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Updated:07-26-08 02:08 AM

Oblique Strategies Helper

Version: 1
by: Slippir [More]

Oblique Strategies Helper is a tool designed for raid leaders mainly, but can be used by anyone who has to make tough decisions.

The Oblique Strategies deck was a deck of cards created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975. Its purpose was to assist in ending a deadlock situation by providing the user with a helpful piece of advice.

Each time you type "/oblique" you will be presented with one of these pearls of wisdom, ready to assist you with your current dilemma.

Note: I created this AddOn quite a long time ago for personal use. I've used the Oblique Strategies deck so much that I wanted to make it a part of WoW as well. I figured it is time I share the awesomeness!

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