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Version: 2.0-r33
by: ccKep [More]

ccDrums2.0 is a rewrite of my previous (not so well written version) of ccDrums.

The Addon is used to free an action button in your interface from your drums as well as showing information on who else in your group just drummed, how long the drums are up and which drums he drummed.

For easier Drum-Rotations the addon shows the circle of drummers once everyone in your group has drummed atleast once.

It's not neccessary for other members in your group/raid to use this addon in order to get it work, the addon works solely with the combatlog and can as such display all the needed information without needing to sync something.

If you want to notify other members of your party that don't use any such addon I have implemented a party announcement feature which announces the status of your drums in party chat.

The configuration menu of ccDrums can be reached by using the Rock-1.0 configuration menu or just typing

- Easy to setup and used for drum rotations.
- Freeing an unneeded button in your interface.
- Announcing the status of your drums in Party-Chat.
- LibSharedMedia Support for customization.
- Screen Flash Feature when your drum cooldown is ready again

There are, however, things that I couldn't realize so far (due to lack of time), but it won't take long until we get a new version with the below features.

- Add KeyBinding support
- Look deeper into ButtonFacade support to get it work correctly
- Test Raid Drums Module

Since this is one of my first addon releases in a very long time comments, critique, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated!!!

- Fixed Options Dialog not showing "Announcement"-Feature
- Borked previous fix, works as intended now.

- Fixed cooldowns being overwritten by party members

- Added Scaling support
- Added Screen Flash Feature (see options)
- Various BugFixes
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I've just added a Keybinding function to your work ... if iam allowed i would like to send it to you or upload it :x

note that the keybinding is choose-able by user through Settings-KeyBindings
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