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Updated: 07-26-08 12:03 PM
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Updated:07-26-08 12:03 PM

Trade Block

Version: 1.00
by: Icecoldcoke [More]

Modified version of Rereported, I take no credit AT ALL for the addon code. However, I do take credit for the ability to modify a few lines . Thanks a lot Mike41

Well, the title doesn't do exactly what it says. But I didn't feel titling what it does would be an appropriate addon title.

Basically, trade chat recently has become a horrible place of "Anal [Insert Ability Here]" And based on tons of CSF forum posts it's happening on every server.

This addon will completely block ALL messages with the world Anal in them. It will also report the sender, since CMs on the CSF forums tell us that those types of messages should be reported. The more people with this addon on your server, the quicker this wont be needed at all.

WARNING: At heavy spam hours the Complaint Registered will spam your chat.

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