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Version: 1.2
by: Depherios [More]

OhNoes is a screen coloring/flashing alert mod, primarily designed for multiboxers to tell, at a glance, who is dead and who's leading the group.

Originally created to color the whole screen red when you are dead and not a ghost. For quickly spotting who, out of your 3-5 characters is dead, eliminating the need to search for the release dialog, or sort through party frames.

1.1 Updated to:

  • Flash green for a character who's set their focus to themselves.
  • Flash red 3 times when a character breaks auto follow. (Refreshing follow is considered a break as of right now )

1.2 update:

Fixed the screen flashing red when follow breaks due to melee combat (meaning "/follow focus; /attack" macro spam will no longer freak out and flash a ton)

Added Slash commands:
  • /OhKill Kill the flashing frame, for so spamming /follow macros doesn't spam your screen with a red flash. (unnecessary if you're using one of the below commands at the end of your /follow macro)
  • /OhNoes /OhCheck (or /ONC) to check AFTER following (after OhKill, even, if you want) who's focus and who can't follow.
  • /OhCheck follow and /OhCheck focus to just check follow and focus respectively...
Some examples:
/follow focus
/ohkill -- don't spam the screen just because you refreshed follow >_< -- sadly this is the best workaround I have, as I fail at code... all I can say is this is probably a lot less overhead than putting in timers T_T

/follow focus
/onc follow -- flash the screen red for any character who can't follow for any reason... Also serves to /ohkill

ANY feedback is appreciated... especially if you have a better way to do any of this XD (I'm afraid I'm a poor coder...)

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