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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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flagRSP MoP  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.2.7
by: Syeira, Typhix

flagRSP MoP is an add-on that allows you to set a title, first name, and last name as well as setting a character status and a roleplaying flag. Other users of this add-on will be able to see these flags and you will be able to see theirs. This is mainly useful for RP servers, but there's nothing preventing you from using this on servers of other types. Feel free to report any bugs or request features here.

flagRSP MoP (formerly known as flagRSP BC, flagRSP WotLK, and flagRSP Cataclysm) is the original flagRSP add-on updated and enhanced for the World of Warcraft 5.0 patch. This continued version bases on the work done by Flokru and Adriathys. Since both authors have abandoned the project I picked up the code and fixed some open bugs.

Please note that flagRSP MoP will make changes to your tooltips. This may conflict with other addons that manipulate the tooltip. If this occurs, you can turn tooltip alteration off and won't run into any trouble.

Version information for v1.2.2 (compatible to WoW 5.2)
As always with a new version it's a very good idea to make an update of your flagrsp files ("YourWowDirectory/WTF/Account/YourAccountName/SavedVariables/flagRSP.lua" and "YourWowDirectory/WTF/Account/YourAccountName/CharacterName/SavedVariables/flagRSP.lua" for each character). Just rename them (for example to flagRSPbak.lua) or copy them somewhere else (or zip them).

The friendlist is going to be changed in 1.2.2. So when you log in, the names in the Friendlist will look like "Sye (Syeira) Ravenwing". The rp name is now handled completely independent from the ingame name. That means, the ingamename must be exactly the name of the character ingame or the charname-servername (without spaces) for people from other servers. But the rp name you can just change to what you want.

The good news is, that this change in the friendlist structure allows you to create flags for people without any flagaddon - or even for people from CROSSREALMS!

How crossrealm friends works:

  1. Take your new friend into the target
  2. Click on the "Add Friend"-button at the bottom of the flagRSP friendlist
  3. The ingame name is filled automatically, e.g. "Syeira-Forscherliga" for other realms than yours, or just "Syeira" if it is from your realm
    a) If you have no target, or want to add someone else, you have to insert the correct ingame name like "Syeira-Forscherliga" or "Syeira"
  4. Fill in the firstname and surname (or just one...), title, notes and set the friendstate
    a) If the new friend is from your own realm and has a flag addon, the rp info is taken from the flag infos
  5. Click the "Add" button
  6. Enjoy

FlagRSP will now use the information of the friendlist as a tooltip, if no flag is present.

Unfortunately, the direct addon communication between cross realm zones is still not working, but with this way you can do it manually:

You make a character on the foreign realm, e.g. "Argent Dawn". Go to the people you want the flag from, and mouseover them. Wait a little until you can see their flags. Then you can logout and switch back to your character. The next time you see them, you should have a flag for them (but it might be outdated).
Also, you should set a higher purgeflagintervall for flagRSP via
/rsp purgeflaginterval X
(X in seconds).
For example clears
/rsp purgeflaginterval 4838400
all flags older than 2 months (the default is 14 days).

  • Set one of four roleplaying flags to show other players your preferred roleplaying style.
  • Set one of four character states to show other players how much in character you currently are or if you are searching for contact
  • Choose a first name for your character.
  • Choose a last name for your character.
  • Choose a title for your character.
  • Add a description of the outward appearance of your character.
  • All those attributes mentioned above will be visible to other users of flagRSP or compatible addons.
  • An enhanced friend list that can hold an unlimited number of entries.
  • You can add players, NPCs and even whole guilds of both factions to your friend list.
  • You can mark characters, guilds and NPCs on your friend list as known, friend or foe.
  • Add detailed notes to your friends or foes in your friend list.
  • Replace exact level information of all units by relative ones (from “extremely puny” to “hopelessly superior”).
  • Hide names of unknown players.
  • Characters marked as foe will be signalized acoustically when hovering them with your mouse cursor.
  • Make PVP rank, title, guild and guild rank of other characters visible in your tooltip. Or hide them!
  • flagRSP's tooltip modifications can be turned off if needed to avoid conflicts with other tooltip addons.
  • Every feature is optional.

flagRSP MoP is fully translated to English, German and Russian language. Translations for other languages are wanted, so if you like, feel free to send me your own. A French localization which covers about 90 percent is included.


flagRSP MoP now supports the MarySue protocol (MSP). As there should be only one addon implementing MSP, please run only one of flagRSP, FlagRSP2, TotalRP 2 or MyRolePlay.

Trouble shooting

Common problems can be solved by simple commands you type into your chat window.
  • ''/rsp resetinfobox'' — This will reset the position of the infobox that displays your target's character description. This is useful if you accidentally moved the infobox out of scope.
  • "/rsp resetbutton" — This will reset the button that typically appears above your target frame. The button is movable so it is possible to move it behind other ui elements. The command will reset it to the target frame.
  • ''/rsp alwaysinfobox'' — By default flagRSP remembers if a target's description window was shown or hidden the last time you clicked on it. You can use this to command if you want your description window to always pop up automatically when you click on a flagged target. You can use this command to return to default behavior as well.
  • "/fl mm an" — Displays the button at the minimap.
  • "/fl mm aus" — Hides the button at the minimap.
  • ''/fl show'' — Shows your friendlist and your flagRSP settings.
  • ''/fl hide — Hides the friendlist frame.
  • ''/rsp'' — Shows a couple of useful commands regarding some flagRSP core features.
  • ''/fl'' — Shows a couple of useful commands regarding some friendlist frame features.

flagRSP MoP 1.2.7 Changes
* Interfacenumber for 6.0 (60000)
* Fixed lua error while mouse over

flagRSP MoP 1.2.6 Changes
* Fixed the display of the tooltips after the latest chat change

flagRSP MoP 1.2.5 Changes
* TOC updated for 5.4 and 5.4.1
* Yellow "Player not found"-Message fixed
* Loginbug because of missing API function fixed
* Filtering colors and icons from the flag

flagRSP MoP 1.2.4 Changes
* TOC updated for 5.3

flagRSP MoP 1.2.3 Changes
* Friendlist: Dragon is visible again if the target is known to you
* Friendlist: Import/Export chat command is working again
* Friendlist: Tooltip shows the friendstate to guilds again

flagRSP MoP 1.2.2 Changes
* TOC updated for 5.2
* Added Italian localization (thanks to Aledus)
* Reordered the displayed information of the friendlist entries
* Friendlist data is getting updated, previous altName and name are merged for chars in the format "altName (name)".
* You can now assign characters of crossrealms an flag by entering a friendlist entry for them
* Reordered the displayed information in the friendlist
* Fixed the tooltip width for long names/titles with a maximum width
* Many bug fixes

flagRSP MoP 1.2.1 Changes
* The engine title is shown in the tooltip correctly.
* Positioncursor in the description box has been found and send back to its work.
* You can set the InfoBox to be shown always instead of showing it for individual toons. If alwaysshown is active, the button at the target will be hidden.

flagRSP MoP 1.2.0 Changes
* Yes, MarySue Protocol (MSP) is now supported
* xtensionxtooltip2 is no longer needed for flagRSP
* Code cleaning
* Merged the fields for name and surname into one, called "fullname"
* InfoBoxbutton should work correct now

flagRSP MoP 1.1.6 Changes
* Updated ToC for WoW 5.0.4

flagRSP Cataclysm 1.1.5 Changes
* Changed strings to detect away status on english clients.

flagRSP Cataclysm 1.1.4 Changes
* The state of the minimap button (shown/hidden) is now saved and will be kept when relogging.
* flagRSP now remembers again if you don't want to see the tips on startup anymore.

flagRSP Cataclysm 1.1.3 Changes
* Fixed an error that occurred when you hovered a npc and your character had learned only one profession (*sigh*).

flagRSP Cataclysm 1.1.2 Changes
* Fixed an issue that prevented editing the character description.
* Included russian localization. (Thanks to FreeSoul from WoWInterface!)

flagRSP Cataclysm 1.1.1 Changes
* Fixed an error that occurred when you hovered a npc and your character had learned no professions.
* Fixed an issue with an error message that could crop up when starting flagRSP for the very first time.

flagRSP Cataclysm 1.1.0 Changes
* Updated flagRSP for WoW patch 4.0.1
* Fixed an issue that caused flagRSP to break afk mode on German clients.
* Fixed a possible repetition of 'skinnable' in the tooltip.

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.10 Changes
* Updated flagRSP for WoW patch 3.3.0
* Fixed incorrect coloring of unit names in light mode.
* Fixed repetition of title and status in light mode
* Minor localization updates

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.9 Changes
* Infobox is now movable even if "AlwaysShowInfoBox" is set.
* /rsp owntooltip works again.
* New slash command for changing the first name: /rsp firstname
* Fixed level coloring.
* Fixed display of alternative level descriptions. This caused the tooltip to be empty after patch 3.2.
* Ever wondered why the tooltip switches back to default tooltip rendering from time to time on some characters? A new hook is added to prevent this.
* Updated TOC for WoW 3.2.0

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.8 Changes
* Updated TOC for WoW 3.1.0

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.7 Changes
* Fixed an issue with drop down lists due to changes in WoW API. The friend state of entries in your friend list could not be changed as of WoW 3.0.8
* Friends and enemies on your friend list are colored green and red again. Guild entries are colored slightly lighter than character entries.
* The title of a character is now displayed colored in the info box.
* Removed some "Did you know?" hints that were not applicable anymore.
* Reimplemented import and export of flagRSP's friendlist from/to WoW's friendlist. (/fl import or /fl export)
* Added a new slash command for resetting the position of the info box: /rsp resetinfobox

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.6 Changes
Typhix: Set the default state for the minimap button to on.
Typhix: Fixed a bug that prevented showing prenames of yourself and known persons in the tooltip if the option hiding names was activated.

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.5 Changes
Typhix: Fixed a bug that could crop up while logging into the game.

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.4 Changes
Typhix: Fixed two minor bugs that could occur while reading tooltips.
Typhix: Character titles are now displayed in yellow color. The friendlist shows the character names now in a slight different color.
Typhix: Removed flagRSPloader from package. flagRSP WotLK now is no load-on-demand addon anymore.

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.3 Changes
Typhix: Fixed a bug that prevented vertical scrolling in flagRSP's friendlist.

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.2 Changes
Typhix: After a couple of hours of testing on PTR an error occured while determining the owner of a pet/minion. I don't know exactly what triggered this and was not able to reproduce it a second time. Nevertheless I added an error handling routine for this case. If the owner of a pet/minion cannot be determined, flagRSP now will simply omit the corresponding tooltip line.

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.1 Changes
Typhix: Removed unused font from package.
Typhix: Disabled debug mode.
Typhix: flagRSP is a load-on-demand addon again. Version 1.0.0 was only loaded on demand when flagRSPLoader was enabled.

flagRSP WotLK 1.0.0 Changes
Typhix: Blizzard changed numerous native functions with the upcoming WoW 3.0 patch. Several fixes done to keep flagRSP working with Wrath of the Lich King expansion.
Typhix: Removed filter button from friendlist as it had no implemented function yet. (Nevertheless, filtering would be a nice feature. I'll realize this later.)
Typhix: Changed addon name to "flagRSP WotLK".
Typhix: Version number miraculously jumped to 1.0.0. It was time I think.
Typhix: Updated TOC for WoW 3.0.
Typhix: Declared a better dependency to flagRSP loader
Typhix: Tidied up the zip package. There were a whole lot of useless files and folders in it.

flagRSP BC 0.6.2 Changes
* Updated TOC and version number after intensive testing.
* Updated localization.

flagRSP BC 0.6.1 Changes
Bug Fixes
* FlagRSP will not toggle between afk and non-afk anymore.
* FlagRSP FriendList shows whom of your friends are online again.
* FlagRSP will not forget your character's description from time to time anymore.
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Unread 09-28-08, 08:27 AM  
A Cyclonian
Sec's Avatar

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You're most welcome! I'm so ecstatic that someone is listening.

1) Thanks! This will save a bit of tooltip space (length and width).

2) Do you happen to turn your interface upside down? I do, but have never really met another roleplayer who has UI customization as a high priority.

3) I tried renaming my own font framd.ttf but never noticed a change. I'll delete those, since there is no use. The current font/size is great for people with larger screens or those who like big fonts for readability. However, when a person's description gets very long (half a screen-length or more), it would be nice to have an option to change the font size and face to help compact.

Since the current font face is crisp and easy to read, I would not want to suggest a flat-out replacement. Personally, I am using a pixel font for just about every UI element that I can. For me, this font works great, but it would not be for everyone. I am sure that most users would stick with the current font. Perhaps a starting alternative would be to comment out a line at the top of the applicable file where a user can provide their own font?

I was able to test out TipTop with flagRSP2 and provide Seerah input on how those two get along. Since trying flagRSP with TipTop, I have noticed that any issues that occur with flagRSP and TipTop are the same as flagRSP2 and TipTop. I do not know if there is a standard protocol for tooltips, unfortunately.

4) I really wish that MRP, IRP and flagRSP2 would take a look at how their communication method could be improved. I would hope that with the coming of 3.0/WotLK, all RP addon authors would re-assess their addons to further strengthen and improve their projects. I am not sure if MRP, IRP and flagRSP2 are even aware that SendAddonMessage has been implemented, nor have I put this suggestion to them.

Unfortunately, I do not understand how SendAddonMessage works or how efficient it would handle multiple addons using it. I presume it would be efficient, or else why would it be added in? However, I would be happy to pose the suggestion of SendAddonMessage to the authors of those addons. There is one other method of communication that was being explored by OrionShock of wowace.com. However, that roleplay addon project was ended and though I can browse through code, I am not sure what I'd be looking for. However, it stands that there are (hopefully) more efficient alternatives to a simple chat channel babbling away endlessly.

5) Thanks. Again, if I knew more about coding, I would be more specific.

A general question: Do roleplay addon authors have any sort of unified relation? "All for one, and one for all!" or are there separate paths that never cross? I have noticed, for example, that many authors on wowace.com will work together to help each other, but I have never seen the same for the main roleplay addons. I hope I am wrong.
Last edited by Sec : 09-28-08 at 09:42 AM.
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Unread 09-28-08, 01:31 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Sec, thank you for your feedback.

1) Should be possible without too much effort. I'll put this on the todo list.

2) Free-floating minimap button: Good thing for people who turn their interface upside down. It's on the todo list as well.

3) framd.ttf is currently not in use. There were earlier versions (>2 years ago) that implemented that font. I could get rid of it.
Changing the font would be possible. But what fonts would you like to have? I don't see high priority here.
Working with other tooltip handlers is a difficult topic. Since both flagrsp and other tooltip addons try manipulate the tooltip, one will fail. Is there some kind of established standard how tooltip information should be stored so other addons are able to use them? I will have a look at TipTop.

4) The problem here is that xtensionxtooltip2 is widely used among the flag addons. A move to the addon channel (via SendAddonMessage) would only make sense if all the other addons (Immersion RP, flagRSP 2, MyRolePlay) move as well. Perhaps flagrsp will serve both channels in future and if other authors follow we could shut down xtensionxtooltip2. But this will take time.

5) Hm, I will have a look at wowace's addon loader and how it determines what addons it should load.
Last edited by Typhix : 09-28-08 at 11:41 AM.
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Unread 09-27-08, 10:16 AM  
A Cyclonian
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I've been trying out flagRSP and wanted to provide some user input. Please pardon the post length; I've had a lot of ideas from using this and similar addons.

1) For tooltip, is it possible to include an option to toggle whether or not roleplay style and status is shown?

2) Can there be a free-floating minimap button option so that the button can be better positioned by the user when their minimap takes a custom shape (such as square)?

3) Is it possible for the tooltip font to be changed (font face and size)? I notice there is a framd.ttf font included, but could not figure out what it is used for. Alternatively, is it possible for tooltip addons (example, TipTop) to format flagRSP's tooltip?

4) For future plans, will flagRSP move away from xtensionxtooltip2 method of communication? I ask this because SendAddonMessage has been added in API. I am not sure if it would be able to suit flagRSP's needs, however I am using one addon already (Tongues on curse.com) that uses SendAddonMessage. Tongues will move away from xtensionxtooltip2 completely if Lore is not updated for WotLK. I am hoping that more roleplay addons will follow suit, if they are capable of doing so.

5) I am not sure if it has been mentioned previously, but if flagRSP and Addon Loader (wowace.com) are enabled, flagRSP does not load upon login. If flagRSP and flagRSPLoader are both enabled, flagRSP does load. I have not tested flagRSP + other addon loaders.

This is all I can think of for now. Thank you for keeping this addon going and making an effort to improve flagRSP.
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Unread 09-02-08, 11:12 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Hui, tausend Dank an euch beiden! Läuft jetzt bestens! *freu*

Nochmals vielen Dank und Grüße
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Unread 09-02-08, 05:50 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Goldschopf hat absolut recht. In der Zip-Datei vom 27.07. fehlte der flagRSPLoader. Vorgesehen war das so natürlich nicht - ein peinlicher Fehler meinerseits.

Das Zip-Archiv ist aktualisiert und großes Dankeschön an Goldschopf für den Hinweis!
Last edited by Typhix : 09-02-08 at 05:54 AM.
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Unread 09-02-08, 04:46 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Der Fehler steckt im Detail. Der Download hier ist unvollständig. Es fehlt z.B. der FlagRSP Loader. Die Version hier ist also nur ein "Patch", es sei denn der gute Typhix packt es mit dem Rest zusammen. Ansonsten einfach das normale FlagRSP BC laden, und mit der Version hier überschreiben. Klappt einwandfrei!

PS: Nochmal danke an Typhix
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Unread 09-01-08, 11:43 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
Namica's Avatar

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Hi Typhix,

danke für die schnelle Antwort und deine Mühen. Nein - ich sehe weder den Begrüßungstext (/rsp hat keinerlei Wirkung, außer dem üblichen "Blizzard-Hilfetext" in gelb), der Minimap-Button ist auch nicht da und lässt sich auch nicht überreden, aufzutauchen.

Ich möchte dir allerdings auch keine Umstände machen... hätte dieses tolle Addon nur sehr gerne benutzt.

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Unread 08-31-08, 09:30 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Hallo Namica,

siehst du denn den Begrüßungstext von flagRSP? Wenn du /rsp ? eingibst, sollte eine Übersicht über eingebbare Kommandos erscheinen. Kannst du diese aufrufen? Eventuell befindet sich der Minimap-Button auch unter einem anderen Button. Mit /fl buttonpos X kannst du den positionieren; das X wäre dabei durch eine Zahl zwischen 0 und 360 zu ersetzen und bestimmt den Winkel um den Minimap-Kreis.
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Unread 08-31-08, 04:22 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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da deine Screenshots auf deutsch sind, bin ich mal so frei und frage auf deutsch, mein Englisch ist leider grottig. Ich hab das Addon installiert, wie jedes andere auch (Interface - Addons) aber es funktioniert einfach nicht. Es ist in der Addon-Liste sichtbar, mit Beschreibung - aber sobald ich meinen Char einlogge, ist nichts zu sehen. Kein Minimap-Button, keine Möglichkeit das Menü aufzurufen, die Freundesliste sieht aus wie immer.

Was mache ich falsch? Würde mich über Hilfe freuen.

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