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PitBull 3.0.
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Updated:07-23-08 04:05 PM

CatBar for Pitbull

Version: 0.1
by: Symondus [More]

You need to have Pitbull by chknight installed to use this Addon.

The Addon replaces your standard Pitbull Power Bar by a bar designed specifically for feral druids. When in combat and cat form this bar will change its color to indicate which action should be performed next.It was designed to watch your energy, combopoints, mangle and rip debuffs and calculate the next action. This enables lazy people like me to have a look at the boss, at the environment and at the rest of the raid.

To configure the CatBar use the pitbull menu (/pitbull). In the submenu Player -> Bars a new bar named "Cat" will appear. You will initally also see the standard pitbull power bar which you can deactivate from now on.

The CatBar comes with the standard configuration option, and two more specific ones.
Bonus 2T6 should be checked if you posess two pieces of the Thunderheart Set, as your mangle will be cheaper.
Custom Indicator Colors allow for your own colors. You may want to check this as the new submenu that will become available does allow to preview the "Indicator Colors".

These are predefined as follows:
Blue (Mangle): Your next action should be to mangle.
Several shades of purple (Rip Now!, You can rip, Prepare for rip): Your next action should be a rip.
Yellow and Green (Do Anything, Shred, Extra Shred): Your next action should be a shred.
Orange (Delay Rip): Your net action should be a rip but it is far off. You also will not be able to rip right after your former rip ends.
Red (Not enough Energy): You dont have enough energy to timely perform your rip and you are still below 4 combopoints so you should consider powershifting.

If you typically use the very nice Pitbull Spark addon you might also want to SparkCat which is a version of Spark working with CatBar, and which i will provide if this addon is accepted.

EU - Der Mithrilorden

P.S. I am not sure if i choose the right subcategory, but i think this addon is quite druid specific, in spite the fact that it is not a stand alone addon.

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