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Friend Message

Version: 2.0
by: Lazything [More]

Friend message is an addon that basically creates a way to whisper all of your friends at once. It gives functionality similar to the friend lists used on battle.net.
Friend message has a few advantages over using a chat channel to talk to your friends:

  • Its more configurable (messages can be displayed anywhere onscreen and with sounds!)
  • The message type stays each time you press enter (similar to guild/party/raid chat)
  • Friends can see your messages without going into a channel or having this addon

Slash Commands:
/fm to send messages to friends (works like /guild /party /raid etc)
/fmoptions to open the options menu

While this addon may not be useful to everyone, my friends and I can't seem to do without it so I figured some people out there may feel the same.

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