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Version: 1.1
by: Nakas [More]

NakasBot: An enchanting/jewelcrafting search engine.

Description: This is a search engine addon for enchanting and jewelcrafting recipies. A player can search the database by whispering a search string containing the keywords they're intrested in, such as "agility" or "spellpower". It's like a Google search, the addon will match the words with a recipie as best it can and display the best results. While similar addons are available, I wasn't satisfied with the weak search capability and they all seemed to require the query to begin with a special keyword to activate the addon. This addon requires no special keywords to activate and uses a more advanced algorithm to search the recipe database and return results.

Note that I don't include every recipe in the game, I leave out the low level enchants and uncommon gems to keep the addon from being too spammy.

Keywords: Some of the keywords that will match recipes are:
gem socket colors: blue, orange, meta...
enchant locations: boots, gloves, 1h, 2h...
stat: agil, str, crit...
gem quality: rare or epic.
word in the enchanting recipe: spellpower, mongoose...
word in the jewelcrafting recipe: gleaming, steady...
uncut gem: talasite, seaspray... (simply linking the uncut gem works too)

Activation: The addon will respond to a whisper if more than 50% of the words match keywords.

Author: Nakas (aka Viraz) of Cenarion Circle

Added some missing enchanting recipes
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