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Updated:07-25-08 09:42 PM

MLookLock (Mairelon's Look Lock)

Version: V1.1
by: Dhargo [More]

This is a perma-mouselook mod I wrote around the time of TBC release.

While it doesn't currently have much customizability - I have some plans for it.

From the comments in the .lua file

1. MLookLock sets perma-mouselook with the LMB as MoveForward and RMB as MoveBackward
2. It has a temporary disable keybind to use the mouse as normal (hold it to use the mouse)
3. Double-clicking on the temporary key will toggle MLookLock on and off for extended use of the mouse.
4. Any of the WoW UIPanels (such as the spell book, character frame, Loot Window and more) will automatically disable
MLookLock while they're on the screen).
5. You can add frames to a watched frame list, and they will behave like the WoW UI panels.

The fact that WoW wasn't designed for this use leads to a couple of quirks - it is possible to confuse
things by (for instance) pressing and holding the left mouse button *RIGHT AFTER* right-clicking
a corpse with AutoLoot set. If you ever have the cursor not show up when you hold the momentary
button, just press and hold the momentary button then click the LMB - this usually clears it.

Momentary - used to momentarily disable MLookLock (double click toggles MLL)
Add Frame - used to add a frame to the frame watch list
Del Frame - used to remove a frame from the frame watch list
Slash commands
/mll clearlist - clears the frame watch list
/mll timer nnn - where nnn is the number of milliseconds between checking the watched frames

MOMENTARY, not MF/MB down = disable
FRAME onscreen, not MF/MB down = disable

TODO (as time and my work schedule permit)
1. Add the ability to define a set of mouselook override bindings instead of the hardcoded LMB/RMB ones.
2. Produce a simple GUI to view and delete frames from the watch list.

Version 1.0 -
Initial public release
Version 1.1 -
fixes a small error I introduced when I "cleaned" up the code for public release.
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