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Version: 2.0
by: Necrophob [More]

Purpose of mod:

This is just a recreation of the solitaire game found on all Windows operating systems. Now
you can play it without havin to minimize WoW

To open the window, type /sol.

I'm not gonna teach you how to play solitaire, but there are a few things you should
know, in order to interact with the game. To select a card to move, just click and drag it.
You'll see a little red check mark in the corner. Find where you wanna move it, and
move the cursor over that card. Release the left mouse button. If its a valid spot for the card,
the card and all its "children" will be moved. To cycle thru the spare card pile, just click the cardpile
in the top left corner. The numbers next to the card piles represent the number of face down cards
at the bottom of the pile (in the windows version, you actually see the pile, but for simplicities sake, I
didn't bother trying to program that in). When a face down card is uncovered, it is
automatically flipped. Once you reach the bottom of the facedown pile, a blank card
will appear, indicating a spot to move a king.

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