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Version: 1.02
by: Doozy [More]

This is a simple addon that shows all the spells available to the character in alphabetical order for quick access by the push of a button. Push the same button again to hide it.

This is an early version and theres plenty of room for new features.
Suggestions and bug reports are very welcome.

Current version is 1.02. Spell filter thinigie.

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Unread 10-10-08, 03:21 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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perhaps mention how to access it
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Unread 08-17-08, 08:23 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Ha, this is damn handy. Good thinking
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Unread 07-26-08, 01:52 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Added a filter to remove some spells/skills;
"Find Herbs" and "Find Minerals" since you can access these through the tracking button.
"Herb Gathering", "Mining" and "Skinning" since those are rather redundant.

Not gonna remove the other tradeskills since, well I want them there.

Been thinking about that too, but not by spell tabs since thats just a copy of the spellbook and imho not very useful. I was kinda thinking about by use or smth, like "Curses", "Totems", "Healing spell", "Nukes". But that kind of require a lot of manual categorizing and I'll look into that when I get the time.
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Unread 07-25-08, 08:45 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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This seems like a handy mod. Just a couple more ways to organize the spells would be cool. Spell school perhaps (Frost, Elemental, Beast Mastery etc.).
Serenissima of Malfurion
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Unread 07-23-08, 10:59 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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A Filter or Blacklist

A filter or blacklisting some spells might be useful. I.E. trade skills and the like.
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