember how long it actually was? Well have no fear, Combat Clock is here.

Combat Clock is a simple addon that uses the Stopwatch to time your combat duration. When entering combat, the stopwatch appears and begins timing your fight. After leaving combat, CC reports your combat duration into chat as (MM:SS). Which you can then share with friends.

In addition, CC keeps track of your longest fight for you. When you have a new record long fight, CC will alert you at the end of combat. To view your record at any time, type /cc.


  • /cc showalways - Changes whether or not the stopwatch is closed when combat ends.
  • /cc toggle - turns the fight duration monitoring on or off.
  • /cc <minutes> - Minimum amount of minutes for the combat duration to be reported to chat. ie: /cc 30 - combat must be 30 minutes long for the addon to say how long the fight was in the chat window
  • /cc reset - Clears the longest fight duration
  • /cc - lists the commands, and also displays the longest fight duration.

To Do:
Currently there are no plans for additional features. If you have an idea feel free to post it in the comments section of the page.

Version 5.0 - Updated for 5.4, bug fixes.
4.003 - Fixed an issue with "/cc toggle" where it would display the wrong enabled or disabled status.
4.002 - *NEW* Can now enable or disable the addon with /cc toggle (Default: Enabled)
4.001 - Fixed an error where it would sometimes repeat combat duration twice
4 - Works with patch 4.0.1, and cataclysm.
2 - Functioning with patch 3.3.3, and added feature that remembers your longest fight duration.
1.5 - TOC Update
1.4 - Format Fix
1.3 - "default" slash command removed. showalways command added, toggles whether or not to show the stopwatch after combat. Slash commands will also be detected if they're in ALLCAPS. MuLtIcAsEs will not be detected still.
1.1 - Minimum minutes
1.0 - Release
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Update to 5.X coming soon!

Version for 5.X is currently going through testing. One minor issue is preventing the release, but it will be up soon!

EDIT: Version 5.0 now posted. Enjoy!
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