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Version: 0.4
by: Vorwrath [More]

RWMod is an Ace2 WoW interface addon primarily designed for PVP (player versus player) combat use. It's intended to eventually provide an all-in-one replacement for PVP timing which would previously require several different mods (e.g. player cast tracker, enemy immunity tracker, diminishing returns tracker, battleground timers etc.) This is a beta version, and the mod isn't yet feature complete or bug free.

Also be aware that there is no graphical configuration option at this stage. If you're too impatient to type commands to set things up, give this mod a miss for now.

Current features include:

  • Timers to track player casts on multiple targets (DoT, HoT etc. timers)
  • Killing blow announcer and killing spree tracker
  • Timers for critical enemy immunities such as divine shield, ice block and cloak of shadows
  • Timers for diminishing returns on abilities such as cyclone or fear (configurable)
  • Battleground timers for events such as the start of the game, or the time left to capture bases in AB/AV
  • Extra features for warlocks (because I play a warlock) such as nightfall/backlash announcer
  • Interfaces with Blizzard scrolling combat text (if enabled) for additional notifications of killing blows, nightfall procs etc.
  • Full compatibility with patch 2.4.3

Unlike many mods, RWMod uses "intelligent" timer tracking to an extent. For example if an enemy dies, timers related to them will be removed, or if a mage clicks off ice block early, the timer for it will vanish. Diminishing returns timers also update to predict as accurately as possible - for example if an enemy breaks your fear with a trinket, the DR timer will update to reflect that fear will now be off diminishing returns faster than if it had lasted its full duration.

Installation instructions:

Download the addon. Unpack the RWMod folder with your favourite unzipping tool (e.g. Winzip, Winrar, Windows zip folders) into your World of Warcraft interface addons directory (this is most commonly "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons" or similar). It should then load when you start World of Warcraft, click the "addons" button on the character select screen and check it is enabled before logging in.

Setting up:

When you first load the game, 4 anchors will be visible when you log in which you can drag around to determine where the timers will appear (they're all in the middle by default, you need to move them apart). Once you're happy with the arrangement, use the command "/rwm showanchor" to toggle the anchors off.

You will also need to set up the diminishing returns feature and let the mod know what kinds of abilities that have diminishing returns you want tracked. Typing /rwm DRTimers will display the current setup. You can toggle each of these categories, for example /rwm DRTimers RootNova will enable diminishing returns tracking for entangling roots and frost nova.

Some useful commands are: -
  • /rwm ShowAnchor - toggles whether the timer anchors are visible (hide them once you have the positioning you want set)
  • /rwm Test - display a few test timers to check positioning
  • /rwm TimerSettings BGTimersGrowDown|DRTimersGrowDown|PlayerCastsGrowDown|TimersGrowDown - toggles whether that particular group of timers grows up or down the screen from the anchor position you set
  • /rwm Features - toggle particular features on and off, type the command for a list of currently toggleable features
  • /rwm DRTimers - toggle which classes of diminishing returns abilities will be timed

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I'd love to see this updated for 3.0.2.
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are u planning a german translation or a fix for german clients?
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