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Version: 1.0
by: Vilkku [More]

Note: Discontinued.

Pingy is a mod that displays who is pinging the minimap. The difference between Pingy and similar mods is that Pingy displays the information on the minimap frame, not cluttering your chat after the ping. The information is displayed for a short while and then fades out. It displays the name of the pinger, class and also if the pinger is the leader of the group or raid.
Currently there are no in-game options available, they will be added in a future version (options to change font, size, color...).

This AddOn was originally developed by Tarog, but both he and this mod have disappeared from the web long time ago, and I haven't been able to get contact with him. This version is simply an compatibility update with exactly the same features as the original, but new features and options are in works.

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