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Version: 1.0
by: LaRIC [More]

This is an addon to handle DKP inside wow. It bases it's data on EQDKP.

The data is downloaded from the EQDKP site you are running using an included PHP script.

This addon is a rewrite of Corgans old GetDKP+. It has added features so you can keep track on who bought what and similair.

It has also a built in alt handling. This either requires manual entry into the dkp download or an additional files which are going to be released seperatly pending release quality.

In game commands are

/aofdkp for the main configuration.
/dkp- name num substracts num dkp from player name
/dkp+ name num adds num dkp to player name
/dkpshow name or class shows the dkp of player name or the class
/dkp same as /dkpshow
/dkpalts name shows the alts of player name
/dkpmain name shows the main of player name
/dkpitem name or link shows the potential buyers of item. Sorted list based on dkp

All the data changes will be stored in the saved variables. If you download a new base data set all your changed data (using /dkp+ and/or /dkp-) will be reset.

This does not track dkp for importing into EQDKP.

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