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Updated: 07-25-08 01:42 PM
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Updated:07-25-08 01:42 PM


Version: 1.0b
by: Slakah [More]

This mod allows you to spawn bouncy balls to muck about with when bored (I find them to be quite the stress reliever), drag it with the left mouse button and right click it to clear it. All balls will be hidden when in combat.

I've had this mod on my todo list for quite some time, but the Addons Gone Crazy competition gave me added incentive to create this.

Type "/bb" to open the options panel with options for gravity, friction and bounciness, "/bb help" for a list of slash commands and type "/bb spawn" to spawn a bouncy ball.

Todo List

  • Minimap Button
  • Individual gravity/friction/bounciness settings for each ball in and easy to use way.
  • Fix the ball not bouncing indefinately when bounciness is set to 1.
  • Create a keepy uppy game

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Neat! Liking it
Good luck with the competition
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