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DKP Table for EQDKP

Version: 1.53
by: Dimanoid [More]

It's a simple but usefull addon which allows you to show your guild dkp table inside WoW.
Sorting, selecting classes, printing to raidchat and so on.

## Usage

You have three different ways to bring the addon's window up. First to bind a key in
standard game "Key Bindings" menu. Second by typing "/dkp" in chatbox. And last is
to click on minimap icon. Second way allows you to add filter and activate it. Type
"/dkp" and one or more nicknames separated by spaces and you will see only that nick
in the table. Filter is NOT case sensetive. For example: /dkp john chuck Bobby HELEN

You can sort the table by clicking on the table titles. If you'll click twice on same tab
sorting order will be reversed.

You can change the "spent" (and "current" accordingly) dkp "on the fly" by clicking on
the table line and edit value in the box at the bottom. This values will be saved between
sessions until you get new dkp.lua from your site. (exactly, until it will have different
DKP_tables_timestamp variable)

You can add people to the filter by right-clicking on their names in chatwindow and
selecting "Add to DKP filter" option.

Revision 1.53
! Some fixes for patch 3.0.2
! Chat functions were temporarily disabled due to last patch changes. Will be back soon

Revision 1.52
+ Russian language support and localization

Revision 1.51
! .toc was fixed for new patch

Revision 1.50
! dkp tables list in dropdown menu was fixed(?) again

Revision 1.48
! dkp tables list in dropdown menu was fixed
+ shamans/paladins was splited and now can be in one table both

Revision 1.47
! table titles was fixed
! print to chat now works as before patch

Revision 1.46
* Quick fix for patch 2.x
- Still left some bugs. Table titles text does not visible, arrow texture incorrect, "print dkp" works only in /s

Revision 1.45
+ German localization was added, thanks to Maischter
+ PHP Parser was added, thanks to Maxemus

Revision 1.44
! fixed a bug with dkp-table selecting dropdown menu
! was rewritten a little chat_msg hooking method, maybe it will help with some addons
! options for printing or not table name and timestamp now works with AA functions too
+ new AA keyword added - "myclass" (by default)
+ option for turning AA features completly off was added. (see Autoanswering section of readme above)

Revision 1.39
! fixed the bug with "Add to dkp table" in popup menu. now works with 1.11

Revision 1.38
! maybe a bug fix to chat_frame conflict with other addons

Revision 1.37
! fixed a bug in whisper filtering mechanism
+ added option to turn off whispers filtering

Revision 1.36
* method of saving data was changed. code must be more clear and faster
* some settings added (printing table name, timestamp and so on)
* autoanswering now works. settings can be fount on appropriate tab
* "Add to DKP filter" is now optional in friends popup menu
* New column "Rank" was added to the table, by default it contains field rank from eqdkp pages
* Players absent in dkp.lua will be added "on the fly" to the table with 0 dkp and rank "-not in table-" when you are in raid with them

Revision 1.28
! i hope now saved variables will be loaded correctly :)

Revision 1.27
! fixed some minor bugs with saved variables loading
+ visual options tab added (to set some templates and float numbers format)
+ optional minimap icon added

Revision 1.22
+ "spent" value can now be changed on the fly and saved between sessions
+ log window added (to track spent history for example)
+ "Add to DKP filter" button added to player popup menu

Revision 1.15
+ it's now possible to post the list of dkp values to any chat channel
+ an optional nickname filter was added
+ using slashcommand with a list of nicks (ie: /dkp nick1 nick2...) now brings the main window on with filter enabled

Revision 1.14
! fixed a small bug with paladins/shamans
+ added ability to hide peoples who's not in your raid for now
+ added a button to print dkp to chat
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Unread 09-03-08, 02:27 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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When I execute DKPPARSER , i got error.

Table 'eqdkp40_members' doesn't exist.
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Unread 11-05-08, 12:00 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Still get the same errors that you get with 1.52 version, did you perhaps upload the old file?

See the version in game is listed as 1.52
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Unread 11-15-08, 06:23 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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When i use chatframe right-click ,
have an error...what happened?

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Unread 12-18-08, 01:01 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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cant make dkp.lua for my guild because http://dimanoid.free hostia .com/ doesnt work anymore.
anyone can help?
Last edited by Fopfop : 12-18-08 at 01:02 AM.
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