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Updated: 07-21-08 12:26 AM
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Updated:07-21-08 12:26 AM


Version: 1.0
by: Muddles [More]

Converts instances of the word "inv" or "invite" in the chat frame (case-insensitive) to a blue, clickable hyperlink to invite the person who said it.

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Unread 09-01-08, 11:04 PM  
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This is an interesting idea. I have one suggestion: If someone says "invite <so-and-so>" or "inv <so-and-so>," could you have it make a hyperlink to invite that person instead of the person who said it? You'd of course have to detect when they says things like "invite me" or "invite plz" or "invite ?" and whatnot, as well as detecting punctuation so we don't try to invite "so-and-so?"... but maybe you could make it detect all the common variations of that and in case there's one you miss, it'd let you right-click on the link to invite the person who said it instead of the non-existant person the addon thinks it's referring to.
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