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Version: 1.0-20400
by: ScytheBlade1 [More]

v1.0-20400 (Jul 23 2008)
[email protected]

Tagger is a small addon designed to do a very few number of things, and do it well. In this case, it would be raid target icon management.

Tagger displays a small box, defaulting to the middle of the screen. If you click and drag on the title, you can move it anywhere you please. Right-clicking will lock it in place, and ctrl+middle clicking will hide it.

Operation is simple: click on the icon, and your name will appear next to it. It will also appear on everyone else's copy of Tagger, too. Right-clicking will remove your name from that target.

You can take someone else's target by simply clicking on their name. You cannot clear someone else's name without taking it first. This is not to prevent abuse, but rather to prevent accidental misclicks. However, the party/raid leader or any raid assist can clear any target they please without taking it first.

Slash commands:
show - shows Tagger
hide - hides Tagger
quiet - toggles 'Quiet' mode. Tagger will never print anything to your screen.
scale - sets Tagger's scale. For example, "/tagger scale 2" will double Tagger's default size, while "/tagger scale 0.5" will cut it in half. "/tagger reset" will set the scale to default (1).

-Add a 'minimize' mode
-Make /tagger clear work, dropping all targets assigned to you (or all targets if you're a raid lead/assist)
-Finish Tagger macro and keybinding support
-"/tagger target" would set your current target to the first icon assigned to you, for example
-Make the list of targets persist through UI reloads and relogs

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I told you most of these, but here goes:

Status of marked target (sheeped, banished) flash a warning when it's not whatever'd.

Quick button for marking your target with whatever your mark is. Moveable, hides when no target.

One icon per person.

Quick target won't overwrite someone's mark.

Hit quickmark again to unmark if mistake.

Oh, and kith's class colors suggestion was good.
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