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Cryolysis 2  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r78810
by: Paene [More]


Cryolysis 2 is now the official release download.
Barring any unforeseen problems, Cryolysis 1 ("Revived", "Reborn", "New Beginning") will no longer be updated/supported. If there is a specific reason(s) you're using Version 1 and need a hot fix to keep it working, you can post here in comments (make sure you note that you are referring to Version 1) or send any member of the team a private message through Curse (list is in the top right corner), and we will try to implement fixes as time permits.


There are two files currently available!
Cryolysis 2: The most recent release of Cryolysis 2 can be downloaded here:
Cryolysis 2 Changelog: The full changelog can always be found here:
Cryolysis 1: The most up-to-date original Cryolysis (currently known as Cryolysis: New Beginning) can be downloaded here:

The releases available here are less frequently updated, but in return should prove more stable than WoWAce releases. That's the theory, anyway.

Configuration Menu
To open the Configuration Menu, right-click the Main-Sphere. If you have hidden the main sphere, you can get a list of of commands by typing "/cryo".
Custom Buttons
Custom buttons can now use either spells, items, or macros. Make sure when setting up the custom buttons that you select the correct type (ie: spell, macro, item) and that you press Enter after typing in the name. If you don't press enter, your changes will not be saved.
Spell Timers
Timers have not been implemented yet. As such, the spell timers option should be turned off in the configuration menu for now. These will be implemented sometime after patch 2.4.
Currently, Short Messages have not been implemented. There are a number of different options to display random messages:
USER: Messages will display for you only. Mildly useless, but the functionality is there.
WORLD: Messages will display for /raid, bar that /party, bar that /say.
GROUP: Messages will display for /raid, bar that /party, bar that it will remain silent. Old Cryo1 Behavior.
RAID: Messages will display for /raid, bar that it will remain silent.
PARTY: Messages will display for /party, bar that it will remain silent.
SAY: Messages will display in /say.
To help localise Cryo2 in your language, download Cryo2 from WoWAce, edit your locale file in the /locales/ and send it to us. Files should be encoded in utf-8.

Other Info

User input is very important, so please post here anything related to the mod's functionality with as much detail as possible. Please only post Cryolysis 2 errors, as the original Cryolysis will no longer be getting updated Thanks.

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There's now a Cryolysis 3 posted on Curse
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Question Update for patch 3.0.2 ?


are you going to update Cryolysis2 here? If not so, where may I find the updated version of Cryolysis2?
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