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FuBar 3.6.5.
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Fubar - MoneyDetailFu  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.0
by: Schelli [More]

Fubar MoneyDetailFu

this addon keeps track of all your money transactions in detail and you have the possibility to check that data and also summarize the amounts for the whole month or all chars and so on.

It is still a work in progress, so some functions i wish to be in there are not implemented yet, but the most important part is, as long as you have it running it starts collecting data.

I hope you enjoy the addon

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Unread 11-08-08, 03:15 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Doesn't work for me. If I install it via WoWInterface UI Manager I get an 'internal Error'. After that the files of this addon lie around in WoWs addon-folder without having their own folder. If I create one manually I still get errormessages in WoW.
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Unread 08-31-08, 05:49 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Wohin bitte entpacken?
Die Dateien liegen lose im Adon Ordner.
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Unread 08-29-08, 12:41 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Spanish translation

Here is the Spanish locale file

local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("FuBar_MoneyDetailFu")

L:RegisterTranslations("esES", function() return {

["Debug Level"] = "Nivel de Debug",
["The amount of debugging messages shown (-1 for nothing at all, 0 for some alert msg, >0 real debugging) !"] = "La cantidad de mensajes de debug mostrados (-1 para todos, 0 para algun msje de alerta, >0 debug real",
["Alliance Auction House"] = "Casa de Subastas de la Alianza",
["Horde Auction House"] = "Casa de Subastas de la Horda",
["Auction successful: (.+)"] = "Subasta conseguida: (.+)",
["Outbid on (.+)"] = "Sobrepuja en (.+)",
["COD Payment: (.+)"] = "Pago de COD: (.+)",
["Allocate All Mail Money"] = "Todo el Dinero de Correo",
["If a matching money amount with mail cant be found, income will be allocated to outbid auctions"] = "Si no se consigue encontrar el dinero por correo, se colocarra en sobrepujas de subasta",
["Incoming"] = "Ganancias",
["Amount"] = "Cantidad",
["Outgoing"] = "Gastos",
["Loot"] = "Saqueo",
["Flights"] = "Vuelos",
["Quests"] = "Misiones",
["Repairs"] = "Reparaciones",
["Selling"] = "Ventas",
["Buying"] = "Compras",
["Outbid Aucts"] = "Sobrepujas en subastas",
["Auction Bids"] = "Pujas en subastas,
["Sold Auctions"] = "Subastas vendidas",
["Auction Costs"] = "Coistes de Subasta",
["Mail Costs"] = "Costes de Correo",
["Inc MMails"] = "Correo Entrante",
["Out MMails"] = "Correo Saliente",
["COD payed"] = "COD pagado",
["COD Payment"] = "PAGA COD",
["Train/Unlearn"] = "Entrenamiento/Olvido de Talentos",
["Total"] = "Total",
["No Data Available"] = "No hay datos disponibles",
["Show All Realms Money"] = "Mostrar todos los reinos",
["Show Money of all realms in tooltip, otherwise just present realm."] = "Mostrar dinero de todos los reinos, sino solo el reino actual",
["Recreate Index Lists"] = "Recrear Listas de Indexaci\195\179n",
["Creates new lists of players / realms you can browse threw."] = "Crea nuevas listas de jugadores / reinos",
["Average"] = "Mejor",

["Merchant"] = "Mercader",
["Mail"] = "Correo",
["AH"] = "CS",
["Taxi"] = "TAXI",
["Trainer"] = "Entrenadores",
["Unlearn"] = "Olvido de Talentos",

["Today"] = "Hoy",
["Summary for : "] = "Sumario para : ",
[" days"] = " dias",
["1 day"] = "1 dia",
[" months"]= " meses",
["1 month"]= " 1 mes",
[" players"]= " jugadores",
["1 player"]= "1 jugador",
["All Years"] = "Todo el A\195\177o",
["All Days"] = "Todos los dias",
["All Months"] = "Todos los meses",
["All Players"] = "Todos los jugadores",
["All Realms"] = "Todos los reinos",

["Player"] = "Jugador",
["Month"] = "Mes",
["Day"] = "Dia",
["Year"] = "A\195\177o",

["January"] = "Enero",
["February"] = "Febrereo",
["March"] = "Marzo",
["April"] = "Abril",
["May"] = "Mayo",
["June"] = "Junio",
["July"] = "Julio",
["August"] = "Agosto",
["September"] = "Septiembre",
["October"] = "Octubre",
["November"] = "Noviembre",
["December"] = "Diciembre",

["AceConsole-Commands"] = { "/MoneyDetailFu", "/mdfu" },
} end)
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